UtechSmart Venus 50

UtechSmart Venus Pro RGB Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse, 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor, 2.4 GHz Transmission Technology, Ergonomic Design, 16M Chroma RGB Lighting, 16 programmable Buttons, Up to 70 Hours

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Out of the box the UtechSmart Venus 50 mouse looks like a very nice piece of hardware. It’s size is considerably bigger than a standard mouse but fits much better within your hand. From the outset it felt comfortable.

It comes loaded with the lights on a red preset. You will likely also get a weight container which is empty.

A lot of people have been fooled a little by this, but the weights you will find inside the mouse out of the packet. Along with the instructions, weights and disk I also received some adhesives to go on the bottom of the mouse to help with wear and tear.

In this review we check out the specs, pros and cons of the UtechSmart Venus 50.

Who are UtechSmart

UtechSmart are a Californian based company who have been around since the beginning of 2013 and offer many computer tech products ranging from mice to keyboards and peripherals.

Polling Rate

If you are unsure about what polling rate is please read our explanation on what it is and does here. The UtechSmart Venus 50 comes with 1000 Hz polling rate which is a fairly standard level these days with the Logitech G600, Redragon Perdition, Perixx Mx-3100 and company all sporting the same polling rate. There should be enough polling rate for even the quickest of gamers. The human response time is 215 milliseconds (or yours might be fast. For interests sake you can test your reaction time here) with 1000hz, your mouse is sending signals every millisecond.


If you are unsure about what DPI does or how it works, check out our explanation here. The UtechSmart Venus 50 comes packed with maximum DPI. The maximum setting being 16400 DPI and minimum 100 DPI.

You have the ability to have 5 different DPI profiles which you are able to change on the fly with the buttons in the middle of your mouse. You can change the dpi on the X and also Y Axis so you can very much tailor this setting to suit your exact needs.

You would have to be very keen to us the maximum 16400 DPI on the mouse but there are probably some out there that would like this feature and it certainly doesn’t hurt that this feature is readily available and as mentioned above its very easy to change.

There are the 4 little lights in the middle of the mouse which indicate which profile you are using. Unfortunately, and a common gripe with customers is these lights do not change colour with the mouse profiles.

Utechsmart Venus 50 Gaming Mouse Review


If you are unsure about what mouse acceleration does or how it works, check out our explanation here. The UtechSmart Venus 50 has the option of up to 30g acceleration. You are able to change this on the main screen in the software with a scroll bar and tailor it to suit your own needs.


Probably one of the major selling points of the UtechSmart Venus 50 is the 19 buttons. 18 of which are programmable with 12 mechanical thumb grid buttons in the same vein as the Logitech g600, Razer Naga and Redragon Perdition.

The 12 button grid is sloped which I think helps the user to distinguish which button to press on the fly. There is a ‘fire’ button at the top left of the mouse, 2 DPI adjustment buttons, left, right and scroll wheel buttons along with the button on the bottom of the mouse to change your profiles.

Utechsmart Venus Gaming Mouse Review

Saveable Profiles

The UtechSmart Venus 50 comes with 5 fully customisable profiles. The options and customisations are plentiful. Change keyboard bindings, macros, polling rate, DPI, acceleration, double click speed, pointer speed, all the options are there to be customised and tailored to your specific needs.

Great for if you are switching games or characters often. The profiles are easily distinguishable by assigning the different colours to it. Your mouse will light up the colour you have assigned to your profile.

To change between your saved profiles there is a button at the bottom of the mouse which you press to scroll through. Its a nice and simple process.

MainDPILightingMacro options


A feature well liked by many purchasers of this mouse is the huge array of colour options available. The UtechSmart Venus 50 has LED lights which allow you to pick one of 16 million colors and assign them to one of your profiles.

Along with all the potential colour options you have the option to change the brightness of the colours and also the speed of the “breathing”. I personally really like this option too and really like the look of the mouse with the use of the lighting.

A criticism that was common among consumers was the fact that the middle mouse wheel and DPI lights did not change colour with the profile. The profiles seemed to come assigned to a colour each, so although you could match the colours to the profile colour, if you wanted to change the colour of the whole mouse, you were not able to.

In the below picture you can see the DPI lights are always red. I matched the profile colour to the middle mouse colour, but If I had chosen a colour different to the default, it would not stay the same.


Physical Size
The physical size of the UtechSmart Venus 50 is 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, 1.7 inches high. One thing which many customers have said and which I definitely agree with is that the mouse is very comfortable.

Personal preference will always come into play here but from using a completely different mouse and then using the UtechSmart Venus 50 there was no adjustment period, it just felt really nice straight away. They have done a fantastic job with ergonomics.


The UtechSmart Venus 50 weighs in at 7.84 ounces or 222 grams. It also comes equipped with 8 2.4g weights which you can add or remove to suit your needs.

It took me awhile to get the weights slot open but one thing that has stumped a few people is the empty weights container that you get opening the package.

The weights all come contained in the mouse so don’t fear if your weights container is empty.

UtechSmart Venus Gaming mouse

The UtechSmart Venus comes with 8 2.4gm weights


The UtechSmart Venus 50 comes with a 6ft braided-fiber cable with gold-plated USB connector. The chord feels nice and solid and if you are sitting close to your PC should provide plenty of length.


Sadly for Mac fans there seems to be no mac compatible drivers. If you have a PC nearby you can change the settings on the profiles and the save those when you move across to your mac but the software will not run on a mac.

For the PC users if you are having trouble with the disk then you can download the drivers from UtechSmarts website. There are also some videos which may be of use on UtechSmarts youtube channel.

System Requirements

The UtechSmart Venus 50 gaming mouse will run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. It will obviously require a USB port and 20mb of free space for the software. You can install the drivers from the disk provided in the package or you can download the drivers For UtcehSmarts website.


UtechSmart offer an 18-Month warranty from the date of purchase. After sales support is only offered if you buy directly from UtechSmart. If you purchase through a different retailer you would need to contact them for any exchange or refund requests.

UtechSmart Venus 50 Consumer Reviews

We have gone through hundreds of consumer reviews to find out how people feel about the UtechSmart Venus 50 and we found a lot of positive feedback.

The most common positive statements we found were its value for money, level of comfort, ease of use setting up profiles and keys with the software, the custom lighting, its solid high quality build, responsive keys and funnily enough its usefulness in the everyday workplace.

As for the most common criticisms we found some people found the weights didn’t add much to the mouse, the side buttons were hard to press, the right click button was too sensitive, you could not change the lighting on the colour wheel and for some people 5 profiles were not enough. Read what other purchasers have to say about the Utechsmart Venus 50


Value for money

Very comfortable mouse

High quality specs

Easy to use software

DPI ‘on the fly’

Weight system

Ability to change profiles in game


Weight is still too light for some even with all the weights

Not Mac compatible

Light customizations don’t change the dpi light and colour wheel

Sensitive right click

Profiles not enough for some.

Our Thoughts

After testing the UtechSmart Venus 50 myself I would have to say that I would concur with the other consumers on the positives. It feels great and is probably the most comfortable mouse we have tested. It looks great.

I was not really that concerned with the lighting of the scroll wheel but can understand why it might bother some people. Its something one would imagine that would be easily fixed next time around.

I would agree the scroll wheel does feel a little bit loose. As far as the 12 button keypad goes, in my opinion it would have been better to have 9 or 6 buttons and have bigger buttons and more spacing in-between and perhaps move the buttons a bit closer to the front (it’s great to have ones own mouse wish list which no doubt wouldn’t suit everybody!).

It’s great being about to have all the options but depending on how you are holding the mouse, it’s very difficult to reach the 10, 11, 12 buttons without shifting you grip to compensate. The way the buttons are sloped I think works well in aiding the user to distinguish between the buttons without much thought.

The 16400DPI is insane but it’s better to be able to turn a feature off than not have it at all and while it is of not much use to me there may be others than would use it.

The weight was fine with all the weights in probably just right. I personally wouldn’t want it any lighter than that though. Changing profiles is easy, changing DPI is easy and the software is easy. Along with many other users opinions, we think it’s a great mouse and great value for money.


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