Top 3 Best Kitchen Knives on Amazon Canada 2020

Best Kitchen Knives

Why Do You Need To Buy A Quality Kitchen Knife?

Ever wonder why someone will pay the money for a high quality kitchen knife? If you are like I was for a long time, if I needed a knife for the kitchen, I would go to the local big box store and pay $2 may up to $10 for a kitchen knife and think I had spent my money well.

However, a year or two later that knife was stained or rusted, maybe there were nicks in the blade and it wouldn’t cut any more. Some times the handle would just fall off.

I would just repeat the cycle ever few years and never have a kitchen knife that would the jobs I needed to do.

Then I acquired a great knife. It stayed sharp and always look clean and shiny. After some questioning and research I learned the different between the $2 knife and the $40 knife.

The better knife held its sharpness much longer, it didn’t rust or stain, and the handle stayed secured to the blade. I learned that not all knives are created equal. If you want to be a great cook you need great tools. A sharp well honed blade is necessary.

I also learned that there are different blades for different purposes. You wouldn’t want to try to cut up a chicken using a serrated bread knife. If you want clean thin slices of ham or roast beef you need a thin but very sharp blade like a fillet knife.

A quality knife won’t break easily and will stand up to being sharpened many times. I learned that it is true what they say, “You get what you pay for.”

I know just like in cars we can’t all afford a Mercedes but we should still buy the best kitchen knife that we can afford. So don’t skimp when it comes to knives for your kitchen, get the best you can afford.

You will save money in the long run and you will enjoy cooking much more. The fillet knife in the picture is the Chevy of knives


This is a lot of rubbish, have you ever seen a chef who does not have a set of matching knives? No, they may have the odd one or two that different to their main set, but for the most, they stick to a set of knives that they trust.

There are some very good and very expensive sets of knives out there, but to have a decent set for your kitchen, you do not have to spend lots of money, going for the sets that a professional chef would buy.

You can get excellent sets from local shops or of off the internet, from sites like Amazon

I have had a look at some of the knife sets available on Amazon and one of my favorites has to be the kitchen knife set of 4-piece.

With this set you don’t just get knives that do not need sharpening, you can also get a thirteen piece measuring cup set, a five piece nylon kitchen tool set and a wooden storage block.

Now I know I’ve said that all knives go blunt eventually, but with advances in materials for blades and handles, your knives will last a lot longer these days without having to be sharpened.

One of the main things to look for, is the fact that the handle of your kitchen knives should not hold the blade by being glued into place, but should be held by a riveted design.

You should always make sure that when you are using your knives on a chopping board, and not directly on a kitchen surface, as this will blunt them.

Try to buy knives that have double edged blades and have a good grip, with a nice finger guard. Another thing to note, is the fact that you should wipe down your knives directly after use and not leave them lying in washing-up water. Certain washing-up liquids will dull and even rust the blades.

When it comes to dishwashers, personally I would not put my kitchen knives in them at all.

Most of all be careful when using your knives and have fun in the kitchen.

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Kitchen knives
Top 3 Best Kitchen knifes on Amazon Canada 2020
Top 3 Best Kitchen knifes on Amazon Canada 2020

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Top 3 Best Kitchen knifes on Amazon Canada 2020
Top 3 Best Kitchen knifes on Amazon Canada 2020
Top 3 Best Kitchen knifes on Amazon Canada 2020

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A Clean Healthy Kitchen Knife

As mothers and homemakers we want to protect our family from germs and bacteria that may be lurking in our kitchens.

It is important that we choose tools in our kitchen that will make our job easier. When using a knife on raw meat, we all want to know that it is a sanitary kitchen knife.

I want to share with you about a brand of knife that is a clean healthy kitchen knife.

That brand of kitchen knives is Pro-Balance. They are unique in many ways. In order to always be sanitary for each use they are made in a one piece construction.

This prevents any build up of debris in cracks and crevices. The knife is always clean and sanitary. There is no place for small pieces of meat or drops of blood to hide and let germs breed.

The high quality stainless steel protects the knife from stains and rust. You will always know that the Pro-Balance kitchen knives are clean healthy knives and safe to use when preparing food for your family.

The next great feature about this kitchen knife is the unique weight system located in the handle. In each handle is a group of different size weights.

Each user determines what fits their hand and cutting style. Each knife can be balanced for comfort and ease of use for who ever might be using it at the time.

The system is simple enough to change any time the one using the knife changes. This is all held in place by a color coded cap on the end of the knife.

When the knife is in a storage block, you can easily tell which knife you need by the color of the end cap.

When choosing knives for your kitchen, it is important to know how you are going to use them. If you prepare a lot of meat, you need a quality fillet knife.

This kitchen knife has a thin blade that is very sharp. The length of the blade varies from about 5 inches to 10 or 12 inches. A well stocked kitchen will need several of these kitchen knives in various lengths.

The purpose of a fillet knife is to separate the flesh from the bone. The thin blade makes this much easier than if you were using a larger kitchen knife such as a butcher knife or chef’s knife.

You might want to choose a shorter blade when filleting fish for example. While if you are preparing a large roast or ham, you would need the longer blade.

It is very important to keep this knife razor sharp. I recommend keeping a good quality knife sharpener close by and sharpen this knife before each use.

The sharper the blade the cleaner the cuts will be. After each use, hand wash the knife in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry thoroughly.

It is best to store this knife in a sheath or wood block to protect the blade from nicks that can dull the edge. Large nicks can ruin the knife permanently. Handle this kitchen knife carefully. Remember it is very sharp and can cause injury. Always keep out of reach of children.

Carbon steel is very hard and has a superior edge but it does require more care and maintenance. This extra maintenance is required to avoid rusting and discoloration.

When left in a wet environment carbon steel knives rust very easily. These carbon steel kitchen knives should be washed by hand and dried completely.

They should then have oil rubbed in to the blade and covered with a protective blade cover. Many carbon steel knives come with a paper blade cover.

Best to dry kitchen knives before storing

Carbon steel kitchen Knives should be dried with a soft cloth completely and oil applied before storing.

You may ask why should I chose a carbon steel kitchen knife since it requires more care than stainless steel knives? The reason is simple.

The carbon steel blades have many superior qualities. They retain their edge better, they can be sharpened to a higher degree of sharpness, and they are much easier to re-sharpen when necessary. Carbon steel is the blade of choice for many professionals.

Steel Blades Aren’t All The Same

Kitchen knives are primarily made of two types of materials; carbon steel or stainless steel. There are of course other materials but today I’m just going to focus on these two types of steel. The Pro-Balance knife shown below is made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel knives require less maintenance. They are rust and stain resistant. To be classified as stainless they must have a minimum of 11% Chromium added to the carbon steel.

The purpose of the chromium is to make the knife resistant to corrosion and staining. Special care must be taken during the heating process as well as the grinding and sharpening process to preserve the necessary qualities desired in each knife.

When the process is done by a skilled craftsman, the result is a superior knife. The knife will be strong, easy to maintain, and retain its sharpness. You may hear the term “high carbon stainless steel”.

This says that there is a higher percentage of carbon in the blade composition. This gives the kitchen knife a superior ability to maintain sharpness, keep a clean smooth edge, and make it easier to re-sharpen. All of these qualities makes stainless steel kitchen knives the knives chosen by many homemakers as well as professional chefs.

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