Top 3 Best Electric ToothBrush July 2020

Buying an Electric Toothbrush

When choosing an electric toothbrush, one should look for one that has a dense rotating head or brush tufts that are close and compact.

Also, a timer for two minutes and a rechargeable but lightweight handle are preferable.

Make sure the one you choose is a popular brand; there’s nothing worse than spending lots of time looking all over the place for replacement brush heads.t

When choosing an electronic toothbrush, the Wisconsin Dental Association suggests that you keep in mind the same guidelines you would follow when selecting a manual toothbrush.

An electronic toothbrush with a small head and soft to medium synthetic bristles is ideal.
Other things to keep in mind:

Thickness of the handle for a good grip
size of the brush head
how many batteries are needed
length of bristles
shape of bristles
built in timer.
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Types of Electric Toothbrushes

There are various kinds of electronic toothbrushes available in the market today. Toothbrushes are divided by the hardness of a bristle into following kinds:

  1. Very soft
  2. Soft
  3. Medium
  4. Hard
  5. Very hard

Soft toothbrushes are intended for children, and also for adults with gum disease. Hard and very hard toothbrushes are used by adults with healthy gums and at the tendency to the raised formation of dental adjournment.

Brushes with average degree of hardness are most widely applied to adults. Modern tooth-brushes have often combined bristles of various hardness (as a rule, marked by various color).

More harder bristles in the center of a brush effectively clear chewing surfaces of the teeth, peripheral soft bristle clean without injuring gums. For more information on electric toothbrushes,

The Best Electric Toothbrushes

An electric toothbrush can make dental care much easier for people with arthritis and dexterity problems.

Find the right electric toothbrush for you, considering the thickness of the handle for a good grip, size of the brush head, and other features.

Below are mentioned some popular models which are easy to use and are of excellent quality.

Sonicare Elite 7500 Electric Toothbrush:

Electric toothbrush has slim design, angled neck, tapered brush head, contour-fit bristles, and ultra-high bristle speed.

Oral-B D25526 Triumph 9400 Professional Care Electric Toothbrush:

The new FlossAction Brush head with MicroPulse Bristles cleans as effectively as brushing with a manual brush and flossing.

Smart Technology displays actual brushing time, tracks charge level, and advises when brush head has passed optimal-cleaning performance.

Braun Sonic Complete Electric Toothbrush:

The Oral-B Sonic Complete electric toothbrush offers 2 brushing modes, a 2-minute timer with 30 second intervals and an ergonomic handle.

Homedics PT-5RH PowerDent Sparklen Electric Toothbrush:

Colorful, flashing lights while you brush. It has a pressure sensitive feature that helps protect teeth and gums from the damaging effects of brushing too hard.

Model Number: PT-5RH Smart Sensor technology is a pressure-sensitive feature that turns the brush on with the lightest pressure against the teeth.

Quad Action bristle motion combines rotary action with up-and-down movement to clean teeth more thoroughly.

Ultrasonex SU800 Twin Brush Ultrasonic Toothbrush System:

1.6-megahertz wave action to attack bacteria and plaque 5mm below gum line. Includes 3 tongue scrapers and travel charger/case. High sonic frequency and orbital vibrating method is a unique and patented technology.

Electric Toothbrush Features

As you must be knwoing by now, an electric toothbrush uses electric power to move the brush head, normally in an oscillating pattern. It is a great choice for elderly people, or people with pains or other diseases. An electronic toothbrush is one which has various features:

Electric toothbrush timers – Brushing duration timers and Quadrant timers.

Electric toothbrush power settings – Some electric toothbrush designs allow for an option that sets the power of the brushing action of the brush to either a “high” or “low” level.

In most cases the effectiveness of the brush will be greatest when it is set to its higher setting.

Brush head sizes

The precise size and shape of an electric toothbrush’s brush head will vary by brand and model. Obviously a grown adult will be able to accommodate the use of a larger brush head than a young teenager.

Other features include replaceable brush heads, electric toothbrush pressure sensors, recharging apparatus for the electric toothbrush, money-back guarantee trial period. For more information on electric toothbrushes,

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush

Cleaning the teeth is the most important part of oral hygiene. One should brush one’s teeth twice daily to remove plaque and keep germs at bay. 

It is said that a good brush is essential as it helps to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy.

To help you out the electric toothbrush is the best tool to maintain oral hygiene as it reduces staining and prevents gum disease.

It takes time to get used to the electric brush. It is simply because the action is not controlled by your hand, the bristles move on their own to give teeth deep cleaning. 

This is mostly used by people with poor manual dexterity and people with little interest to brush the teeth.

Whether it is a manual or electric toothbrush one has to follow certain methods to get the desired results. Following are the ways to use an electric tooth brush:-

Apply the same amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush as you do in manual toothbrush.

Insert the toothbrush in your mouth and then turn it on.  Don’t turn it on when it is out as the tooth paste will fall off.

Brush slowly and cover all the surfaces of the teeth. You don’t have to scrub just apply light pressure and the rest will be done by the brush. Pressing the bristles against the teeth will cause damage to enamel and toothbrush.

Don’t let the brush move around the gum line as the bristles can rub against the gums and make them bleed.

With regular practice you will learn how to control the brush more effectively

When you are done turn off the toothbrush, rinse it properly and keep it in its charger.

Selecting Electric Toothbrush features and Accessories

Like any other electronic gadget the electric toothbrush requires accessories to work with.  To start with timer is the most important part of brushing.

This timer gives an idea to the user of the recommended time of brushing.  The timer not only takes care of your exact brushing time but also alerts you of the specific time to be given to each quadrant of the mouth.

The electric toothbrush power settings provide options for the user to have brushing action either on

‘High’ or ‘low’. 

You get brush head along with the brush. But you need to change it after every three months period. 

If all the members of the family are using the same brush gets the brush head storage provision as well as means for color coding them.

The charging apparatus comes along with the complete set of toothbrush with some models you have to buy it separately.   Some of the products feature indicator gauge into its construction.

This helps you to access the degree to which the battery charge has gone down and when it needs to recharge.

Electric Thooth Brush for Kids

Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Kid’s toothbrush, which is made by soft bristles and PP handless Carton design attract kids brushing, soft bristles protect kids gums.

The handle is easy to grasp. Kids can take charge of their teeth by taking these steps:

Brush at least twice a day – after breakfast and before bedtime. If you can, brush after lunch or after sweet snacks.

Brush all of your teeth, not just the front ones. Spend some time on the teeth along the sides and in the back. Brush away from your gums.

Take your time while brushing. Spend at least 3 minutes each time you brush. Be sure your toothbrush has soft bristles.

The Braun Oral-B Kids’ Power Toothbrush cleans better than a manual toothbrush – with a lot less coaxing.

The cool colors, the Disney characters, and the Mystery Musical Timer which rewards them with music after every minute of brushing – one of sixteen randomly selected tunes,

Keep kids surprised and having a good time. Research has also shown that the Kids’ Power Toothbrush is as gentle on children’s teeth and gums as a soft manual toothbrush.

The smaller brush head allows for better access, the extra soft bristles for gentle cleaning, and the raised center row bristles for effective cleaning of the chewing surfaces

Travel Electric Toothbrush

Whether you travel once a month or once a year, the travel toothbrush is a great way to get in contact with customers and provide your own employees with a little something extra.

Don’t scour the convenience stores for cheap travel toothbrushes or full sized toothbrushes that don’t properly fit into travel kits. Go for quality and affordability with custom travel toothbrushes.

GoFreshTravel Flossing Toothbrushes come in an assortment of attractive four colors. They keep you smiling and fresh as you make your way here, there, and everywhere.

Take this handy innovative and attractive travel flossing toothbrushes with you and be the cool person with the freshest breath and healthy mouth.

Travel tooth brush with medium bristles. Tooth brush snaps into case for travel and protection. Travel Toothbrushstores away in a convenient carrying case that fits easily into any travel bag.


26 power bristle brush head, No charger needed, Hygienic travel case, Battery powered, 26 power bristle brush head, No charger needed, Hygienic travel case, Battery powered, Includes 2 AAA batteries, Replacement brushes available.

Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Dozens of recent studies indicate that brushing with a power toothbrush is superior to manual brushing. Using deep-penetrating ultrasonic waves and 18,000 brush strokes per minute,

The Ultrasonic Toothbrush helps remove the plaque that can lead to gum disease and tooth loss.

Includes 4 brush heads, charger base and travel case. Ultrasonic toothbrush has ergonomic handle. Deep cleaning bristles.

The ultrasonic toothbrush is a manual tooth brush with a Piezo-electric ultrasonic emitter embedded in the brush head YiLiKang ultrasonic toothbrush effectively washes, cleans and removes plaque, stain and calculus.

After using it will prevent gum bleeding, inflammation and it will cure periodontal disease and remove the smell from decay. For more information on electric toothbrushes

Ionic Electric Toothbrush

Unlike regular toothbrushes which try to force plaque off the teeth by friction, the IONIC brush makes the teeth let go of plaque, like turning off a magnet! Plaque gets released even in hard to reach areas!

It is clinically proven to be far more effective than a regular toothbrush and users report cleaner, whiter teeth and little or no plaque when visiting their dentist! hyG breaks this ionic bond by temporarily reversing the polarity of tooth surfaces.

As you brush, plaque molecules are actively repelled by your teeth and drawn to the hyG’s negatively charged bristles, even in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

The Ionic toothbrush works on the principle that every element in nature has a positive or negative charge. This is called polarity.

When the polarities are opposite, the two elements cling together. That’s why dust sticks to your coffee table and why plaque, which has a positive charge (+), clings stubbornly to your negatively charged (-) teeth.

The hyG Ionic Action toothbrush temporarily reverses polarity of the tooth surface from negative (-) to positive (+), drawing plaque towards the negatively charged hyG toothbrush head.

By reducing plaque, the hyG Ionic Toothbrush makes it easier for you to enjoy:

A whiter, cleaner smile

Fresher, sweeter breath.

Less risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Manufacturers of Electric Thoothbrush

Braun Electric Toothbrush

The Braun Electric Toothbrush utilizes superior cleaning technology which can remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas, reverse gum disease and remove stains for a natural whiter smile.

The Braun Electric Toothbrush is a popular choice for many because many in-built features for superior cleaning.

For example, the Braun electric toothbrush features high speed in and out pulsations which gently loosen plaque while the rapid side to side movements sweep it away.

If you have sensitive teeth or dislike the idea of scrubbing away at them, the Braun electric toothbrush fixes this problem because it has a pressure sensor which is activated if too much pressure is applied.

To add to this, the Braun electric toothbrush also has a two minute memory timer which is the optimum brushing time as recommended by Dentists.

Full List of Features:

High speed pulsations gently loosen plaque

High speed side-to-side oscillations sweep away plaque.

Dual speed – slower ‘sensitive’ speed setting.

Control grip handle for ease of manoeuvrability.

2 minute optimum brush timer.

Pressure sensor warning.

Compact charging unit & charging light indicator

Replaceable Indicator brush head.

Indicator bristles’ colour fade when it’s time to replace your brush head.

Compact charging unit.

Oral B Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B electric toothbrush products offer exceptional features and performance benefits. Choose from Triumph, Sonic Complete,

Vitality Dual Clean Power, Vitality Precision Power, Vitality Sonic Power, ProfessionalCare, AdvancePower, CrossAction Power, and more. An Oral-B electric toothbrush cleans better than an ordinary toothbrush.

We also offer a variety of Oral-B electric toothbrush replacement parts and accessories such as brush heads, OxyJet tips, electric chargers, power handles, and travel cases and caps. Oral B has developed a new line of Vitality electric rechargeable toothbrushes and they retail for under twenty dollars!

This product review will cover the three different types of Vitality toothbrushes as well as the features and benefits.

Not only would these electric toothbrushes make great stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts, but for fewer than twenty dollars, you would be giving the give the gift of good dental health.

Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

A Sonicare toothbrush is not the old electric toothbrush of the 60’s; it is a powerful new tool in home dental care.

You need a Sonicare toothbrush if you have periodontal disease (gum disease), gingivitis, braces, misaligned teeth or lack of motivation for proper brushing. None of those apply to you, well how about whiter teeth.

A Sonicare toothbrush will give you the clean mouth feeling of just stepping out of the Dental Hygienists Chair.

It vibrates at hundreds of times per second, as the name implies, with the latest models at 40,000 strokes per minute.

Rather than connecting to its charger with conductors, the charger includes the primary winding of the voltage-reducing transformer and the fat handle of the brush includes the secondary winding.

The magnetic field is not shorted out by spilled liquids around the sink, as an electric field would be. The replaceable head also is driven magnetically.

Interplak Electric Toothbrush

Interplak electric toothbrushes help keep your smile bright. NT7CS toothbrush not only improves the appearance of your teeth and gums but also helps to prevent gum disease.

Triple-action power plaque remover completely cleans and polishes your teeth and massages your gums at the same time.

2-minute timer reminds you to brush properly. Interplak 12167 Replacement 8 Tuft Brush Head (1) for Interplak NT8, NT8W, and 12209padFits Interplak Power Plaque Remover models NT8, NT8W, NT7CS, and 12209. Comfort House item 10032..

Interplak toothbrush head replacement is something that you will need to keep in mind as your brush gains age. While the bristles on your electric toothbrush are very durable and last a very long time,

It is important that you know when you should replace the heads on the modular toothbrush. This is important as if you do not repair your brush at the proper time with an Interplak toothbrush head replacement,

You run the risk of having the bristles fraying, which can cause discomfort and damage to your gums. As this can cause bleeding and pain for several days after the final use of the frayed bristles occurs, it is wise that you make certain you keep up on the replacements of the brush heads.

Colgate Electric Toothbrush

It started with when William Colgate in 1806 opened a small factory in Dutch Street New York that manufactured starch, soap and candle.  This Company,

“William Colgate and Company” after his death came into the hands of his son and was reorganized as, ‘Colgate and Company’. Later the company was bought by Palmolive Peet and came to be known as ‘Colgate Palmolive Company”

Now it is an American diversified company has made its presence felt in almost all sections like production, distribution and provision for household, health care and personal products like soaps, detergents and oral hygiene products.

The Colgate toothbrushes are included in oral hygiene products. For exceptional quality of oral hygiene products, the first name that comes in mind is Colgate. 

The electric toothbrush from Colgate has been clinically proven to work better than manual toothbrush and removes plaque and germs.

Most of the Colgate electric tooth brushes are battery powered brushes with rotary-oscillating   motion for better cleaning.

The rotating bristles sweep plaque away and remove food particles. The ergonomic curved neck helps to reach hard to reach places.

The handle comes with non-slip grip. Colgate manufactures electric brushes for adults and children taking into consideration the desired specification required.

Phillips Electric Toothbrush

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V popularly known as Philips came into being in the year 1891 when Gerard Philips the maternal cousin of Karl Marx set up a company that produced electro technical equipment.

It first products was light bulbs and now the company is one of the largest electronics company in the world.

In addition to this it successfully plunged into manufacturing domestic products and personal care or healthcare products.

The electric toothbrush has gained popularity among the customers worldwide.  The Philips Sonicare features the patented Sonic technology   known to provide high-speed bristle and dynamic fluid cleaning action that sweeps away plaque.

The brush of Philips feature easy start and smart timer that alerts you after the recommended brushing timer (2 minutes)

The best part is latest electric toothbrush comes with innovative designs and comes with UV sanitizer with UV clean technology. 

The UV sanitizer eliminates the potentially harmful germs that live on your brush heads. Clinically proven by the dentists it also features Quadrapacer which is nothing but a complete care at home.

Some of the popular Sonicare Philips electric toothbrushes are Philips Sonicare Elite e9500, Philips RS930 FlexiCare Sonic ToothBrush, Philips 5300 Sonicare Essence Sonic Toothbrush and many more.

Crest Electric Toothbrush

In the year 1837 a candle maker William Proctor and soap maker James Gamble came together, forming a new enterprise which came to be called as Proctor and Gamble. 

Now this is a fortune 500, American Global Corporation based in Cincinati  involved in manufacturing wide range of consumer goods.

It has several trusted brands to name the few, Pampers, Tides, Ariel, Always, Pantene, Bounty, Folgers, Pringles, Charmin, Downy, Lams, Crest, Actonel and Olay.

Proctor and Gamble under the brand Crest manufactures oral hygiene products like toothpaste, toothbrush, glide floss, whitening strips, mouthwash rinse and many more. If you want the same experience of spotlessly clean teeth you get when you go to a dentist everyday adopt the crest electric toothbrush for better oral hygiene.

They are available for both children and adults.  Crest electric tooth brushes features adjustable speed, maximum for thorough and deep cleaning and lower speed for giving gentle massage to the teeth. 

The dual action oscillating brush head and bristles move up and down to sweep away plaque from the hard to reach areas. The battery works for almost 2 weeks. 

Crest SpinBrush Pro medium, Crest Spinbrush PRO Cellular, Crest Spinbrush  DUAL Effect are some of the popular and widely used Crest Electric Toothbrushes.

Rota-Dent Electric Toothbrush

Rota-Dent is the brand name for Professional dental Technologies, Inc.,(Pro-Dentec) is mainly involved in the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing the products to dental professionals for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of periodontal and other dental diseases.

The company made its presence felt in the market in the year 1985 with its introduction of Rota-dent professional homecare instrument.

The company’s products are the result of extensive educational and other support systems to help the dentists practice today’s standard of care.

Rota-Dent Electric tooth brushes are no doubt clinically proven with patented Micro Access Technology uses microfilament brush tips that are made in such a way that they reach underneath the gum line and in-between the teeth.

Every piece of technology involved in the construction of Rota-Dent electric toothbrush that removes plaques, reduces harmful bacteria even from the periodontal pockets.

The best part is it has been found and experienced by several users, the regular use of Rota-dent have helped in reversing gingivitis and decalcification during orthodontic treatment. the use of this brush is sure short method of keeping the teeth germfree teeth.

We find Prodentec Rotadent One Step, Rota-dent Electric tooth brushes, Rota-Dent electric toothbrush and replacement brush heads, very popular in the market.

Waterpik Electric Toothbrush

Waterpik is the tireless efforts of dentist Dr. Gerald Moyer and John Mattingly. They both use their skills to make dental water jets.

Their 145 attempts turned futile but attained success on 146th attempt. They were awarded the patent for the same in the year 1962 and thus came into being Water Pik. Inc. In 1964 the product was made public.

Since then Water Pik is the leader in manufacturing the best and most innovative personal and oral healthcare products. 

Their products are a no doubt stylish, innovative and high quality product that promotes oral health.  Up till now the company has acquired more than 500 patents, and the products they have manufactured have been awarded for their design and technology.

Water Pik features state-of-the-art technology in which the bristles give 30, 000 gentle brush strokes in a minute.  It sweeps away plaque from marginal areas, approximal areas and over the whole mouth.

The electric toothbrushes are well equipped with 2 minute timer/ 30 second quad timer, the handle is designed with non-slip grip and solid charge base.

Some of the Water Pik Toothbrushes are designed for travel purpose. They are lightweight soft contoured brushes with all the necessary features required during travelling.

We have WaterPik Automatic Toothbrush Sensonic plus Plaque Control System SR-400W, Water Pik Battery Operated Travel Toothbrush AT-100, WaterPik AT-200 Vibe Electric Toothbrush   and WaterPik Sensonic Sonic Toothbrush New Model very popular among customers.

Cybersonic Electric Toothbrush

Cybersonic is the trusted brand of Amdem Corporation with its founder Dr. Ron Murayama himself a dentist with 20 years experience in the same field. His numerous inventions have brought smile on millions of faces worldwide.

The founder and chairman of Amdem Corporation, has acquired   several US patents for his breakthrough in the field of dentistry.

His company manufactures products that are meant for complete oral care. Known for their continually improved products and services to help customers get rid of their tooth and gum problems.

The Cybersonic electric toothbrushes are known for their reliability and effective results. Every care has been taken to design the toothbrush that will enhance more of oral care.

It is loaded with all the features that makes it result oriented. It is made using patented harmonic resonance technology that not only cleans teeth but also flosses, cleans tongue and freshen up your breath.

Cybersonic brushes are termed as the fastest brush with 45,000 strokes per minute. It comes with flossing system, timer and redesigned tongue cleaner.

Also comes with free whitening system and travel case.  In short you get the complete oral care at home with Cybersonic electric toothbrushes. Cybersonic  3 Complete Oral Care System, Cybersonic Classic Oral Care System and Cybersonic 2 Sonic Toothbrush c201 are some of the popular electric toothbrushes from Cybersonic.

Ultreo Electric Toothbrush

Every product of Ulreo is the result of several years of research in the University of Washington. Dr. Pierre Mourad  a research associate professor and the founder of Ultreo and Jack Gallagher, former president of Optiva  Corporation together forged the way for Ultreo in the form of toothbrush that combines the power of Ultrasound  with Sonic technology.

The Ultreo Toothbrushes are the outcome of patented Ultrasound technology and Sonic Bristle Action. Once you use it, it will give you incredibly clean feeling after every use.

Its not harsh on your teeth, on the contrary it is far less aggressive, with fewer vibrations. The Ultrasound technology creates small bubbles that blast away plaque.

The toothbrush makes use of tuned sonic or Ultrasonic waves to channel energy into tiny bubbles that eliminates plaque, bacteria and even cavities.

The Ultreo Toothbrush features   auto shut off timer that switches off automatically after its recommended 2 minutes brushing time, programmable ultrasound brush with replacement head indicator  and battery charge indicator.

Some of the Popular Ultreo Electric Toothbrushes are Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush,  Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush-Extra Brush Heads Bundle, Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush-Extra Brush Head Special –Dental Professional and so on.

Frequently Asked Question :

What are the Advantages of Using?

In addition to noticeably whiter and visibly cleaner teeth, the owner of an electric toothbrush has fresher breath than someone who manually brushes.

This isn’t to say that the person using a manual toothbrush automatically suffers from bad breath, but statistics show an electric toothbrush cleans better.

When the mouth is cleaner, the breath is fresher. The electric toothbrush can reach deeply seams and edge parts which are difficult to be brushed by common brushes.

The electric toothbrush can sweep away the plaque and the bacteria, and make your tooth more beautiful.

A study comparing those who used an electric toothbrush to those using a manual toothbrush showed that while the manual brush did an acceptable job, the electric toothbrush cleaned comparably better.

Not only does the electric toothbrush move quicker for a deep down tooth cleaning, it also gets under the gums, reducing gingivitis. In addition, an electric toothbrush is ideal for those suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other painful or debilitating conditions. In addition to noticeably whiter and visibly cleaner teeth, the owner of an electric toothbrush has fresher breath than someone who manually brushes.

What to look for when buying?

Below are some of the options we have observed as available on electric toothbrushes. Some important features to look for while buying an electronic toothbrush are electric toothbrush timers,

Brushing duration timers which provide a guideline for users related to the total amount of time they should brush. A dentist will often refer to the mouth as composed of four “quadrants” (i.e., the upper left teeth, the lower right teeth, etc).

Some electric toothbrush manufacturers incorporate timers into their brushes that signal intervals indicating how long you should brush each single quadrant of your mouth. Usually these timers trigger every 30-second.

Then there is brush head size. The precise size and shape of an electric toothbrush’s brush head will vary by brand and model. Obviously a grown adult will be able to accommodate the use of a larger brush head than a young teenager.

Additionally, those with braces will probably find that a generally smaller, more compact, brush head is easier to use than a larger one.

Toothbrush Sanitizers

There is nothing to lose by purchasing a toothbrush sanitizer, and at least a person can provide himself and his family with the peace of mind that improved hygiene leads to improved health.

There are methods and devices for sanitizing toothbrushes to accommodate every price range—from drop tablets to self-cleaning toothbrushes to heavy duty machinery.

The following is a description of the various kinds of toothbrush sanitizing products. One method is using drop tablets several times a week, as recommended by the manufacturer, or more often.

These are sold in packages of approximately 36 and kill up to 99% of the germs on the head of the toothbrush.

The OralHealth Toothbrush Sanitizer and Storage is uniquely designed to sanitize your toothbrush using a common household product, your mouthwash.

Simply stated, the OralHealth Toothbrush Sanitize and Storage uses a mouthwash product that has already been determined to be safe and effective for oral hygiene.There are self-sanitizing toothbrushes that clean on contact with water.

This is done through replaceable silver heads which stimulate a natural, continuous cleaning process.

Toothbrush Replacement

Did you know American Dental Association (ADA) recommends you replace your toothbrush every three months and after every illness?

Proper toothbrush care is important to your oral health. Because a worn toothbrush is less effective in cleaning, the American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months or sooner if the bristles become frayed.

Children’s toothbrushes often need to be replaced more frequently.

The Sonicare Toothbrush Replacement Heads refills your old brush. A precise combination of soft, extra-soft and super-soft end-rounded bristles ensure deep, yet gentle cleaning.

Longer bristles designed to clean hard-to-reach areas. Brushing performance regulator has a unique new feature that helps maintain consistent brushing power during use. Replace brush heads at least every 6 months to achieve optimal results.

Electric Vs Manual Toothbrush

Studies and research have revealed that electric toothbrush is worth using for better results and cleaning.

Still there are constant debates over which one is the best. Some studies have revealed that both have almost the same performance while other studies find electric toothbrush anytime better than the manual.

There are innumerable manual as well as electric toothbrushes in the market. The main advantage is the power toothbrush produces greater number of strokes up to 41,000 whereas the manual will at the max produce 800 strokes.

The power brush also produces vibrations helpful in removing plaque. It is made possible with the fluid dynamics which is produced by the vibratory action.

With manual brush one has to exert more pressure which is not in the case of power toothbrush that works with minimal pressure. 

The power brush offers you the exact time of brushing while this fact is overlooked in the case of manual. 

People suffering from arthritis, elders incapacitated or children that lack dexterity, the manual toothbrush prove incompetent. Here the power brush is the only fittest solution.

Cleaning Electric Toothbrush

Taking care of teeth and gums has become simple with the advent of electric toothbrush. It provides thorough cleaning which the manual toothbrush is unable to do.

Its nothing but having a complete oral care system at home, the best part is it is best for people with arthritis or muscle problems.  The use of this brush regularly benefits but one has to take of its cleaning as well.

For every day cleaning keep the bristles under running water. With the help of your thumb press it back and forth through the bristles for few times.

Now tap the bristles dry and keep it in the rack to dry. For cleaning to be done once a week take glass and fill 2 to 3 inches with hydrogen peroxide.  Now dip the bristles of the brush in it. See to it the liquid in the glass do not touch the level of buttons that turn it on, if so, throw some of the liquid in the sink. Soak it for an hour. Remove it and rinse properly under running water and pat it dry.

You can use another alternative method to clean your toothbrush. In a glass put 2 to 3 inches of household bleach and soak the bristles in it for an hour.

Remove the brush and rinse it under the running water for a minute. Hang upside down to dry.  This type of cleaning should be done once in a month.

What is a Toothbrush Sanitizer?

It has been found toothbrushes are very easily exposed to germs and other harmful bacteria’s. Instead of keeping your teeth and gums problem free they will aggravate the problem. 

To avoid such problem people either keeps their toothbrush in a case or use a sanitizer to make it germs free.

A toothbrush sanitizer can use UV light to eliminate the germs thriving on the bristles. This is the same method used in the hospitals to kill the germs.  With this UV sanitizer you can clean a number of toothbrushes.

Another type of UV sanitizer works by creating super hot steam, with water. In order to eliminate the germs you need to insert the brush in a tiny dishwasher like machine,

But this method may not be practically possible for some electric or battery operated toothbrush models. Depending on the brush type one should use the sanitizer.

 This will make your brush free from germs and absolutely safe for you to use.

Electric Toothbrush & Kids

Many still are not sure whether they should give them electric toothbrush or continue with the manual tooth brush. 

Research conducted on some children has revealed children aged 5 are only able to reach 25 percent of tooth surface and 11 years old can reach to only 50 percent of the tooth surface with the manual toothbrush.

During this growing period of children when proper care of teeth and gums is needed the manual toothbrush do not provide that dexterity as well as motivation to the children,

Whereas the electric toothbrush for kids has been specially designed to take care of their teeth with gentle cleaning of teeth.

Moreover electric toothbrushes encourage better brushing habits. This is so because certain manufacturers have taken complete care to make the most mundane activity for children fun a fun activity. 

The sound vibration stream music through the bristles, children can actually hear the music through their head.

To increase the volume the children need to increase the pressure. In addition to this the brushes are available in all the shapes, sizes and colors of their favorite cartoon character or the gadget they love the most. 

Every design and make of the brushes is ideal for kids, to keep their teeth and gums healthy and keep the germs and other problems at bay.

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