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Best Selling Bottleless Water Cooler & Water Dispensers

Water is life, without it, it is impossible to even think of surviving. It is the essence of a healthy living.

The recent cases of impure water supplies have made this elixir a poison. People no longer want to drink water directly from the tap or a hand pump in the community.

More and more people are switching to the use of water dispensers at home, offices, schools and colleges. However,

with so many choices, finding the best water dispenser can be a tricky task for sure. Nonetheless, some basic points are to be looked into while buying a water dispenser, which are;

Check for the purification technique being used in the dispenser. Generally most of the old dispensers work on the principle of reverse osmosis, which is no longer the best method of purification. A best water dispenser must be equipped enough to eradicate all living, nonliving, synthetic and bacterial impurities.

It should focus on not one but more than one stages of filtering. The more the purification stages involving ion exchange methodology, safer, cleaner and pure is the water.

It should be able to retain the useful minerals in the water, as de-mineralized water can lead to some deficiency diseases.The best water dispenser should be available in various models and designs.

Variability in designs will certainly increase its market value and sale. This will prove as an edge above rest of the traditional water dispensers available which are often cumbersome to operate and bulky in design.

It should be designed in a way so as to take minimum space in the kitchen or wherever you wish to place them. It should demand less maintenance, say suppose anything around once in 6 months or so.

Also the maintenance cost must not be huge. All the aforesaid points will certainly aid you when you go to buy a water dispenser, after all the health of your family is of prime importance.

Water coolers are by far the most popular means of storing, cooling, and dispensing cold water, but many people do not think of the negative side of owning and operating them. Let’s take a look at a few of the downfalls of your typical water cooler and how you can save money with a ceramic water dispenser.

They are expensive – This is a given, water coolers are about 0 more than any ceramic water dispenser.

They need to be repaired – The more moving parts, the more likely they are to break. If anything breaks in a water cooler, or the cooling unit breaks, most people will get a new one. The beauty of a ceramic water dispenser is that they never break (unless you drop it on the ground) even it you smash it, it will only cost you about – to get a new one

Electricity costs you money – If you want to take a chunk of money off of your power bill, just unplug your water cooler. That thing is on 24 / 7 and costing you money. Buy a ceramic crock to hold the water and you will save a lot of money in the long run

They are ugly – OK this point is the least important of them all but let’s be serious people. Water coolers are big, plastic, and do not look good.

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If you are like me, you don’t want to worry about the condition of your drinking water when it enters your home. Most of us are too busy to give this a passing thought. However, it is something that should be of concern considering the overall state of our water supply. Even so, the addition of a simple device like a home water dispenser in our household can give us peace of mind.

In a recent nationwide survey more than 80% said they were worried about the nation’s supply of fresh water for household use. With good reason, the majority of pollutants come from the factory discharges and consumer-products. Next in line were agricultural contamination from pesticides and fertilizers.

Last but by no means least were pollutants that originated from the water treatment process or from pipes and storage tanks. These are known as by-products. There are certain limits for the regulated pollutants, but there are hundreds in your drinking water that remain unregulated.

Even though they are unregulated does not necessarily mean that they are not tested for by your water utility. A survey covering 13 years found that the number of contaminants detected steadily increased. The overall evidence pointed to the fact, there are more chemical contaminants in drinking water than we know.

Although we set maximum limits for the contaminants, there is an inherent weakness in this process. It is assumed that the person will be exposed to only one chemical contaminant at any one time.

There are many chemicals in drinking water; therefore a person is actually at risk of ingesting numerous chemicals at any one time. Recent studies carried out have shown that the effect of these contaminants on the human body is much greater than their individual effect.

Imagine for one moment that your drinking water was free of pollution when it reached the treatment plant. You would still be at risk from contaminated water. The infrastructure is of such an age that it poses a major health and safety risks because of leaks and failures.

In addition the waste-water system is of a similar condition. Whenever there is a heavier than usual rainstorm the waste-water system overflows and contributes to the contamination of your drinking water.

To ensure you always have a regular supply of clean drinking water you need a home water dispenser. The filtration process will ensure your water is free of all contaminants, and give you peace of mind.

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Discover the Truth About a Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser

If you are like me, you probably thought a reverse osmosis water dispenser would be the answer to your water filtration problems. After investigating the many different forms of water purification. I found that I was seriously misinformed on the topic. Not all water filtering systems are made equal.

It’s unbelievable but it is possible for a water filter system to filter out too many elements. At first I didn’t believe this claim but after further investigation I discover the truth.

Reverse osmosis water filtering systems were initially designed for the printing and photographic trades almost 40 years ago. It was important in both these industries to ensure that there were no minerals found in the water that would influence the printing processes.

This is a great feature if you are developing photographs but not a feature that you want to have in your drinking water.

Water that has been de-mineralized decreases its ph. There have been many studies done on the benefit of minerals in the water supply. The World Health Organization has even written a report titled “Health risks from drinking demineralised water.”

In the conclusion of the WHO article it states “Drinking water should contain minimum levels of certain essential minerals (and other components such as carbonates).” I was surprised to learn this fact from none other than the leading world health organization. Obviously reverse osmosis water filtering systems amount to scouring the water clean of any kind of component whether good or bad.

Some doctors have claimed that the use of demineralized water may result in mineral deficiencies and an increase in acidity in the body. The body’s natural response to this state is to remove minerals from the teeth and bones.

Where does this leave us then? Other water filtering systems exist out there that while removing harmful components, leave in important minerals that are essential to good health.

The most effective system would be one that uses multiple stages to remove impurities at different levels of filtration. Systems that use carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration components are available and cost effective for the average consumer. It is this combination that will ensure the safest and healthiest water available for you and your family.

I hope that this information has given you some food for thought. On the outside it seems logical to have a water filter system that would remove all impurities from the water. As we have seen, this is not necessarily a good idea. Naturally occurring minerals in water are important for your family’s health.

Everyone from children, adults and even pets will benefit from drinking water from a multi stage filtration system. So the next time you have a drink from a reverse osmosis water dispenser remember, you may be drinking water that is too sanitized.

Awesome Benefits of Having a Bottleless Water Cooler

Sugary drinks like soda and fortified juices can wreak havoc with any diet in adults and children alike. One of the healthiest drinks available to everyone is a basic glass of water. The health benefits of drinking water are well documented by science and medicine professionals around the world.

By no small coincidence, water coolers are finding their way into homes and offices around the country. The benefits of water coolers are as varied as they are important. First and foremost, they are cost effective alternatives to water storage.

Companies that provide water coolers offer delivery of bottled water for the cooler, or customers can pickup bottles directly from the service provider.

Taking those options into consideration, these devices are the ultimate in convenience. Plus, since these dispensers do not need to be located near existing plumbing, they can be placed anywhere they are needed in the home or office.

There are several different types of water coolers. Many basic models offer room temperature and chilled water through two different spouts, but three tap varieties also exist which feature chilled, room temperature, and hot water on instant demand.

These dispensers are available for lease from different companies specializing in water cooler sales and service, but they are also available for purchase at various different retail locations. Potential customers need only inquire about the different models available at their service company or take a trip to a wholesale warehouse or store to evaluate which models are available.

Once the cooler or dispenser is purchased, consumers can then decide if they wish to sign up for delivery or work with a drop off program. In addition to variety of temperatures, the units are also available in a variety of sizes.

However, the coolers are usually designed to accommodate a wide range of supply bottles, which is handy for not tying the user down to a set amount. Therefore, as the customers needs change the amount of water can be varied accordingly.

The main benefit of having a water cooler is keeping pure crystal clear water for drinking on demand. Bottled water is generally much cleaner and safer to drink than many houses with well water, but the bottled water quality can even surpass that of many cities and localities.

Instead of having to walk to the refrigerator to get a heavy pitcher out, that may or may not have water in it depending on who used it last, cooler owners simple press the tap and the refreshing liquid is delivered.

As far as an office setting goes, everyone will appreciate the low cost of having a water cooler for their water needs in lieu of having to purchase individual bottles of water. Therefore, these dispensers are extremely popular at offices of every size, and many larger office buildings offer cooler rental and water service as part of their basic lease agreements.

In short, water coolers offer a plumbing free method of delivering high quality drinking water to any location in a home or business, and can even be used outdoors. They offer the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, and are even fun for kids to use.

No one has to worry about constantly refilling a pitcher, plus the cost of expensive filtration systems is removed from the equation. All of these factors weigh heavily as huge advantages on the presence of a water cooler.

Many customers who were at first skeptical of acquiring one of these units for their home can quickly come to rely on these advantages, while enjoying the wide variety of health benefits associated with drinking top quality water.

Why Switch to Bottleless Water Coolers? Watch this clip it is a real eye opener!!

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Tips to Install a Hot Water Dispenser Rightly for Your Needs

The presence of hot water dispenser can be said as the right thing you need to consider if you would like to make coffee for your needs. In this case, that unit is important to serve you better so you can do your job without getting any interruption because you can make a glass of coffee quickly.

If you are interested to have this unit at your workstation, it is better to install well so you can make it functional for you. To help you in the process of installation, it is better for you to check this article out.

1. Giving the right location for the dispenser is the right thing you need to perform. In this case, you need to choose the right area where you can install this unit. To get the right place, it is better for you to put it on your kitchen sink so it can be easy to reach. 2. If you do not have a kitchen sink, you can create knockout. In the process of making, you will need the use of tool to make holes in the countertop of sink. 3. You need to hold the drill and let it work as usual. 4. After that process is done, it is important for you to turn off the cold water so you can continue the installation rightly. 5. You need to mount the bracket under the sinks so you can put it at the right place. 6. It is important for you to run your dispenser through the hole in the counter top. In this case, you need to make the dispenser fitted with the place and bracket you will use for your needs so you can ensure about the security provided. 7. You must put the washer along with the mounting nut so you can secure this product with tightening the mounting nut.

Besides that dispenser above, you can choose clean water cooler that will be perfect for your needs. Want to get the best one? Just visit 5 gallon water dispenser.

Lipton Chan dyco: Earthquake drinking glass drop is not broken – water dispensers, small household e

3 26, China’s small household electrical appliances Fair in Huangpu Zhongshan International Exhibition Centre, we understand the current Chinese small home appliance trade fair exhibitors reached 436, the scene over two thousand registered buyers who expect the current intersection of small household electrical appliances in China is far ahead of the flow of people to two. The following is the content of the scene interview text shorthand

Reporter: Members Home Appliances Industry good friends, welcome to the Third ChinaSmall appliances Fair’s live scene, the fair is home from the HC network, Sohu, People in the national grid co-organized. Now come to our live room is

Cixi City Dayton Electric Co., Ltd. Business Manager Mr. Chen Dike, you have to participate in this show feel?

Chen dyco: to the people of this very numerous and various home appliances and small electrical appliances than more, I feel the show this year, we all do well prepared.

Reporter: I see you brought a new product, users can now talk about the detail of this product?

Chen dyco: This product is pushing this year’s Lipton a heavy electrical products, it is 701, common

Drinking Only heating, refrigeration, but it also is cooling at room temperature can be 33 degrees to 8 degrees. This water dispenser with drinking fountains and other difference is that this fountain is a shock, and threw the glass is not broken.

Reporter: What kind of liner is used it?Chen dyco: This is our own treated, is already upgraded, the previous liner objective of air pollution, and it is not, we have already been processed.

Reporter: What kind of measures you have taken to drinking with other manufacturers competition?Chen dyco: First of all, our products are quality you can rest assured, I have done the demonstrations, usually other companies like this is not possible to make out the action, this glass is the shock of. Our company was established many years, the technology of this fountain is very skilled, so both old customers and new customers to our very identity Lipton electrical degrees.

Reporter: Now we are on the low carbon economy by enhancing the awareness of your company on the product development process have not

Environmental protection This one made it?Chen dyco: Energy Environmental protection is everyone’s business, we Lipton company has developed a new dispenser, called “self-help system for atmospheric water dispenser”, we are studying, it is to absorb water molecules in the air, its own manufacturing effluent.

Reporter: So far there is no satisfactory partner, your dealer what kind of standards?Chen dyco: We have “Little Swan” and some other partners, we have to go through the selection of partners, market research, such as small appliances that we are not doing.

Reporter: What is your 2010 planning?Chen dyco: 2010 we are to develop their own drinking fountains of water main, other drinking fountains are further improved, technology is growing.

Customised water coolers as per need

Water cooler is a very popular device that helps us in getting safe, clean and cool water in hoe, office, corporate houses and also commercial building. It is very popular because it very easy and also very simple to dispense to the thirsty. People like it because it simply simplifies the process of pouring water for drinking purpose.

You can find two kinds of water coolers that are available for the customers and they are more capable in offering filtered office water. Among the two, one is designed in such a manner that it can be connected to the steady supply of water and after that dispenses cold water to the users. Before getting installation of this kind of water filtration systems, you have to ensure that whether electricity supply is continue because this kind of water cooler needs constant supply of electricity and disposal system to dispose the unused water.

You should know that electricity is required in order to run its refrigeration unit. In this type of water cooler or water filtration system, for getting cool and clean water, it become vital for you to dispense the water through tap or the water fountain. The drinker may bend a little to drink water from the fountain.

This kind of water cooler is very popular at the place where physical disable person or children are residing because it can be customized for children and differently able person. On the other hand, this water cooler or filtration is commonly installed at the place where people wish to drink water directly from the fountain.

One of the important reason popularity of these water cooler are that these filtrations have an inbuilt chamber or tank that help in storing chilled for immediate supply of cold water to the user. Its operation is very simple because water can be released just pressing a button. It works because it has s spring loaded valve that automatically turned off set time. Although, these coolers have not water processing unit to process the purification purpose but these used for dispensing supply.

Second type of water cooler needs bottled supply for regular refilling. The advantageous feature of these kinds of water filtration can be treated/processed water to be dispensed for the person. These kinds of coolers can be customised according to the size, requirement and also budget. In a summary, you can say that you have the complete freedom to choose the water cooler what suit you. The customised filtrations offered by the companies are capable in offering filtered office water.

People across Australia like and love to get installation of water cooler because these have proved to be a very handy in satisfying the needs of the customers. You can get as per you need since there are separate products for home kitchen, offices and public places. Online cooler stores believe in offering quality products because they know that existence un market is only because of quality and customers satisfaction that the reason behind, today online shopping have store of various products has emerged as the most authentic and comfortable shopping for all.

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Water Coolers – What You Need to Know

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning A Water Dispenser

Do you want to get a water dispenser for your home, but are not sure this is the wisest move for you? To help you make the wise choice, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages.


1. Clean and safe drinking water – Everyone needs to drink water to stay healthy. Having clean and safe water for your family to drink is a big advantage.

This will help you ensure that they are only putting clean water into their bodies. Instead of water that has harmful contaminants in it.

2. Cost – There are many water coolers these days and many are very affordable for anyone, though not all of them. Plus, they can even help you save money.

You will save money by not having to purchase bottled water every week. Over time, that can add up to quite a bit of money.

3. Easy installation – The installation of these coolers is very simple. Most of the times it is handled by the company you purchase the dispenser from.

4. Easy maintenance – The maintenance required for the dispenser will be easy for anyone. All you need to do is to once clean it once a week. If you should need replacement parts to fix something, then these can be found with the company you got it from.

5. No technical expertise required to use – Anyone can use a dispenser to get their clean drinking water. You don’t have to be a technical expert at all. Children can even use them without any difficulty.

6. No plumbing needed – With the water coolers, there won’t be any plumbing needed to keep them working effectively. The bottleless water will use your main supply of water in your house to get the water it needs for your drinking water.

However, it won’t be the water cooler that will need plumbing if the water stops flowing right. That will be something in your home. So, you don’t have to worry about ever having a plumbing problem with dispensers.


1. Dust – Dust can be a problem in the dispenser working effectively. You have to keep it free of dust because this can lead to unhealthy drinking water. If you clean it on a regular basis, then dust will not be a problem for you.

2. Cost – There are many types of dispensers that are affordable, some of them are more costly. If you are looking for a specific type, then the cost can very easily turn into a disadvantage if you can’t afford it.

Take time to compare the costs for different dispensers. This will allow you to find the ones that are in your budget.

These are the main advantages and disadvantages of the water dispenser. Now that you know them, you will be able to make a smart choice about whether this is the best way for you to get your drinking water.

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Factors To Consider If You Want To Choose The Right Water Cooler Dispenser


Do you want to find the right water cooler dispenser for your home, but are not sure how to do that? There are some important factors that need to be considered before you will be able to achieve your goal.

The following are the factors that you need to be aware of.

One: Total number of people using it – You want to be sure that you choose a dispenser that will fulfill all of your water needs. If you only have one or two people using it, then you will be able to get one that is smaller.

For a larger number of people, you want to make sure that you determine before you purchase any dispenser whether or not it can keep up with your water needs.

Two: Cost – This is always a factor that needs to be considered because not all water dispensers cost the same. You have to look at all of your choices before you decide which one to get.

This will let you compare the water coolers, but it will also help you save money because you will be able to find one that fits your budget the best.

Three: Extra technologies – There are some dispensers that come with extra technologies. Always know what these technologies are so you can be sure you get one that has only the technologies you need.

Four: Type you prefer – There are a couple of different types of coolers that you can choose. You can get one that sits on your counter if that is what you need.

You can also find one that is bottleless, which is being chosen more these days than ever before by a lot of different people. There is also the bottled dispenser that some people still prefer.

The type that you choose will depend on what your personal preference is and on the amount of water you need on a daily or even weekly basis.

Just be sure you take time to ensure that you have seen every type of cooler that you can find. This will give you plenty of important information about each one so you can easily make the right decision for your water needs.

When you take time to consider these factors, you will find that it is much easier to decide which water cooler dispenser is the best for your water needs. Just don’t rush your decision because this could lead to you choosing the wrong one; instead, take your time and be sure of your choice before you purchase any of them.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Bottleless Water Cooler


Are you going to get a bottleless water cooler for your home or office? Then you first need to understand that mistakes to avoid when choosing the water cooler that is right for your home or office.

The following are the mistakes that you have to avoid if you want to ensure you make the smart choice for your water needs.

One: Not researching your options – There are many different water cooler companies and different types of coolers. You have to take time to compare the companies and the coolers if you want to be sure that you make the smart choice for you.

Not every company is the same and neither are the water coolers that they offer their customers. If you want to be sure that you are getting the best cooler for your home or office, then you need to take time to look at all your options so you can be sure that you are making the wisest choice possible.

Two: Not taking time to make comparisons – Again, not every company will be the same. The water coolers will be different in ways and the cost for them will be different. Comparisons are vital to ensure you make the smart decision.

If you don’t take time to compare, then be prepared to possible choose the wrong company, wrong water cooler or to pay a higher price than is necessary.

Three: Purchasing the first water cooler that is found – Don’t ever make this mistake because this will cause you to pay a higher price then you need to. You have to take time to look at all of your options or you could end up with a water cooler that is completely wrong for your home or office.

This could lead to problems you don’t need or want. So, always look at all of your options before making your choice.

Four: Not asking questions – When you are searching for water coolers and a good company, you will find that there are questions you want to ask. Not taking time to ask those questions is not smart because this could very easily lead you to the wrong decision.

Always take time to ask your questions and get answers before making your final decision. This way you can have peace of mind knowing that you are being smart about the final purchase that you will end up making.

These are the mistakes are the common ones that so many different people make when choosing their bottleless water cooler. You want to avoid these mistakes because it will help ensure that you choose the best cooler for your home and that you get the best cost available.

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Top 3 Reasons Water Coolers At Home Are A Wise Idea

Have you been considering getting a drinking cooler to add to your home, but don’t know if this is the smart choice to make? Then you need to understand the top 3 reasons why water coolers are always smart for adding to any home.

Understanding these top 3 reasons will help you see why you don’t want to delay in getting a cooler installed in your home. The following are the 3 reasons that are imperative for you to understand.

One: Built in filtration system – Having a filtration system built into the water cooler, is definitely a bonus for anyone. This ensures that the water is clean because it separates any sediments or impurities from the water.

This helps to ensure that the water your family puts into their bodies is always safe and clean. You won’t have to worry about them getting sick from the water they are drinking.

This is a big benefit for anyone, especially if you have children in your home. Knowing that they are drinking only water that has been cleaned will give you peace of mind because you know you are doing everything you can to keep your family healthy.

Two: Simple to use and safe for drinking – Anyone can easily use these water coolers to get a drink of safe drinking water. This will allow you to know that everyone that comes into your home or your family will never have to worry about drinking water that is not safe.

Water that comes from the tap is not cleaned with a filtration system that ensures the water is safe. The water coolers always ensure this because they know that if the water isn’t cleaned and safe, then there is absolutely no reason for you to get one.

Plus, these coolers are even easy and safe for small children to use. Once you show them how to use it, they will go back over and over for safe, clean water that is good for them.

Three: Saves you money – Most people these days are buying bottled water from the store to have safe drinking water. Having a water cooler in your home will help you save money in the future.

These are the 3 top reasons you need to be aware of so you can see why it is definitely a wise idea for you to add one of the water coolers in your home. Do your own research about it if you still can’t make up your mind and you will see for yourself that this is the wisest choice you can make for your family.

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Top 6 Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Drinking Water Cooler

Are you going to get a drinking water cooler to add in your home? Then you need to understand the top 6 questions that you need to ask yourself or the water cooler supplier before you can make the smart choice on which cooler would be the best choice for your home.

The following are the top 6 questions you need to get answers for so you can make the wise choice.

One: What are the types of water coolers available? This is a question that you can answer on your own with a little research. There are two different types that you need to look at, the bottled water coolers and the bottleless water coolers.

Either one of the are good for getting drinking water from, but you are the only one that can decide which type is your best choice.

Two: How do you know what water cooler supplier to get your drinking cooler from? This question has to be answered with research because you need to learn important information about the different suppliers that are available.

Then you need to compare them so you can be sure that you choose the supplier that you feel comfortable with.

Three: How do you know if you are getting a quality water cooler? This needs to be answered by the supplier and it will depend on the cooler that you choose to get.

Four: Is good customer service offered by the cooler company? This is vital because you don’t want to choose a supplier or water cooler if you can’t get an answer from the company when you need it.

If there is not good customer service, then choose another company to get your cooler from or you will end up regretting it.

Five: What are the terms and conditions you need to be aware of? This is another question that needs to be answered by the cooler company. Be sure you know the terms and conditions before you make a purchase from the company so you don’t make a mistake you will regret later.

Six: What is the cost for the water cooler? This is obviously important for anyone to know. You want to be sure that you can afford the cooler without going over your budget.

You also want to make sure that you don’t pay more than is necessary, which you can easily avoid by doing some price comparisons with different companies.

These are the top questions that you need to ask yourself or the water cooler supplier before choosing your drinking water cooler. This will ensure that you choose the right cooler and the right supplier so you will be happy with your choice and have safe water for your family to drink.

More facts about water coolers can be found at Water Coolers FAQ

Office Water Coolers Can Easily Help Increase Productivity Within Your Business

Are you searching for ways to increase productivity within your business? Then you need to understand how office water coolers can help you easily achieve that goal.

One thing that every business owner needs to know is that your employees have to have a way to take small breaks throughout their work day. Most of the times, there will be set times that they can do this, but having a water cooler gives them a few extra minutes.

Now you may be thinking, how will this help increase productivity if they are taking more breaks? The truth is that when employees can get a cool drink of water and use the water cooler to socialize for a few minutes, it will make them more relaxed.

Every employee knows that they have to do the work their job requires of them, but being able to step away for a few minutes, leaves them more willing and able to concentrate on their job.

Plus, the employees only having to go a few steps down the hall to get a drink of water will prevent them from having to leave the office to do this. That will give them the few extra minutes they need to help them relax because they won’t have to leave the office.

Instead, they can stay in the office, get their drink, talk for a few minutes and then get back to work. Offices that have water coolers have definitely noticed an increase in productivity because their employees are more relaxed and able to step away from the stress of their jobs for a few minutes when they really need it.

The price for a water cooler is a small price to pay for the increase in productivity that you will notice. If you don’t believe that this will help increase this for your business, then take some time to do your own research and you will discover that it really is true.

Your employees will thank you and your will see just how smart of a decision you have made by adding a simple water cooler in your office. It never hurts to try and when it really works to increase productivity, you will be glad you gave it the chance.

So, if you really want to increase productivity in your office, then you will be smart and get one of the office water coolers and install it in your office. Productivity in any business is important, so why not give it a try, it can’t hurt and you may be surprised at how much of an increase there is within your office within a short amount of time.

The popularity of bottled water has shown an increase in the use of a bottle water dispenser. You can find these handy units in schools, religious buildings, offices, conventions, trade shows and even in residential homes. People are enjoying the health benefits of drinking bottled water and the convenience of a bottle water dispenser. Not only are they sanitary but these units are handy to use for many different types of settings.

One of the great features offered on many bottle water dispensers is the child safety features. Since more and more units are used in residential homes this is an important feature. There is a child resistant hot water nozzle on units that dispense both hot and cold water. This is to protect small children from accidently getting hot water on them. The safety feature offers peace of mind for homes that have small children or even reception areas that offer bottled water in areas that small children might play.

All units traditionally have a drip tray or catch tray. The purpose of this tray is to collect any water that drips when dispensing or accidental spills. This tray is removable so that it can be cleaned in the event of an accident. Additionally, you will want to clean it on a daily basis to prevent mold, mildew and germs building up on this part of the bottle water dispenser. One of the big advantages to bottled water is that it is so sanitary. Keeping your dispenser unit clean will help maintain sanitary conditions.

How much water will these dispensers hold? Most units come with a three gallon or five gallon capacity. You need to purchase the actual bottled water separately from the unit. Many distributors will provide you a discount if you purchase your water at the same time that you select the type of dispenser unit that you would like to use. Depending on the time of year and the manufacturer some companies will even provide you with a free dispenser and bottle of water for promotional reasons. After all, when you find out you like having bottled water in your environment you will become a regular customer for the company. When shopping for your first dispenser try and find a promotional offer that will offset any costs for setting up a unit in your office or home.

Indicator lights will let you know if the water is cooling, heating or even turned on. This makes keeping track of the unit much easier than in the past. Some of the models even have handy storage compartments for your use. For example, GE has a model that has handy chiller storage area for non-perishables snacks. Many models have a storage area for cups and a cup dispenser. This enables users to drink from paper cups that are easily disposed of and easy to use each time someone wants a refreshing drink of bottled water. You will find more essential bottled water information

Many home owners and offices are concerned about energy consumption. There are now models of the bottle water dispenser available that are energy efficient. Some of these are slightly higher than other models but you recover your investment cost with the energy savings. People that are concerned about energy usage can purchase an energy efficient model to reduce the amount of electricity and energy that is used when operating the bottle water dispenser.

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Bottled Water Dispenser: Lets you enjoy a healthy life

The popularity of bottled water has shown an increase in the use of a bottle water dispenser. Be it schools, offices, conventions, trade shows and even in residential homes, people are enjoying the health benefits and convenience by using a bottled water dispenser.

Not only are bottled water dispensers sanitary, but these units are also handy to use for many different types of settings. So, if you are one of those who is deciding to get a water dispenser, you may consider a bottled water dispenser for your needs.

A dispenser with no bottle takes water from lines feeding the rest of your home or business. The dispensing unit then filters the water before running it into the chilling or heating sections. This helps make the water a little safe and taste better for drinking or mixing. However, the downside of a bottle-less dispenser is that it cannot do the heavy duty cleaning that some water sources need. If water is coming from a source that is heavily contaminated or has a lot of sediments, the filter in a bottle-less unit units will not be adequate.

This is where bottled water dispensers work well. Since you are bringing the water from an outside source you don’t have to worry about the quality of the incoming water. Bottled water dispensers also have the convenience of chilled and hot water spigots. One of the great features offered the bottled on many bottle water dispensers is the child safety features. These units possess a a child resistant nozzle on units that dispense both hot and cold.

Most of bottled water dispensers feature a drip tray or catch tray. The purpose of this tray is to collect any water that drips when dispensing. Also, this removable tray can be cleaned in the event of an accident. Also, these units have indicator lights. These indicator lights let you know if the water is cooling, heating or even turned on. This makes keeping track of the unit much easier than in the past. Some of the models even have handy storage compartments for your use.

A bottled water dispenser generally comes with a three gallon or five gallon capacity. You need to purchase the water separately from the unit. Many distributors provide you a discount if you purchase it at the same time that you select the type of unit that you would like to use.

Water dispensers perfect for offering hot, child and filtered water

Most of the corporate houses and offices have water coolers and water dispenser that play very important role in getting safe, clean, hot and child drinkable water according to you need and requirement. It is also known as water cooler. It is a device that used for dispensing cold, hot water as per need. Customer has the freedom to choose bottle-less and bottled water according to your need and preference as well.

Commonly, there are two kinds of water dispenser one is water bottle-less and bottled water. The bottle-less water dispensers are connected to existing water line and it adjusts the flow of water temperature during water filtration. Whereas, bottles water dispenser are applied bottles in order to store water and then dispense water through them. 

One of the positives aspects of these bottles water dispenser is that it can be easily and effectively monitored and also ensure purity as result these devises are more popular among the people who love to use water coolers.

There no need to worry about its design, you can find these water coolers in various designs, colours and shapes so the customers have the complete freedom to choose from the wide variety as per need, requirement and budget. The new design of water dispensers are available in the market that effectively use 3-5 gallons of water bottles which are effective put up side down into dispenser.

You can also buy counter-top models and floor, which are the two types and also available in the market. Most of the offices, corporate houses, job sites and apartment love to have the floor models. There is good news for you that there are dispensers which have the facility to control the temperature so you can buy the same for getting hot or cold filter water as per your need and atmospheres. These are run through electricity.

Although, using these devices are very simple and easy but you have to take some precautions in order to avoid accidents. Since there are several kinds of water coolers and dispensers and are available in the markets, some of the companies are also selling low quality of water filters that are not capable in offering refined or filtered cold or hot water so while buying the same you have to be very careful and chose an established brand of water coolers. It will help you in keeping your family healthy and happy.

A buyer should choose the cooler featuring spigot with levers as coolers and it has also has push buttons. You are also advised always to get a water dispenser which has spill free system as it help you in avoiding spilling caused at the time when water bottles are placed on to the dispenser.

People prefer these kinds of dispensers because it not only simplifies the installing process of a bottle over the dispenser but also avoid mess created by spilled water.  Don’t worry about its installation because there are many established brands of water coolers and dispenser offer free and installation services with their products. Some of the companies also offer maintenance services for same so while choosing these water filters must know about it for getting the best dealing.

Unlimited Water Filters and Water Coolers have proven to deliver Value and Reliability for thousands of discerning Australian Companies.

There are quite a few bottled water dispensers

But if you’ve decided to pick up your water bottles as you need them, then chances are you’re in the market for a water dispenser.

There are quite a few bottled water dispensers to choose from, including floor standing models and table top models. You can get models that offer hot or cold water on demand, or dispensers that simply provide room temperature water.

Dispensers that provide hot and cold water on demand will require electricity, so plan on placing it near an electric outlet. This is because the electricity is needed to warm and/or cool the water.

One available table top water dispenser is ceramic and does not use electricity to keep the water pleasantly cool, but that is one of the more unusual dispensers.

Most bottled water dispensers have the capability to accept 3 or 5 gallon bottles. These dispensers will usually require that you flip the bottle upside down to have the water feed into the stand. Check into the manufacturer’s directions. You may be able to leave the bottle sealed until it’s upside down, and the water dispenser may actually punch open the seal. If your dispenser doesn’t have that feature, you may have to be fast at flipping the bottle or you could have water all over your floor!

But if you’ve decided to pick up your water bottles as you need them, then chances are you’re in the market for a water dispenser.

There are quite a few bottled water dispensers to choose from, including floor standing models and table top models. You can get models that offer hot or cold water on demand, or dispensers that simply provide room temperature water.

Dispensers that provide hot and cold water on demand will require electricity, so plan on placing it near an electric outlet. This is because the electricity is needed to warm and/or cool the water.

One available table top water dispenser is ceramic and does not use electricity to keep the water pleasantly cool, but that is one of the more unusual dispensers.

Most bottled water dispensers have the capability to accept 3 or 5 gallon bottles. These dispensers will usually require that you flip the bottle upside down to have the water feed into the stand. Check into the manufacturer’s directions. You may be able to leave the bottle sealed until it’s upside down, and the water dispenser may actually punch open the seal. If your dispenser doesn’t have that feature, you may have to be fast at flipping the bottle or you could have water all over your floor!

Prices for water dispensers run about 0 for a model that cools and heats your water on demand. There is one unit from Primo that allows you to place the water bottle under the stand and attach a pump so you don’t have to flip it over. This model retails for about 0. Table top models are generally in the – range.

You’ll want to review prices and features before you choose a water dispenser. Be sure to read reviews, this could save you a lot of disappointment

Prices for water dispensers run about 0 for a model that cools and heats your water on demand. There is one unit from Primo that allows you to place the water bottle under the stand and attach a pump so you don’t have to flip it over. This model retails for about 0. Table top models are generally in the – range.

You’ll want to review prices and features before you choose a water dispenser. Be sure to read reviews, this could save you a lot of disappointment;

Water dispenser commonly known as water cooler is a device used to dispense cold, hot or room temperature water. You can choose from a bottle- less or a bottled water dispenser depending upon your preference.In general there are two distinct categories of water dispensers: bottle-less water dispensers and bottled water dispensers. Bottle-less water dispensers are installed in the existing water line that adjust the flow and water temperature at the time of filtration. On the other hand bottled water dispensers use bottles to store water and then dispense water through them. As the source of water in bottled water dispensers can be easily monitored, these assure purity and are thus more popular among the consumers.

The new designs of the bolted water dispenser are the ones that use 3 to 5 gallons of water bottles placed up-side down into the dispenser. The water is then dispensed via pulling a spigot lever or pushing a button. Counter-top models and floor are the two types available in the market. The floor models are popularly used in offices, job sites and homes. You can also get a dispenser with a temperature control option that operates through electricity. These provide instant cold or hot water.

Even after being an ease to use device there are certain considerations you should keep in mind while purchasing a water dispenser. In case it is a dispenser with hot water option then you should definitely get a water cooler with a child safety spigot lever to prevent burns from an accidental or unintentional pressing of the lever. You should select a cooler featuring spigot with levers as coolers with push buttons tend to be of lesser quality It is advised to get a water dispenser characterized with spill free system. Spill free system avoids spilling caused at the time bottle is placed on to the dispenser.

These kinds of dispensers not only simplify the process of installing a bottle over the dispenser but also save mess created by spilled water. Lastly you should be very specific about the tubing inside the cooler. Always make sure that you go for high quality tubing. These are slightly more expensive but much better than those cheaper options that make the water taste bad.

Keep in mind all of the above and your job is well done. Do not just pick any Water Dispenser after all it about the water you use in daily drinking.

51 no hot water dispenser sales are crazy guts a new favorite – water dispensers, small appliances,

No heat lamps Drinking Will become the new darling of market

Our water dispenser market in just a few years time, has become a new industry. The water dispenser in the phenomenal growth of the domestic holdings, attracting more and more manufacturers join. As the summer of 2005 approaching, the market in the drinking fountains will launch a buying frenzy. In this year’sWorld Water DayPromote “healthy drinking”, the people the choice of drinking fountains is with the “health” requirements, “no hot water dispenser guts” into the new market leading products.

Water dispenser market, “51″ is expected to peak

Dispenser market in China started late, initially only the United States, South Korea’s brand involved in drinking fountains in the field, but with the domestic manufacturers to master the core technology, and gradually began the industrial production, drinking places from health care into the people at home.

As the market matures, also formed a group of well-known companies such as: Qin Yuan, the United States, and Angel, etc., and led the entire industry. The 21st century, although more and more manufacturers into the field of drinking fountains, but the fierce market competition has also led to the rapid development of water dispenser market. In 2001, the fountain sales market is 3.84 million units, but by 2004 had grown to 18 million units, the development at an alarming rate. Reason to believe that, with the advent of the summer of 2005, will set off an upsurge in sales of water dispensers.

Appliances according to the Chinese consumer market in the city joint research group’s survey showed that city residents to buy water dispenser water dispenser based mainly on heating type, in the fountain sales accounted for 83.3% of the proportion. As we all know, drinking the market every year beginning from 3,4 month into the growth phase, while sales reached a peak in summer. According toStates United StatesThe responsible person such as appliance stores, as major manufacturers promotional strategy will be implemented in 51, so this year is expected to peak at 51.No hot water dispenser guts “51″ may be out of stock

Drinking from the date of birth, is facing the problem can not be neglected: secondary pollution. According to the environmental monitoring department inspection revealed that bottled water dispenser hot and cold water tank for three months will not wash large population of bacteria, sediment residues, heavy metals and even the breeding of red worms, serious threat to people’s health. Now withFilter, Disinfection, sterilization and other functions of drinking more and more. For the complete elimination of secondary pollution, some drinking water contact parts with the addition of the antimicrobial masterbatch materials; some are for the contact of air pollution on the water in the vent using photocatalyst technology, the air entering the water bucket filter sterilization. Although this technical improvement, the market has had some success, but the secondary pollution source – heat lamps design, it can not disappear as the technology improved.

Early March of this year, Qin Yuan introduced the world’s first “no heat lamps or heated water dispenser” has once favored by the consumer. Purchases in accordance with current market analysis of Mao Zedong’s poem “no hot water dispenser guts” may, “May 1″ period, in some cities out of stock situation occurs. Companies active in the “preparation”, “51″ when “no hot water dispenser guts” have emerged out of stock of the possible reasons?

Can not help but mention “no hot water dispenser guts” of the revolutionary design. It is a unique electric heating system, eliminating the conventional hot water dispenser tank structure, completely change the traditional drinking water system to take hot water mode. It uses totally enclosed water structure, completely isolated from the outside air, completely avoiding secondary pollution. The quality of the ozone generator, sterilization increased 2 times faster than normal. Unique experience in water heating outdated, rapidly heated to the required temperature, thus avoiding the traditional drinking repeated heating and heat lamps phenomenon furring to make the water fresher, more delicious.

In this year’s World Water Day, the “healthy water” has become a widespread concern, with the idea of improving people’s health, when in the choice of drinking fountains, drinking fountains will be more and more attention to the health of. The Mao Zedong’s poem “No hot water dispenser guts” of the “No hot guts” design, and its energy efficient, super-cooling, temperature regulation, triple anti-hot, and many other advantages, so that “no hot guts” to become the new darling of the market, the expected and showed the.

Why You Need a Water Dispenser in the Workplace

There are a number of very good reasons for providing a water cooler in the workplace. First, the human body is made up of around 70% water. A drop of just 2% in body water affects concentration, the ability to learn and, not surprisingly, mood. So keeping water levels up is essential.

Next, here in the UK, it is a legal requirement to supply fresh drinking water to your employees1 and it is a simple courtesy to offer it to visitors to your place of work, especially since water is fundamental to sustaining life. Without it, you’d die!

Of course you can provide water from the cold water tap in the toilets or kitchen (umm, nice!), but water treatment tends to give most tap water an unpleasant flavour or smell or even make it downright undrinkable. Just because it’s safe doesn’t mean its nice.

There are some good business reasons why you need a Water Dispenser. Employees who experience minor levels of dehydration can suffer loss of concentration. Studies in some of the world’s largest employers such as General Motors, Procter and Gamble and Johnson and Johnson have shown that easy access to fresh drinking water in the workplace makes a measurable difference to employee morale as well as performance, some showing a 3 to 1 return on investment in equipment costs. So, a ready supply of water keeps employees hydrated, happy and productive!

You could provide bottled mineral water but it’s expensive and needs to be stored somewhere.

I have some personal questionability about the quality of mineral water, knowing what I know about it’s source and how the industry certifies it. Check out our FAQ videos to find out why I (personally) would never drink mineral water.

So the ideal solution is to provide some type of Water Dispenser in the workplace. A convenient chilled water cooler is the ideal way to address all the above.

So what does a Water Cooler do and why does it work?

A Water Dispenser is designed to provide a continuous supply of drinkable water in the workplace. Some provide water at room temperature. Others can chill the water to make it more refreshing and are called Water Coolers and some can heat the water to almost boiling point suitable for making hot drinks.

The water comes either from a large reservoir or bottle, or from the mains water supply. Earlier Water Dispensers used large plastic reservoirs but more are now plumbed directly into the mains supply. For reasons we describe elsewhere we only supply Water Dispensers that connect directly to the main water supply.

Water Dispensers include some filtration to make the water pleasant to drink and dispense the water from a tap into a cup or glass or in some cases a jug. Paper or plastic cups can also be used although these add to the problems of waste and recycling.

Chris Wills is the Sales Director for Freshwater Coolers PLC. is one of the UK’s largest supplier for a hot or cold water dispenser, supplying and maintaining high quality equipment for the workplace. Our main philosophy is to provide a service which consistently exceeds customers’ expectations.

Call 0800 169 4008 or Download our <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/3824021’]);” href=””; title=”Water Cooler Buyer’s Guide”>Water Cooler Buyer’s Guide </a>

to help you make the correct choice when buying a Water Cooler or Hot Water Dispenser. Packed full of tips and advice to save you money!

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The Difference between a Bottled and Mains Fed Water Dispenser


The Difference between a Bottled and Mains Fed Water Dispenser

The main difference is the way water is delivered to the Water Dispenser.

Bottled Water Dispensers need:

– Water supplied from large plastic bottles, holding around 19 litres of water, installed on the top of the dispenser

– Some storage space nearby to hold a stock of bottles to prevent water running out

– Someone to change the water bottle when it becomes empty (when full they are heavy and awkward to move)

– Someone to make sure replacement bottles are ordered when stock runs low

– Connection to mains electricity if water is to be chilled

– Sanitising to ensure contamination through handling is kept at acceptable levels

In summary, Bottled Water Dispensers are convenient as they can be sited almost anywhere. The only restriction on location being access to mains power if the water is to be chilled. However, they need frequent attention by someone in the office or workplace to make sure the supply of water never runs out. Also the bottles (empty or full) take up valuable office space. The total footprint of the dispenser plus a sensible supply of bottles needs to be taken into account in any cost of ownership calculation.

The bottles, when full, weigh around 20kg, or 44lbs, so there is a Health and Safety risk whenever they need to be exchanged or moved around the office. The Health and Safety Executive General Risk Assessment Guidelines suggest that this weight should not be lifted above waist height by men; and not at all by women.

Mains-Fed Water Dispensers need:

– Connection to mains cold water – this is usually part of the installation process.

– There is no need to site the dispenser close to existing copper pipe as the connection is usually made using “food-grade” plastic pipe which can be run unobtrusively over quite large distances.

– Connection to mains power, for chilling and/or heating the water at the point of use.

– Sanitisation of the internal components regularly and effectively.

Since there are no bottles the total footprint is much smaller as there are no bottles to store nearby. This also means there are no heavy weights to carry or empty bottles to dispose of. Once installed there is no other administrative overhead in terms of managing supplies or reordering, or in time spent changing empty bottles for full ones.

These are the main reasons we only supply Mains-Fed Water Dispensers for either chilled, ambient or hot water. There are others so see below in a later section on Ten Reasons why your office needs a Mains-Fed Water Dispenser.

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