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Built-In Refrigerator Buying Guide

The Basics: Built-In Refrigerators

If you’ve ever walked through a kitchen that appeared to be very streamlined and in which all of the appliances seemed to blend well with the cabinetry — look, in fact, like they were part of the cabinetry — you’ve probably seen a built-in refrigerator in action.

Built-in refrigerators — which are also known as cabinet-depth refrigerators — look as if they have been built into a kitchen. These models have a shallow depth of 23-1/2 inches to 26 inches.

Built-ins are available in the usual white, bisque, black and stainless steel colors, but many refrigerators of this configuration accept decorator panels.

This means that you can insert a panel that features the same finish as your cabinets into the front of your refrigerator to create a custom look in your kitchen.

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It’s always very interesting to know about how things were before the advancement of the technology.  Do you have any idea of how people stopped food from expiring 100 years ago?  How they use to manage things without a fridge or fridge freezer as we know them today.

Back in the days of the hunter-gatherers, as soon as they hunt or gather any food they use to finish it immediately. As there was no proper way of preserving food.  With Our ancestor’s migratory lifestyle coming to an end they stopped being on the ‘hunt’ for food, and things started to change from there.

People started to settle down, and begin to think about the ways of preserving food. Some of the ideas they used were smoking, curing and pickling foods. Some kind of coolness use to be there in the openings in wooden walls they used that coolness for food storage, same with streams, ponds, and holes dug in the ground. Wooden or clay containers were used for storing food and that was their best refrigerator at that time.

It was In 1748, that William Cullen gave the first ever presentation of pretended cooling at the University of Glasgow. The chemical refrigerator was soon progressed and made its way to the commercial market in 1834.But it was not at all suitable for use in private homes.

People continue to preserve food in a simple wooden crate that contains blocks of ice and insulation materials. And it is the origin of the term ‘ice box’, which is still used to mention refrigerators.

A Linde’s Ice Machine Company played a vital role in the growth of refrigerators from the 1870s onwards. It was available for private household by 1930s after its technical and chemical advances.

Frigidaire refrigerator makers like GE and Kelvinator were having a good time in 1950s as there was a boom, and they launched pastel-colored appliances for a trendy, totally up-to-date kitchen.

The 1960s soon saw much more advanced designs with defrosting and ice-making functions available for the first time. Yes, people used todefrost their fridges time and again, and it was a daunting task. You can feel the work load if you’ve ever owned a mini fridge with freezer.

In the 90s the big and bulky fridge freezers of primitive times started to disappear from the market. And replaced by sleek and modern designs with the introduction of French style doors. 

Each decade throughout the 20th century upgraded the energy efficiency as climate change was renowned with the masses. Resulting in dropping of Energy consumption to just 850kWh per year.

The market of refrigerators has widely open today with more variety and advanced features. Refrigerators of today are much more appealing, and merged with the pros of advanced energy efficiency.

Most of today’s refrigerators are very energy efficient. As they are using just a third of the energy that model of similar size would have consumed in the 1970’s.

Types of Refrigerators:

Side by Side:These refrigerators are now becoming popular because of their split design that allows you to grab items from both the freezer and the refrigerator at once. Besides this you don’t have to bend over to get what you want, as your freezer isn’t down by your feet.

Making this a perfect choice for elderly people who may have bending problems. Most of the side-by-side refrigerators share out extra space to the refrigerator side than to the freezer side, and that helps as most people focus more on eating fresh foods than frozen foods.

Counter Depth refrigerator:These refrigerators are substantial if you are focused on giving your kitchen a streamlined look, as your refrigerator will not poke out into the room. They make it very well timed to outstretch to your counters and steer around the space, allowing you to move freely in the kitchen.

A lot of homeowners who have space issues go for counter-depth refrigerators when they renovate their kitchen. Most of the times they are much wider than conventional refrigerators and that gives the manufacturers freedom to install compulsive features such as wide and flat drawers in new models. It’s vital for you to thoroughly measure your counter-depth refrigerator before buying one and having it delivered and installed.

Wine fridge:If you are a wine lover and into exploring different kinds of wine, then you may have think about having a wine refrigerator to store you’re various bottles cool. It’s substantial to keep your wine at a steady temperature, and if your home is struggling to keep your wine cool, then it’s time for you to invest in a wine refrigerator to safeguard your collection of wine.

Wine can be very mercurial and insubstantial, and changing temperature can have adverse effect on the taste and odor. Most people think that they can stock their wine in their kitchen refrigerator, but it’s not suggested as is too cool and not humid enough to store for longer periods.

It’s very crucial to check whether you can manage both the temperature and the humidity, as both of these factors play a dominant role in the quality of your wine.

French door: These types of refrigerators are gaining its ground very quickly because of various reasons, as they make it very simple to pick your food when you open the doors. They consist of wider shelves, big door bins, very intense drawer freezers, and adjustable top shelves that make it more convenient to stock tall items.

Being able to stock all of your seasonings in the door makes it simple to find them right away; resulting in safety of the food and condiments as they won’t get knocked away to the back of the refrigerator and absent.

Mini Refrigerator: You cannot associate mini refrigerators or small refrigerator with just college student’s room anymore. They contribute in a great way by adding some extra cold storage to your home without buying a large refrigerator. As they are tiny in their size, they are not that much expensive and easy to operate as well, and don’t need a lot of space in a home.

If you want to keep certain foods at an accurate temperature, then you can jump for a mini refrigerator, as it helps you to keep your food at the desired temperature without bothering about how the temperature will affect your food and drinks in your refrigerator.

Freezer less:If you are worried about your monthly electricity bills and need some more space in your kitchen,then freezer less refrigerator is the one for you to think about. This model is a great resource for people who think that frozen food is not good for the health, and prefer to get their grocery on a regular basis.

To make sure that they have fresh produce at all happens sometimes that you create a very engaging space when you go for two separate appliances rather than a refrigerator that has both in the same unit. This gives you the freedom of separating all of your food. There are multiple reasons for people to consider freezer less refrigerators,and you have variety also to pick from.

Smeg Fridge

These types definitely add a bit of glamour to your boring kitchen.It seems like Smeg refrigerators were designed just to deny the fact that the kitchen appliances can’t be alluring. Most of them are known for their glossy, colorful, retro ’50s style.They are much of a show piece as they are an appliance.

Bottom Freezer: Usually these freezers are much broader than some of the contemporary models available, and that’s a good option for large families. The freezer at the bottom helps you to access your food without any hassles and has drawers rather than shelves so you don’t have to bother about your food getting shoved all the way back and then deserted.

It has some exciting features that include built-in ice machines and water dispensers. The price may be a little bit higher compared to regular models with top freezer, but for some people, the added features justify the extra cost.

Things To Consider Before Buying Refrigerator

Door Style:The opening of a fridge is one feature that has transformed remarkably over the years. French doors become very popular as they make it easy to gain access to foods without opening the rest of the fridge.

Side-by-side refrigerator also provides equal benefits, but it has more space for organization due to the split sides it has in its design. You can go for the conventional bottom or top freezer doors, which has their own comforting features like brisk approach to frozen foods.

Door Locks and Alarms: Another very crucial feature apart from style is related to door is its safety.Especially if you have children in your home. Some fridges do come with alarm systems that set off when the doors have been open for long time. You can figure it out whether a kid is playing with the fridge or if the door is left open.

This kind of alarm helps in the conservation of energy because if you left the door open it can affect the internal temperatures. The young ones cannot drop drinks in the fridge nor have an ice cream without permission. Lock on the door means complete safety for you. However children may not like it.

Shelves: There is so much to think when it comes to shelving options. Sliding shelves are built to provide the

users hassle free access to food items that are stored in the fridge. You can directly drag a shelf in and out to fetch your food. Shelves with slide have the advantage of taking in tall items like juice bottles.

Adjustable shelves provide the same edge as it allows you to remove one to make space for other things. Some of the shelves are spill-proof also, as it has lips at the end to make sure that spillages don’t get to the bottom parts. If you’re storing lot of liquids like milk and juice, then these can help you out.

LED Displays:Some refrigerators are offering LED touch displays for smart operations. It has Wi-Fi capabilities. It allows you to manage temps, arrange the fridge, display photos, get recipes online, stream music and many more things.

 There are many updated versions of refrigerators are at hand in the market, which have some advanced features to make your experience even more cheering. But you have to know the advantages before buying any refrigerator.

How to Shop

Three refrigerator configurations are available in built-in models. Bottom-freezer built-in refrigerators and side-by-side and freezerless/freezer-only built-in models are available, but the most common built-in refrigerator configuration is the side-by-side.

At this time, manufacturers don’t typically offer top-freezer built-in refrigerators.

Several years ago, only a handful of refrigerator manufacturers offered built-in refrigerator models; today, however, nearly all offer at least a few cabinet-depth units.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of a built-in or cabinet-depth refrigerator, models with a shallow depth also allow you to more easily see items placed toward the back of each shelf. Leftovers can no longer hide in your fridge!

The basic benefits of each refrigerator configuration are apparent in built-in models with the same configuration. For instance, expect to get better energy efficiency with a bottom-freezer than you would with a side-by-side model.

You will probably have more side-by-side models from which to choose than those of any other configuration.

There are two drawbacks of built-in refrigerator models. First, since these appliances have a relatively shallow depth, their interior capacity will be less than that of a traditional-depth refrigerator with the same height and width measurements.

So in order to have a refrigerator that can hold enough items for a medium- to large-size family, you’ll need to devote a lot of horizontal and vertical space to your built-in unit.

The second drawback is the price of built-in refrigerators. These models are still considered to be specialty items and often carry a premium price tag.

You’ll spend at least several hundred dollars more for a built-in refrigerator than you would for a model of the same configuration, capacity and similar features. For many owners of built-in units, however, the extra money is well worth the beautiful, “seamless” look they possess in their kitchens.

Built-in or cabinet-depth refrigerators offer tremendous design flexibility. Some manufacturers of the most upscale counter-depth refrigerators offer combinations of separate built-in refrigerator components to give homeowners an even greater ability to customize their kitchen space.

It’s possible, for instance, to couple a built-in freezerless refrigerator with a freezer-only model. You can also get a freezerless model that can be used along with separate crisper drawers that can be located in a different area of the kitchen.

Built-in refrigerators are available everywhere appliances are sold. You can shop for these models in appliance departments at large department stores, appliance dealers and home centers.

You can also go online to various manufacturer or store Web sites to research different refrigerator models or make a purchase online.

In general, though, it’s probably a good idea to be able to actually see every potential model to be sure that you’re comfortable with the materials used, the way its interior is laid out and the feel of the refrigerator.

It’s also nice to be able to chat with a sales associate in person about the various models available.


Other Features

Today’s refrigerators have an array of features designed to increase convenience and performance. Ice-makers and water dispenses are handy features if your frequently drink ice water, but they also represent additional cost.

Other features include wine racks, and snack trays. It is wise to examine the full benefit of these features in each model. These are conveniences only if they fit your lifestyle. If they don’t, they’re simply space wasters that raise the price of your refrigerators.


In-the-door storage for gallon containers is a handy feature on many new refrigerators, as are adjustable shelves and bins. Glass shelves with raised edges are easy to clean and help contain food spills.

Height-adjustable shelves are a great convenience, particularly if they’re split into half-width sections that can be arranged to suit your particular needs. Slide-out shelves are generally not adjustable, but they provide easy access to items stored at the back of shelves.

Storage Compartments

Well-featured refrigerators have an assortment of compartments designed to hold different types of products. Many basic models have one or two crisper drawers and a dairy locker on the door.

Some units feature special bins that are designed to suit specific foods: butter enclosures that maintain a slightly higher temperature for easy spreading; meat bins that keep the meat at 32 degrees for longer and safer storage;

And vegetable crisper that maintain a higher humidity level that is present in the main storage area.

When you are looking for a good counter depth refrigerator that can fit in your kitchen counter or bar area, many people will be tempted to purchase a Mini Fridge. The problem with these refrigerators is that they usually do not fit the kitchen decor of your house.

The first step in purchasing a Mini Fridge is to decide if you want a refrigerator. If you do not have a Refrigerator, I recommend you research the options available. You can find them at any large grocery store.

Now, on to the refrigerator itself, which you will find in many sizes. Some refrigerators may have an ice maker.

The bottom line is that if you want a counter depth fridge, then a Refrigerator is not for you. The Refrigerator is for college students or people who do not have a lot of space in their kitchen.

For most people, the counter-height refrigerator is just fine. It will give you the same storage as a full size counter height refrigerator and it will fit more easily into small spaces.

Refrigerators come in different styles, designs and shapes. Let’s take a look at the different types of refrigerator systems available to you.

If you want a counter depth refrigerator, I recommend you research the options available. You can find them at any large grocery store.

The bottom line is that if you want a counter depth refrigerator, then a Refrigerator is not for you. The Refrigerator is for college students or people who do not have a lot of space in their kitchen.

Now, on to the refrigerator itself, which you will find in many sizes. Some refrigerators may have an ice maker.

The bottom line is that if you want a counter depth refrigerator, then a Refrigerator is not for you. The Refrigerator is for college students or people who do not have a lot of space in their kitchen.

If you want a counter depth refrigerator, then a Refrigerator is not for you. The Refrigerator is for college students or people who do not have a lot of space in their kitchen.


Danby Designer Mini Fridge, 3.3 CuFt., Black

Top 3 Best Refrigerator
Top 3 Best Refrigerator
Top 3 Best Refrigerator

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Thorkitchen HRF3601F Cabinet Depth French Door Refrigerator, Ice Maker, 36″, Stainless Steel

Top 3 Best Refrigerator Canada 2020
Best Refrigerator
Top 3 Best Refrigerator

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Danby Designer Top Mount Refrigerator (11cu ft., Black and Stainless Steel)

Top 3 Best Refrigerator Canada 2020
Top 3 Best Refrigerator Canada 2020
Top 3 Best Refrigerator Canada 2020

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EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer

This EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer has been designed to provide the features of a standard sized fridge/freezer in a mini fridge sized unit. The door is made of stainless steel which gives it an elegant feel whether it is in an office, reception area, medical facility or a college dorm.

The main body of the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer contains a crisper bin at the bottom that has a glass top acting as a shelf and there is another coated wire shelf above this which is adjustable. In the door there is a specialized can storage area that holds five cans and an area for taller 2 liter bottles. The doors are also reversible.

The freezer of the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer is a true, zero degree, stand alone,  freezer that will keep all its contents frozen. It is a useable size, big enough to store several items – the door also has storage available. Defrost for the freezer is manual.

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The division of size between the fridge and the freezer in the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer is very practical so that you can effectively store the correct balance for your weekly needs. For ease of use there is an interior light in the fridge area and the thermostat is easily readable and accessible. The fridge area also includes an automatic defrost function.

The dimensions of the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer are: Height 33.5 inches; Width 19 inches; Depth 19.75 inches. It does have a plastic top so can be used as a “bench” but because it is coil backed it should be freestanding or allowance made at the back and sides for heat dissipation.

This EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer has an estimated average annual power cost of $30.9, according to Energy Guide.

EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer Features and Specifications

  • The door is stainless steel (reversible) with black surround
  • Both Fridge and freezer doors have storage shelves.
  • The top of the unit is molded for service use
  • The freezer is a real zero degree freezer.
  • There is automatic defrost in the fridge, manual defrost in the freezer.
  • Design is flush back but coil is exposed so needs ventilation.
  • Fridge area of the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer is illuminated.
  • Annual power cost estimation $30.90
  • Warranty 1 year parts, 90 day labour

EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer Reviews

The EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer is a very popular and well received mini fridge with very few cons mentioned in all the reviews we studied. 80% rated this at 5 and 20% at 4.

The main comments centered around the good design, the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer has an elegant look with the stainless steel door and the black surround.

The break down in the proportions between the fridge area and the freezer area seemed to work very well. Users really appreciated the completely separate freezer compartment because there was no effect on the food in the fridge from the freezers low temperature.

Comments were also made that the freezer was a freezer – keeping food frozen all the time. The only comment was it would be nice for the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer to have separate thermostat control and defrost system – but these people realised that this would be a bit much for a mini fridge.


The amount of reasonable sized packages the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer could hold in the freezer and the fridge was applauded, but a few people thought the fridge door shelving too specialized. The space that  the can holder took up was could be better used.

A couple of people reckoned the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer was the best bar fridge they had ever had – ideal for keeping beer,  wine or splits and the freezer was ideal for the ice.

Most found it quiet all though there was the odd comment about a hum, but it wasn’t a problem. The EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer is an economical unit with an estimated power consumption of $30.90 per year.

One last comment which was  refreshing (considering some of problems we have read of about poor packaging) there were one or two comments that the packaging was very good and protected the product in transit.

So we give the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer a strong recommendation for good performance all round and place it in Position 1.

Sunpentown RF-440W Compact Refrigerator

The Sunpentown RF-440W compact refrigerator has a volume of 4.6-cubic-foot so is ideal for office use, as a beer fridge, in a dorm or a small apartment or as back up for a family.

The Sunpentown compact refrigerator has a removable crisper drawer and three removable full width, full depth shelves. The freezer body is also in the main refrigerator area which is full width and has its own door. This model is a manual defrost. The interior of the refrigerator is illuminated. The thermostat is next to the freezer door and faces you as you open the main refrigerator door.. The door handle is recessed for convenience.

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There is storage in the door also with a 6 can holder (3 by 2), two  more shelves next to this for taller cans (2) and more compact containers (2), and a full with section at the base of the door for taller bottles like the two liter drink bottles.

The Sunpentown compact refrigerator has reversible doors, and it has adjustable front feet for leveling and a flush back design allowing easier positioning and for extra space saving. It is available in white and stainless. The dimensions of the Sunpentown compact refrigerator are: Height 33.5 inches; Width 19.8 inches; Depth 22.1  inches. It has a one year limited warranty.

Sunpentown Compact Refrigerator Features and Specifications

  • Compact 4.4 cubic foot capacity fridge/freezer.
  • The Sunpentown compact refrigerator has an inside light..
  • Fridge area has see-through crisper drawer; 3 adjustable shelves; a thermostat.
  • Door has separate 3×2 can holder; space for taller bottles, plus 2 top shelves.
  • The door is reversible; front legs are adjustable;
  • Flush back convenience and space saving.
  • Dimensions: H 33.5 inches; W 19.8 inches; D 22.1 inches.
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Estimated Annual power consumption $31

Sunpentown compact refrigerator Reviews

Well people who bought the Sunpentown compact refrigerator were a bit ho hum, but looking around we found 40 % rated it a 5 and 35% rated it a 4. May be early days, but three quarters of those who purchased it liked it

There were some comments that the door shelf wouldn’t hold a quart of milk and the can dispenser was too specialized for a mini fridge and couldn’t really be used for anything else. But such comments were in the minority.


The Sunpentown mini fridge is reported as quiet, with people noting that even when it starts its cycle there is hardly a sound. This important for some when they have it in their dorm or bedroom etc.

This Sunpentown compact refrigerator was bought by people who wanted refrigeration rather than freezing, so the 3.6 cubic foot volume of refrigeration space was appreciated and the balance (0.8 cubic feet) of the freezer was also used, and because the freezer was full width it was handy for flat containers or you can lie things down so they fit.

So it seems that the Sunpentown RF-440W compact refrigerator has pleased most of its owners, so we would tend to recommend it but at Position 5.

Igloo FR180 1.7 cubic-foot Compact Refrigerator

The Igloo FR180 1.7 cubic-foot compact refrigerator has a stainless steel finish on the door, and black glossy sides that gives it clean lines so it fits into any décor whether it be kitchen, dorm, office, recreation room or motel. There is also a reversible door feature giving it more flexibility for fitting into confined spaces. Added to this is a flush back design which assists in its compactness.

The Igloo compact refrigerator has a small freezer compartment which is a bit wider than half the width of the refrigerator. There is an ice cube tray and a storage drip tray.

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There is one coated wire shelf that is removable and adjustable in three positions for flexibility of storage options. In the Igloo compact refrigerator door there is an upper, half-width shelf that faces the opening of the freezer when the door is closed, and at the base of the door is a full width shelf for taller items. The door handle is recessed.

The dimensions of the Igloo compact refrigerator are: Height 21 inches; Width 18 inches; Depth 20inches making it almost a cube. The back of this model is flush so there are no projections which improves its space saving, because it can be set against the wall leaving only a small gap.

The Igloo FR180 Compact Refrigerator Features and Specifications

  • Reversible, soft line door.
  • Small freezer compartment.
  • The Igloo compact refrigerator has a flush back design.
  • One removable coated wire shelf, three positions.
  • Fridge has a half door width upper shelf plus a lower area for taller bottles.
  • Thermostat, Low energy consumption about $29 per year
  • Dimensions: H 21 inches; W 18 inches; 20 inches.

The Igloo FR180 Compact Refrigerator Reviews

The Igloo compact refrigerator is a true compact fridge being almost a perfect cube in shape, and did receive some positive comments, with some owners commenting specifically  about its ability to keep things very cold if necessary. Only 37.5% of reviewers gave it a 5, but 31% rated it at 4 so 67.5% of those that reviewed it found it a good little fridge.

There were some reviewers that cast doubt about Igloo compact refrigerators longer term reliability, and the manufacturers customer support came in for some criticism.

Owners found that Igloo compact refrigerator was great at keeping things cold, and on a scale of 1-7 on the thermostat, a setting of 3 was all it needed. Most found it very quiet and were pleased with the amount of storage space the mini fridge actually had. The freezer compartment did tend to frost up, especially if the Igloo compact refrigerator was opened a lot. Some found the thermostat position a bit awkward.


There were quite a few comments about the Igloo compact refrigerators looks. Having a stainless steel door and the glossy black sides, some owners thought it added to the decor. The flush back design was seen as a benefit, especially were space was a premium, because only a small space was needed when placed against the wall.

So although people who use the Igloo compact refrigerator didn’t get too excited about it (well it is just a very small fridge!), it was found to do the job very well and it had good looks which added to its appeal. S0 we are thinking we will recommend this Igloo compact refrigerator but at the Position of 6.

Sanyo SR-A2480M 2.4-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator

The Sanyo SR-A2480M 2.4-Cubic-FootCompact Refrigerator like its slightly bigger brothers does not lose functionality just because it is 2.6 cubic feet. It has a freezer compartment that runs across half the width of the fridge at the top with an ice cube tray.

The stainless steel door is reversible, increasing the flexibility of where the Sanyo compact refrigerator can be positioned. The handle for the door is recessed for extra compactness and it can hold five drink cans in a dispenser down one side. At the base of the door next to the can dispenser there is room for a couple of taller containers like 2 liter drink bottles and maybe a one liter bottle like flavored milk. The Sanyo compact refrigerator has full width shelf storage above the can dispenser and the two bottle storage for more compact containers like yoghurt or packaged deserts etc.

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The Sanyo compact Refrigerator has a thermostat which is easily adjustable, and if necessary the defrosting is manual. The dimensions of the Sanyo compact refrigerator  are: Height 24.9 inches; Width 17.75 inches; Depth 18.7 inches, so it is ideal for tight corners etc.. It weighs about 43 pounds.

The smooth back feature of the Sanyo compact refrigerator allows placement in most areas and there are adjustable feet to get it level. To stop the problem of marks appearing on the stainless steel, like finger prints, there is a hard, clear plastic coating which also makes the front of the door easy to clean.

Sanyo SR-A2480M Compact Refrigerator Features and Specifications:

  • Total cold storage capacity of 2.4 cubic feet
  • Temperature control by variable thermostat
  • Manual defrost
  • Coated Stainless Steel Door Resists Fingerprints
  • The door is reversible and can hold drink cans, 2 liter bottles  and plastic containers.
  • Can Dispenser is available in the Sanyo compact Refrigerator.
  • The design includes a smooth back for ease of placement
  • The freezer compartment is half width. with Ice cube tray.
  • Two removable coated wire shelves.
  • Its dimensions are: H 24.9 inches; W 17.75 inches; D 18.7 inches. Weight 43 pounds
  • Estimated Annual power consumption $33.

Sanyo SR-A2480M Compact Refrigerator Reviews

This Sanyo compact fridge is quite popular and appears to do a good job of keeping things cool. Half the reviewers gave it a 5 rating with 20% giving it a rating of 4. So 70% of users are happy with the Sanyo compact fridge.

Like the other Sanyo reviewed people liked the design or “look” of this Sanyo compact refrigerator because it is simple and functional. Features like the recessed door handle, the reversible doors and the flush back meant it was easy to place in areas where space was limiting.

Users liked the storage options available because with limited space it is important to try and use most of the 2.4 cubic feet of this Sanyo compact refrigerator. So with both shelves removable it increases storage flexibility. Some people would have liked a bigger freezer but realized the fridge space in this size refrigerator is more important. In a similar way some people thought that the can dispenser in the door was a bit unnecessary because if you didn’t drink much soda it was a waste of space..


The Sanyo compact refrigerator seems to do its job well, that is, keeping food cold – there were no comments to the contrary about this, although with the freezer in the fridge area you have to be careful not to put some items like fruit to close or they can get freezer burnt. So food items like this are best stored lower down the fridge.

According to Energy Guide the Sanyo counter high refrigerator uses about $33 per year.

By the way – the plastic coating on the front to protect the stainless steel, still allows you to hang stuff with your magnet!

We recommend the Sanyo SR-A2480Mcompact Refrigerator at Position 4. It is a mini fridge but still does what any refrigerator is designed to do – keep things cool

Haier HNSE05VS-01 4.6-Cubic-Foot Compact Refrigerator Freezer

The Haier HNSE05VS-01 4.6-Cubic-Foot compact Refrigerator Freezer is a compact refrigerator which, because of its design, can be used where it will easily service one or two people or where space is limiting. So it is ideally suited for a dorm, a bar area, an office or a recreational room.

In the main body of the Haier compact refrigerator freezer there are three glass shelves that are full width and depth.  These shelves slide out so their configuration can be adjusted. Also in the main body there is a full width storage or drip tray that is convertible, and a half width freezer area that includes an ice cube tray.  The door of the Haier compact refrigerator also has three full width shelves in the top half, an area at the base of the door for 2 liter size bottles, plus a facility to store cans. The upper shelves in the door can take drink cans or similar sized packaging. The door has a recessed handle for convenience.

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The thermostat for the Haier compact refrigerator freezer can be readily adjusted. It is a manual defrost refrigerator with a defrost drain included. The refrigerator has adjustable leveling for its legs and is flush back so can be stood neat against the wall.

Its dimensions of the Haier compact refrigerator freezer are: Height 32.1 inches; Width 20.3 inches; Depth 22.25 inches. It comes only in black.

The Haier Compact Refrigerator Freezer Features and Specifications

  • In the main body are three removable glass shelves and a storage/drip tray.
  • The Haier compact refrigerator freezer is 4.6 cubic feet.
  • Dimensions H 32.1 inches; W 20.3 inches; D 22.25 inches
  • The door has two upper shelves, and a lower area for taller bottles and a can dispenser.
  • The door handle is recessed.
  • The freezer is half width containing one ice cube tray. Defrosting is manual with defrost drain..
  • Has adjustable Legs for leveling.
  • The thermostat is readily adjustable.
  • This mini fridge is flush back for convenience
  • One year limited warranty

The Haier Compact Refrigerator Freezer Reviews

The Haier compact refrigerator freezer pleased the majority who reviewed it with overall 50% rating it a 5 and 25% rating it a 4 – so 75% were pleased with their purchase. One thing mentioned by a reviewer and we have mentioned this in other reviews – read the manual. For example: If the Haier compact refrigerator freezer or any refrigerator is tilted more than 45o during transit, they need to be stood upright, unplugged for 24 hours. Then when turned on, the thermostat should be set at 4 for the first 24 hours.

People moan about the appliance when it is not the appliance that is at fault!  We have made allowance for this in our reviews


Most people found that the Haier compact refrigerator freezer worked well. It was reasonably quiet and there was no vibration felt, although there was a small sound when starting its cycle but this was not “intrusive”. The freezer compartment while not huge was adequate for small items and with its own door does actually keep things frozen. The controls seemed to work effectively because temperature could be set at the desired level and it stayed there.

Generally people thought the Haier compact refrigerator freezer was a good size, with the layout well designed and the three adjustable shelves were handy.

Not a huge sample but the Haier compact refrigerator freezer does seem to perform  OK and so please most of those who bought it. So we would tend to recommend this compact fridge at Position 3.

Sanyo SR-3770S Mini Fridge

The Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge does not lose functionality just because it is 3.7 cubic feet. It has a freezer that runs across the top of the fridge with an ice compartment and tray. As well, the shelves are clear, and designed to avoid spills. At the bottom of the fridge is a crisper bin for fruit or veges.

The stainless steel door is reversible  for flexibility with decor, and the door holds five drink cans in a dispenser and at its base is room for a couple of small containers like 2 liter drink bottles and maybe a one liter bottle like flavored milk. Beside the drink cans there are spaces for containers like yoghurt or prepared deserts etc.

We have found that has a wide range of some of the best mini fridges in the market, includding the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge CLICK HERE to check this out.

TheSanyo SR-3770S mini fridge has a broad range thermostat which is easily adjustable, and for general maintenance it has a manual defrosting option. The dimensions of this mini fridge are: Height 33.5 inches; Width 18.6 inches; Depth 19.9 inches. It weighs about 60 pounds.

This Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge has a counter top designed for use as bench space with a handy 2.5 square feet of space to use, and this counter top is designed to cope with a 12 fluid ounce spill to avoid unnecessary mopping up duties! The smooth back feature allows placement in most areas. To stop the problem of marks appearing on the stainless steel, like finger prints, there is a hard, clear plastic coating which also makes the front of the door easy to clean.

Sanyo SR-3770S Mini Fridge Features and Specifications:

  • Total cold storage capacity of 3.7 cubic feet
  • Purpose designed top for use as bench space (2.5 sq. ft)
  • Temperature control by variable adjuster and thermostat
  • Manual defrost available
  • Coated Stainless Steel Door Resists Fingerprints
  • The door is reversible and can hold drink cans and plastic containers.
  • Can Dispenser is available in the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge
  • The design includes a smooth back for ease of placement
  • Freezer compartment has its own Ice cube area with a tray.
  • The interior shelves are see through and designed to avoid spilling
  • Its dimensions are: H33.5 inches; W 18.6 inches; D 19.9 inches. Weight 60 pounds
  • Estimated Annual power consumption $27.

Sanyo Sanyo SR-3770S Mini Fridge Reviews

For some reason a number of people had problems with their fridges arriving in a damaged state. So because we are reviewing the actual operation of the appliance we have not included these reviews in our calculation. The Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge had a large percentage of positive comments. Those rating it at 5 were 41% of the sample; those rating it a 4, 33% making a total of 76% .

In general terms Amazon again has been congratulated by the majority of people who had problems with damaged goods.

People liked the design, describing it as sleek and shiny and they say it fits into their décor with ease. Some also appreciated the smooth back of the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge because it allowed them more flexibility of where they could position it.

It seems that it is very quiet in operation, even on startup from thermostat, and does the job any fridge should do – keeps things cool. There is some thought that you could turn the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge  into a freezer because on full “throttle” it tended to freeze things. Of course this will depend on where it is placed and the average surrounding temperature.


There was comment, though, about items at the top of the refrigerator adjacent to the ice box freezing. Some people commented that with a bit of experimentation you could find the perfect setting for the operation of the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge. For example, some complained that the freezer box looked like the North Pole after a few weeks while others have had the fridge for a year and only had to defrost it twice. One user started off with a ¾ setting but has settled for ¼.

This Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge also appears to be reliable with some people who have had it more than a year or two saying they have had no problems with it. According to Energy Guide the Sanyo counter high refrigerator uses about $27 per year.

By the way – the plastic coating on the front to protect the stainless steel, still allows you to hang stuff with your magnet!

We recommend the Sanyo SR-3770S mini fridge at Position 4. Its performance seems to have pleased the majority who have purchased it.

Danby DCR34 3.2 Cubic Foot Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

TheDanby DCR34 3.2 Cubic F00t Compact Refrigerator with Freezer has been designed to give the most storage in a well designed fridge unit which is counter height, and can be adjusted to the required height to fit in with your décor. This mini fridge is ideal for a dorm, lunchroom, office or home. It has a scratch resistant top for extra useable bench space or work area. The door opening is reversible and the door handle is recessed for compactness and it has a flush back to neatly fit into most areas.

The Danby compact refrigerator has an adjustable thermostat and the defrost system is push button which is handy. Also included is Danby’s patented Canstor® drink dispensing system, plus an area for the taller bottles like soda and fizz etc.  There is a special egg storage area, and adjustable shelves in the door – this Danby compact refrigerator can store 8 cans. The main shelving includes two full shelves and a half shelf and these are coated wire shelves.  The freezer compartment is the full width of the mini fridge.

We found that has a wide range of the best brands of mini fridges, including the Danby DCR34 compact refrigerator with some great deals so CLICK HERE to check this out.

This Danby compact refrigerator model is available in black or white and its dimensions are: Height 32.9 inches; Width 17.6 inches; Depth 18.6 inches. It  comes with a 12 months parts and labor in home service warranty.

Danby  Compact Refrigerator Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable counter height fridge
  • 3.2 cubic foot  capacity
  • Mechanically adjusted thermostat
  • Wide freezer section with handy push button defrost system
  • This Danby compact refrigerator has patented Canstor® drink dispensing system
  • Two full Chromed wire shelves and one half shelf for maximizing storage potential. Plus an egg storage area.
  • Special area for taller bottles like fizz bottles.
  • Door can be swung from left and right for convenience.
  • The door handle is recessed, and the door shelves are adjustable.
  • The top of the mini fridge can be used as a work bench etc. because it has a scratch resistant surface.
  • The flush design of the back of the mini fridge allows it to fit more snugly into areas.
  • The warranty is 12 month parts and labor – in home.
  • Dimensions: H 32.9 inches; W 17.6 inches; D 18.6 inches

Danby  Compact Refrigerator Reviews

Of the reviews we researched for the Danby compact refrigerator the message came through that this was a popular and well designed mini fridge. Of the reviewers 60% gave it a five and 40% gave it a four.

The quietness of the machine was commented on even when it started its cycle there was no extra sound. Others found the lack of vibration impressive which meant that “stuff” stacked on top like coffee machines, coffee cups or drinking glasses didn’t rattle at all.

Although not unanimous, most found that for its size and thus purpose the storage capacity of the Danby compact refrigeratorwas very good. Some people did comment on the small size of the freezer unit but found that even on half power the freezer froze! More likely the freezer unit would be for flatter objects like popsicles, pizza cartons etc. Comment was made that the ice cube tray was way too small.


OK a mini fridges like the Danby  compact refrigerator will have compromises to make them work well, but some people didn’t like the dedicated area for tall bottles or the drink dispenser because they didn’t drink soda etc., but other uses can be found for these areas with a bit of imagination.

It appears that this mini fridge is reliable and does the job most people expected it to. To some it seemed larger than they imagined but was compact and fitted into confined spaces well. The general look and design aspects of the Danby compact refrigerator were liked.

So in light of the reviews we went through, and the proportion of positive responses, the Danby  Compact Refrigerator gets our recommendation at Position 2.

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