Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

Best Two Slice Toaster

It’s understandable that toaster ovens should allow you to awaken to scrumptious, evenly browned toast every day.

But it is not always the truth. Low quality models, a few of which are remarkably costly, give you bread that’s toasted one for reds and never another or with spots that never appear to brown.

Others go from bread to lose. There are individuals by which thicker slices or crumpets get completely stuck. Not the easiest method to start your entire day.

Don’t assume you need to spend for any good model- among the toaster ovens within our shortlist costs only a tenner,

Even though the models within our roundup which come in in excess of £100 stand out when it comes to additional features and/or add-ons and a few, like the Sage, produce the perfect texture, in addition to browning well.

Whatever your financial allowance, try to obtain a toaster that instantly centres your bread and when you’re interested in teacakes, bagels, croissants, homemade bread or crumpets, make certain your toaster are designed for these different shapes and dimensions.

Other extras you might like to consider really are a “defrost” feature which means you are able to prepare frozen bread without speculating when it’s toasted, and re-heat buttons which means that you are able to warm-up toast you’ve forgotten has sprang up and gone cold.

Countdown timers are needed if you are multi-tasking and wish to understand how lengthy make your tea or fry your bacon. Finally, make certain your toaster is simple to wash, ideally by having an efficient, simple-to-remove crumb tray.

1. Morphy Richards Chroma: 

In some way, this machine seems to produce toast that’s never stripy, patchy or uneven, as the variable browning knob ensures toast isn’t burnt. Even though some toaster ovens begin to be less efficient soon after models,

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

That one maintains the great work even if you’re feeding plenty of visitors. The crumb tray works particularly well and also the reheat setting means you are able to warm-up toast you’ve left too lengthy.

2. Asda George Two-Slice Toaster with Long Slots: 

It might be simple to assume this bargain toaster isn’t an area on big-big brands, however it certainly holds its very own.

They fit different-sized breads much more easily than some much pricier models, is fast at toasting, and it has clearly marked, intuitive controls. It is also easy to clean, although be ready to achieve this regularly as crumbs fall with the bottom. Available too in black and white-colored.

3. Bugatti Volo: 

Obtainable in a variety of funky colours, it’ll put an finish to patchy toast, rather giving evenly browned slice after evenly browned slice, all in super-quick time.

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

The bun-warming rack, sandwich cages and bagel configurations are useful add-ons, even though the regular slots might be bigger.

4. Magimix Vision: 

Another pricey but terrific machine which makes an average bit of toast, that one has see-through glass, allowing you to be careful about your bread prepare, using among the eight browning levels.

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

The only slot allows you to slot in different sized slices, including doorstep bread slices and hot mix buns, and also the lift button is extra high, so no recourse of burnt fingers. Other colours available.

5. Bosch TAT6805: 

This sleek machine is actually versatile, fitting the biggest of bread and crumpet slices within the single slot, along with the likes of croissants, bread rolls and buns around the bun rack.

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

The controls are simple to use and also the browning is even, although more dark than other machines. It may be challenging clean because of crumbs stacking in the numerous hiding places.

6. Breville Perfect Fit for Warburtons: 

If you are keen on Warburton’s Toastie bread, your search is over. It has been designed particularly with this particular size bread in your mind, making certain it doesn’t leave that annoying white-colored gap at the very top.

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

In addition to this, it browns this – along with other bread – evenly, rapidly. It couldn’t be better to use, which makes it a high quality one for individuals who make time to awaken within the morning.

7. Sage The Smart Toast: 

This trendy machine excels at keeping toast perfectly crunchy, even if you’ve applied the butter.

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

The “quick look” function helps – it enables you to definitely have a sneaky peak without disturbing the toasting cycle and also the machine continues to be carefully designed to manage well with all sorts of bread, including frozen, winning hands-lower with regards to toasting crumpets. It appears good too.

8. Hotpoint TT22MDXB0L: 

This measures under £20, yet it will not allow you to lower with regards to an evenly toasted slice. It’s simple to use, with toast that appears nice high, which makes it simple to grab from the machine.

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

It is also got good sturdiness, designed for the cost. Large slices don’t fit, however, but otherwise we’d recommend it.

9. Russell Hobbs Canterbury: 

Russell Hobbs makes classier looking machines, but when it comes to actually toasting, this is the best. It’s extremely quick and standard-size bread fits in either way round without leaving that frustrating strip lying naked at the top.

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

And if you wind up loving your toast so much that it soon needs cleaning, rest assured that’s a doddle too. It’s not great at larger slices, though. Available in other colours.

10. Kitchenaid Artisan: 

With its jazzy colour options, retro looks, compact size and LED display, this machine is way more handsome than most toasters on the high-street shelves.

Top 10 Best Two Slice Toaster September 2020

And looks aren’t all it has going for it, with its automatic toast control working particularly well. We also liked the bagel/toastie options, progress bar (so you can see how long your toast has to go) and the keep warm feature. It’s speedy, too.


The Morphy Richards Chroma is a great all-rounder, with an affordable price-tag. For a higher-end machine, the Bugatti Volo is elegant and efficient.

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