Top 3 Best Massage Chair June 2020

Best Massage Chair of 2020

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair lounger is the first chair to get the American Chiropractic Association’s (ACA) endorsement. It is also the very first massage chair recliner to utilize Body Scanning Technology.

When you sit down in this chair and switch the Body Scan Technology on, it custom fits the massage for your distinct body shape and weight.

It senses areas of strain and tension to help maximize relief and relaxation. After your session has begun,

However, the shoulder height cannot be altered if it is uncomfortable for your tolerance. But you can select to change such features in a pre-set program.

This massage chair recliner uses a full body air pressure system, with 33 durable air bags simultaneously working together by deflating and inflating in specific patterns and changeable speeds to make your tenseness and strain disappear within a matter of minutes.

With the air pressure system taking care of your thighs, hips, back, shoulders and feet, calves, and seat, that is a total of 614 square inches of all over relaxation and massage therapy. When you sit down in the 3222, you really will feel like you are a part of the massage chair.

Though the Panasonic  will recline to melt away the pain and tension of your daily grind. Because of the way air pressure is, the air massage does not adequately traction or stretch the back.

One of the best things for that is the the roller heads that are designed into this massage chair recliner, to manually adjust the back, causing space back in between the discs.

So the 3222 is made with both the Air Pressure System for the main massage feature, and duel or quad rollers massaging your tense and strained back, shoulders and neck, so it can assist those with persistent pain and tender to the touch issues.

And because of the airbags inflating and deflating, you can personalize the intensity of the massage you are being given.

There are many people who experience stiffness and exhaustion in their calves and feet, and therefore feel more relaxed and revitalized if their feet and calves have been sufficiently massaged and stretched out too.

The Air Bag system gives that to the user, shaping to match each individual body and the arches of the feet, kneading, contouring, and compressing the tension away.

The foot and calf feature works together, so you cannot shut down one and only feel the other. You’ll have your feet and calves manipulated and massaged at the same time, or you can turn off program the to only have your quads, upper body and seat massaged.

The Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro Ultra Prestige 3D Luxury Heated Massage Chair massage chair essentially does all of the decision making for you,

And makes your sessions simple with preset programs to choose from with a number of methods ranging from 4- 14 minute choices and a 5 minute invigorative massage session.

You can also customize the body scanning feature and the favorites by saving them in one of the memory programs. With the easy remote using an LED screen, and voice guide prompting you and instructing you, all you have to do is sit down to experience relief from the day.

With real leather fabric and the stunning design, this massage recliner is certainly going to last for the long haul of taking care of you.

The large majority of chair owners experience over 1000 hours of use from Panasonic chairs before they will ever need upkeep and maintenance- that means a massage for fifteen minutes each and every day for over a decade!

10 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Purchasing A New Massage Chair Recliner (Part I)

Who needs a bed when you can have a chair that reclines to 170 degrees and massages your aching muscles while you rest?

The massage chair recliner has in recent years become a great alternative for the traditional massage therapy that a lot of folks consider when they’re facing headaches, back pain, buttock pain, neck pain, and even stress and leg pain.

The vast majority of people who are looking for a massage chair are experiencing at least a few of these symptoms.

It has been proven that massage chairs can actually help with every one of these symptoms. Honestly, several of my patients that have purchased themselves a massage chair have needed to come to our clinic a lot less often to treat these common conditions.

Hard to believe, but this chair will read your perspiration, body temperature, and pulse rate and then use them to deliver the most personalized and customized massage.

There are a lot of folks who are just looking for a quality massage chair that will look good in their front room or living room so they can relax and listen to music on their surround sound system. That works too!

If you are looking into making an investment in a massage chair, there are a couple of things you must take into consideration prior to buying one. The information I’m prepared to tell you will give you just what you want to know and what you are looking for.

It will take a little more than just sitting down in a chair in order to know if a model is a good one or not. There are some behind the scenes things that this article can reveal that can help make your purchasing decision easier.

You have likely already considered at least a few of them, like the way it looks and cost, but I will be going over several things that you haven’t likely thought of. This article was written in order to make things less complicated for you before shelling out your cash.

What should you be aware of before getting yourself a chair? Because it’ll be a large amount of information, we’ll just cover the first couple of things that you will want to consider. Three through ten will be discussed in Part II of this topic.

1. Features – The early massage chairs only provided vibration. Modern chairs really need to provide the following features:

Percussion/Tapping- this is the “karate chopping” on the back that you’ve likely seen before in the movies or on TV. That action is simulated by this feature. A blood flow increase and relief from muscle stiffness is the benefit gained. It feels wonderful.

Rolling – in our office, we have got a $2800.00 table that patients lie down on, called a “roller table.” Wheels essentially roll along the muscles on either side of your spine. Here are the benefits:

1.) moderate spinal bone movement, and 2.) stretching of the spine and the muscles around it. People love it…and the table in our office only rolls! Good massage chairs should do so much more than just roll (and for a lot less money!).

Calf and Foot Massager – several new massage chairs have an attached foot rest that’s got a foot and calf massage feature engaged by an airbag system. This is a “must have” feature, particularly if you’re on your feet a lot during the day.

Kneading- also known as “shiatsu”, kneading rolls outward from the spine and will feel a lot like two hands alternately rubbing your back. This is the reason why people often say good massage chairs copy the hands of a licensed massage therapist. Kneading is the reason the comparison is often made.

Full Recliner – if you’d like a massage that’s as deep as possible, you should be looking at chairs that have a reclining feature. And the further the chair can recline, the greater the massage’s intensity.

The reclining will use the weight of your body to increase the intensity of the massage. A lot of chairs don’t recline back much further than 135 degrees. You are going to need 170 degrees or more for a deeper massage (incidentally, the further your massage chair reclines, men, the more it simulates a bed…which can be a good thing if you ever have to spend the night on the couch!!).

2. Durability – a chair that is built well should give you many, many years of great joy and satisfaction that is problem free.

Although you likely can’t know just how good a motor is or how well built the chair really is, there are a couple of ways to know if a chair is a workhorse and is going to last:

Guarantee – a longer guarantee period should provide you with greater confidence at first as you are shopping for your chair. You want a manufacturer that will back up their products, and what better way to demonstrate that than with their guarantee?

But, beware of long guarantees that are so limited that if anything goes wrong there are so many technicalities it is like you never had a warranty in the first place.

Reputation – is the manufacturer of the chair well-known? Are they easily accessible in the event that there was ever a problem with your chair? How do you tell? A toll-free customer service number would be great.

The length of time in business is a good indicator of how good the manufacturer is as well. Does the company or massage chair have any professional endorsements?

Used versus New- there are used chairs out there, but much like a used truck or car, you never know exactly what you are getting. It’s a pretty safe bet that the warranty has expired, but you have no idea how the past owner treated the chair.

Maybe it was in a house that had kids that jumped on it like it was a trampoline (which is what happens where I live!).

In Part II, we will cover items numbers 3-10.

10 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Purchasing A New Massage Chair Recliner (Part II)

Who needs a bed when you can have a chair that reclines to 170 degrees and massages your aching muscles while you rest?

In the first part of this article, I covered the many features and characteristics that you need to take into consideration when getting a massage chair, and also the durability of your massage chair. So let’s move on to the remaining 8 things you should take into consideration when shopping for a new massage chair.

3. Ease of Repair – due to the massiveness and weight of massage chairs, small repairs will fast become a real pain if you’ve got to send the whole chair to the company that made it just to repair something as easy as a split in the upholstery. Because of this,

I suggest checking out a massage chair fashioned with a modular design. Modular design will make the bulk of repairs easy and economical.

If a part is broken or material is torn, the modular design will allow you to withdraw the defective part and send it off to be fixed. This is so much cheaper and easier than packing up and shipping the whole chair.

Hard to believe, but this chair will read your perspiration, body temperature, and pulse rate and then use them to deliver the most personalized and customized massage.

4. Customer Service – As far as I am concerned, this is likely the most important thing to consider. If something does happen to your massage chair or if you’re worried about any function of your chair, it’s so important to have a manufacturer that is always accessible to answer all your questions.

Good customer service will put you at ease and you simply cannot put a price on that. So, be certain that no matter what massage chair you decide on is manufactured by a dependable company.

Regardless of whether it is with the manufacturer that made it, the dealer, or both, it’s important to have peace of mind right from the beginning of your business relationship.

5. Price – Even a cheap massage chair is still several hundred dollars, and honestly, none of them are cheap. You will need to pay a fair amount of cash to purchase a massage chair you can count on. However, prices do not necessarily have to be extreme.

Depending on the features you need or want, chair prices will be from $1000 – $6000. Quite a range, isn’t it?

Well, more specifically, you can find a massage chair with all of the important massage features and characteristics for somewhere between $2000 – $8000.

If you want real leather, headphones, a USB port, or a stereo system, etc., of course you’ll have to pay for those extras. If you just want the basic features of massage, you don’t have to over spend.

And just so you are aware, when you were to compare the expense of your chair to consistent visits to a chiropractor or massage therapist, in time the cost of the massage chair is less than you’d be paying out for all of those visits.

6. Money Back Guarantee – Does the merchant selling the chair you are looking at back it up with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee?

If they don’t offer one, then you’ve got to be a little bit skeptical. This is often a warning sign. This has a lot to do with customer service (#4). Merchants MUST back up their product. What other way can you feel comfortable with your purchase if it isn’t guaranteed by the company that is selling it? There are some retailers that even offer you 60 or even 90 day money back guarantees!

By the way, it is standard policy for practically all massage chair retailers to make you responsible for the cost to send it back to the seller if you decided to return your chair. Sending back a chair can cost between $150 to $400. It certainly isn’t cheap.

7. Adaptable to Differing Body Sizes – I’m aware of several massage chair companies who offer chair sizing. With some product lines you may need to take advantage of that, but with a well-manufactured chair,

Adjustments for both width and height are a standard feature and can accommodate practically every body. Some chairs come with a detached ottoman so that the chair caters to a person that is 5′ 4″ or 6′ 10″ .

Relatively all chairs will handle up to 300 pounds of body weight. If you are buying your new chair for a very heavy person, make certain you get the maximum allowance for weight for the specific one you’re looking at.

8. Remote Control – Practically every new massage chair comes with a remote control of some sort. Some remotes come with huge, fancy displays, but as long as it helps you adjust the features of the chair, it doesn’t matter how large or small it is or how high tech it looks.

9. Appearance – this may seem vain or odd, but personally, I’d like the chair I get to blend seamlessly and smoothly with the decor of room I want to put it in. You shouldn’t ever compromise appearance for price!

You will have to look at that chair everyday for as long as you happen to have it. The last thing you want is to get a chair you think is so unattractive that it creates stress. Particularly when it is your intention to use your new Massage Chair recliner to relieve your stress.

10. Satisfied Customers – A salesperson will say all the things you want to hear to get you to buy a chair. What do real and actual clients think about the massage chair you are thinking about purchasing? Are there any testimonials for you to listen to or check out?

If you ask for a list of some people that have bought a chair from them and they won’t give you any…get out, and fast! I’m going to trust actual clients like me, before I’ll trust someone who’s trying to sell me something. Endorsements should really be on every merchant’s website or in their literature.

So now you’ve got 10 things to help you to make a more educated decision when thinking about your massage chair.

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