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How to Choose the Best Sump Pump

Some tips on Choosing the Best Sump Pump for your needs

Choices that influence your life and that of the people you love are the hardest to make. And, even though it may not seem like it at first, sump pumps have the ability of changing one’s live, as they can be your only helping hand in case of flooding.

Their importance goes from protecting one’s home against excessive humidity and limescale to saving hundreds or thousands of dollars as potential flooding damages.

Of course, before you can make a choice, you need to know the basics.

Basic Facts about Sump Pumps:

There are two major types of sump pumps: pedestal (above ground) and submersible. Their power usually varies between 1/4 and 1 horsepower.

The pedestal pumps have their motors mounted on a shaft outside the sump basin. The vertical design is meant to allow floating and adjustment for specific on/off points. 

These pumps are ideal for sump pits of 10 inches or less. They are economical, able to operate between 5 and 15 years, but they require positioning in such a way as to avoid the submerging or the motor.

The submersible pumps on the other hand have their motor sealed in the sump basin, allowing them to be installed underwater. They are quieter and safer – thus more appropriate for families with children; they are perfect for installment in finished basements and are able to operate up to 25 – 30 years.

Both types of sump pumps have 6 major components:

  • A system that collects excessive groundwater and discharges it into a sump basin.
  • The sump basin that stores the water before removal.
  • The primary pump, of the above types and power, is the one that actually pumps the water and guides it to the collection system.
  • A discharge system consisting of a pipe or a hose that carries water away from the house.
  • A check valve that prevents discharge outlet backflow, making sure that the water discharged from the basin does not get back in.
  • Optional backup sump pump – Can turn out quite useful in case of power outages or primary pump failure.

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Sump Pump:

Backup sump pump powering and alert system

Backup sump pumps can be powered by batteries or by municipal water pressure. They are connected to the primary pump and they turn on when the latter fails. It is important that they have a light or sound alert system, so that you will be alerted in case anything goes wrong.

Although sump pumps powered by municipal water pressure are designed to work with limited water quantities, they can make an excellent choice for a small household or one placed in an area where heavy rainfall is not part of the ordinary.


  • Capacitive switches measure the water level with the help of a microprocessor and start the pump when the level of the water in the sump basin reaches a predetermined point. The good thing about them is that they have no mechanical parts that could wear out.
  • Vertical switches are devices that travel vertically in the sump basin and turn the pump on when the water reaches a certain level. They are mechanical and they cannot be adjusted. It is very important that the switch be installed in a 90 degrees angle with the incoming liquid.
  • Diaphragm switches turn the pump on and off based on the water pressure levels.


Since sump pumps are used in moist environments and even under water (submersible), it is very important that their parts be made of corrosion and water proof materials, such as stainless steel, bronze, or epoxy-coated cast irons. This way you can be sure that your pump will be safe and ready to use for years to come.


You will find it measured in gallons/minute or gallons/hour. Keep in mind the height to which water should be lifted for removal, also known as head pressure and make sure the pump you buy has the power to lift water to that level. The general minimum lift is 10′.


Sump pumps are devices you buy for long term use. Their price is not exactly affordable and, should anything go wrong, it is very important that you find spare parts, repair services or someone to turn to for warranty. Besides, you know that this market niche, just like all the others, is stuffed with low quality products built on ships or third world illegal factories and sold under fake labels. It is therefore important to make sure you know who you are working with. Customer reviews can prove quite helpful in this regard, so read a few before deciding on a specific model.

Most sump pumps can be installed by the owner, requiring no special tools or skills. Click here to read tips on how to fit a sump pump.  To make sure you succeed, read the installation guide before you begin and keep it somewhere close, just in case you need further instructions. Make sure your existing wiring is enough to support the pump or ask for an electrician’s advice if improvements are required. Turn power off whenever you are working on your sump pump, whether for installation of repairs. Don’t use an extension cord. Have your sump pump installed on an outlet that is GFCI protected. Get information about local code water discharge regulations, to avoid any fines or later penalties.

Word of advice: When looking for the best sump pump, make sure it complies with SSPMA (Sump and Sewage Pump Manufacturers Association) standards.

All in all, the choice should not be that hard. Don’t rush into buying anything, ask any questions that cross your mind and compare. It will be a little difficult at first, but there is no doubt that, after reviewing a couple of models, you’ll get the hand of it.

And remember that the online market can be full of surprises. Online retailers are not paying rent or sales personnel and they often organize sales promotions, giving significant discounts or benefits, so you should be able to find some incredible offers.

How To Fit A Sump Pump

Tools needed To Fit Your Sump Pump

• Pipe wrenches
• Tape rule
• Hammer
• Gloves
• Screwdrivers
• Spirit level
• Pipe saw
• Drill
• File
Other Materials that might be needed
• Piping
• Check Valves
• Connectors

Removal of the Old Sump Pump

If you need to firstly remove the old sump pump, then there are several steps you will need to take to safely remove the old sump pump prior to your installation of the new pump.
The FIRST thing you need to do is to safely isolate the electricity supply. Always physically unplug the sump pump if possible. Ensure all supplies are locked off and stay off during the removal and installation.

Sump Pump removal

To remove the sump pump you will need to disconnect the piping and flexible connectors that are attached to your old sump pump.
This piping and check valve may be re used if suitable for the new sump pump.
*TIP* Leave the check valve connected to the pipe above the valve as this will still be retaining the water that is within the pumping line.
Now you have the pumping line removed you can now remove and coverings over the sump and thread the cable through any holes to free the pump. Reach into the sump and lift the pump by the body of the pump, or lifting handle. Remove the pump from the pit.
Next you will need to remove the bottom portion of the pipe. This will still be attached to the sump pump. Unscrew this in a counter clockwise direction to it is disconnected.

Your old sump pump should now be removed. And the sump should be clear for the installation of your new sump pump.

Installation of your new sump pump.

Now we have the sump clear and ready for your new sump pump, you will need to decide of you are able to re-use the old piping or if need to fit new piping to your pump.

In this example we are going to fit new piping to our sump pump.
With your tape rule you will need to measure from the very bottom of your sump up to the bottom of the check valve. Allow 2-3 inches more onto your measurement for good measure. Take your measurement and cut your new length of pipe to this length. Glue or thread your new threaded fittings onto your pipe prior to attaching this to the sump pump and allow to set/cure.

Weep hole
You will also need to drill a weep hole into the pipe. This is to prevent the pump from becoming air bound when using a check valve in your system. Look to drill the hole just above the threaded connector at the sump pump end.

OK – Pipe is ready
Now your pipe is prepared and drilled you need to attach it to your sump pump. Take your time and ensure you correctly align the threaded portion into the pump and screw this in a clockwise direction. We DO NOT want to cross thread this connection.

Secure the pump by standing on it or have somebody holding the pump as you ensure you fully tighten the pipe into the thread using a set or wrenches to grip the pipe. Once you are satisfied you have correctly tightened the pipe you need to insert the new sump pump into the pit by the carrying handle on the pump. *IMPORTANT* Do not use the cord to lower the pump.

The pipe is Too Long
Now we have inserted the sump pump into the pit we have to connect the pump to the rest of the pumping line and check valve. Align the pipe to the underside of the check valve and mark it for cutting just below the bottom of the check valve.
Now properly mark the pipe and take to vice/ workbench and cut the top off the pipe. Clear all burrs from the cut end of the pipe using a file.
Take your sump pump and piping and insert into the sump pump. Replace and sump covering and thread any cord through any required holes. Refit the covering to final position.

Float Check
Ensure the float switch is free and able to operate fully within your pit. This is essential to the operation of the sump pump and therefore the pump needs to be positioned in such a way that the float switch has full operating range.

Final Connection
Now we are ready to re connect the new sump pump to the check valve, we will slide the rubber coupling over the pipe in preparation of making the final connections. Ensure the coupling is fully mated to both the check valve and the piping, and then tighten using your screwdriver.

Reapply the mains power
Once you are ready you will need to plug your sump pump back into the electricity supply. Switch the mains onto your sump pump.

Once you are ready you should fully test the pumping line for leaks and pay close attention to the joints at the check valve. Tighten if required.
If you are satisfied that you have no leaks then look to ensure your float switch will operate properly. To do this it may need a hose to fill the sump if empty. Fill the sump and let the new sump pump drain the pit of water several times as this will ensure the sump pump will operate when the sump fills and switch off when it has pumped down to a low level.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Best Sump Pump Maintenance Procedures and tips

Why should we maintain our Sump Pumps?

Our sump pumps should work efficiently for us and be there for us when we need them. The very last thing we need to happen is for our submersible pump to let us down when we need it the most. If we take the time to look after our sump pumps with a little maintenance then they will be there and ready to work for us when we need them the most.

What maintenance is needed and how often?

The maintenance that should be needed in most cases should be carried out periodically. Typically on a quarterly basis; with special consideration to the wetter months of the year. Ensure we carry out our maintenance prior to then.

For many pumps the maintenance procedures are very similar as well as being relatively simple to carry out. A submersible pump should need around five to ten minutes of your time at most to complete the steps needed.

Sump pumps are generally maintenance free themselves but we will need to look into various things to ensure a long and worry free life with the pump.

A list of the items we need to look to properly maintain our sump pumps are

Screen Debris – Here we need to ensure we clean any screening we have to our pump inlet. This will ensure the pump is able to have full flow going to in as well as ensuring there is no further debris being able to get into the pump and damage it.

Hose Connections – Ensure they are tight and leak free. This will help to reduce any leaks being re-pumped and effectively being pumped around in circles.

Check Valves – Ensure they are both fitted and also working. A check valve is there to stop the water we have just pumped away from returning down the pumping line and filling our sump up again. To check this fill the sump and let the sump pump run. Once the pump shuts off there shouldn’t be any water returning down the pumping line to re-fill our sump

Installation – Ensure the sump pump is properly installed and is fixed into your sump so it is not moving around. This could cause further damage if left like this.

Pumping line – Ensure this is leak free and in some cases where necessary ensured the pumping hose/line is protected from the frost. If this line was to freeze then your pump will be rendered useless.

Float switch – Always ensure the float switch is working properly. Ensure you watch the pump both start and stop using the float switch. It is also worth ensuring there isn’t any debris or dirt on or around the float switch to impair the operation of it.

Pump Cleaning – Wherever possible it would not harm the pump to fully remove it (using all required safety precautions) and give it a thorough clean down, removing all debris and dirt from all around the pump.

Impeller check – When you have the pump removed it is worth looking at the actual impeller if you can see it. In some cases there could be materials clogged around these or in extreme circumstances wound around the impeller. This will reduce the efficiency and operation of the sump pump. Remove any materials and ensure the impeller is free.

Noisy pump – In the circumstances where your pump has become noisy and you have completed all of the steps above and find your pump is still noisy – it might be the case that your bearings or motor is wearing, or it could be something as simple as needing a flexible hose connection to absorb the vibration being transmitted into the piping. If you are unable to fix the issues by the above steps then you should seek professional advice on how to fix any further issues with your sump pump.

Is your pump in need of attention?

Typical symptoms that your sump pump may need attention would be; noisy pump, not pumping the same volume of water, not switching on with the float, tripping the circuit regularly, overheating.

In the cases where your pump is not pumping the same amount of water, tripping the circuit or overheating you need to give your pump a good overhaul. This may be symptoms your pump or impeller could be blocked causing it to run at a slight temperature or even at a high current rating. In cases like this ensure you have checked all of the above and re tested. If the problems persist you may need to seek professional advice.

What if my Sump pump has stopped working?

If your sump pump has stopped working you may actually find it is the float switch that has malfunctioned. In most cases the float switch is the “moving part” and therefore more susceptible to malfunction. Dependant upon the construction of your sump pump you may also be able to remove and replace the float switch rather than needing to replace the complete pump. It could be a matter of replacing the float switch to have your pump back into working order. If you are unable to do this yourself, then seek professional advice, however bear in mind once you need to pay a professional it could actually be cheaper for you to just get another sump pump.

It may also be a worthwhile expense to have a reserve sump pump or backup sump pump just in case your pump fails you at the worst possible moment. We have reviewed many of the best sump pumps and returned honest and open reviews for you to decide upon the best submersible pump to suit your needs and budget.

Sump pump Rating and Technical terms explained

Sump pump terms explained

Many people are unsure of the different terms used to rate and explain the features and details of a sump pump. In other cases the terms are not every day terms the the lay person may easily understand.

This can cause confusion with the pump customers as they are in reality unsure of these terms and may actually end up purchasing a sump pump that is either inadequate or even totally unsuitable for their needs.

Terms Explained

The idea of this page is to explain the terms used when referring to the sump pumps feautres and speficications. We at Best Sump Pump Reviews hope this page simplifies these terms and enables you to choose your next sump pump with confidence and actually choose the correct sump pump for your needs.

The list of terms are as follows:

Horse Power

Horse Power: This was originally used to define the output of steam engines. It is used today as a measurement of the the output of piston engines, turbines, electric motors, and other machinery. Sump pumps are also rated in horsepower. Typically sump pump horsepower ratings are:

  • 1/6HP
  • 1/5HP
  • 1/4HP
  • 1/3HP
  • 1/2HP
  • 3/4HP

The higher the Horsepower you choose, generally you are purchasing a more powerful pump.

This will ultimately remove the water at a quicker rate for you.

Pumping Head

Pumping Head: Also known as hydraulic head or lift. It is usually measured as a liquid surface elevation, expressed in units of length (Ft)

This means that if a pump is rated to 28 feet, this means the sump pump should in theory be able to pump vertically up to 28 feet.

Max Total Head

Max. Total Head 15(ft.): This is another rating and it means the sump pump will pump vertically up to 15 ft

Pump Housing

Pump Housing: This is the outer case used to enclose the internal working of a sump pump.

Flow Rating

Flow Rating of 2,500 (GPH): This is the rate at which the pump is going to pump the water. Note that this will reduce as you increase the head you have to pump. It will also reduce if the pump is pumping unclear water or other solutions.

Supply Voltage

Supply Volts is 115V: This is the voltage at which the pump is designed to operate at. There are some pumps designed for household use and others rated for industrial use. The supply voltages may be different. You should kow the supply voltage you intend to connect your sump pump up to!


Impellers: This is the internal blades that are rotating and forcing the water to travel along the discharge hose. The impellers are what is connected to the motor and are needed to turn the power into actual pumping.


Discharge Port (in.): 1 1/4: in this example your discharge is 1 and one quarter of an inch. This means the outlet needs to be connected to a hose or pipe with 1 1/4 adapter.

Suction Type

Suction Type: From Bottom/From Side: This is where the pump is sucking the water into it’s impellers. The impellers need to be supplied with the water for the pump to begin it’s pumping .

Solid Handling

Solid Handling: This is a rating given to a sump pump’s ability to also remove solids within the water. Typically this is more relevant within sewers and dirty water applications.

Thermal Protection

Thermal Overload Protection: This is noted if a sump pump has internal protection to save the pump from damaging itself by overheating. The thermal cut out is designed to cut out the pump and hold it out until the pump cools to a sufficient temperature to operate safely again.


Dimensions: L x W x H: This is important if you have a sump or situation where you need to know the height, length or width of the pump. You may have a small sump and this can be a very important consideration factor.

Wayne CDU790 Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump Review

The Wayne CDU790 Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump is a handy pump to have on hand to pump out basements and sumps during times of extreme rainfall periods.

It features durable cast iron housing for long life and runs very quietly when in operation.

This submersible pump is compactly designed for 11 inch or larger sump pits and is one of the most popular replacement pumps in America.

It is ideal for small sump pits and features a two pole mechanical float switch to provide automatic on-off action for many years of safe, reliable service. It also comes with a permanently lubricated ball bearing and never needs oiling.

Features of the Wayne CDU790 Submersible Pump

  • Cast iron pump housing for durability
  • Mechanical float switch provides reliable operation and allows installation in sump basins 11″ in diameter or larger
  • Thermoplastic top assembly will not rust or corrode
  • Top suction strainer filters debris and protects pump from clogging
  • High capacity 1-1/2″ NPT discharge
  • Heavy duty oil filled motor for long life
  • Unitized shaft seal for long life
  • Overload protection keeps motor from over-heating
  • 10″ minimum sump diameter
  • 9″ on-level
  • 3-1/2″ off-level
  • 1-1/4″ discharge

The ceramic mechanical seal assures long life in the most demanding applications and the 1 1/2″ discharge allows easy installation plus maximum flow.


These features ensure that you are receiving the full benefits which the pump can provide, leaving you with peace of mind during extreme weather events when basements can become flooded and sumps overpowered through sheer water volume.

Item Dimensions

  • Weight – 16.4 Pounds
  • Length – 9 inches
  • Width – 9 inches
  • Height – 12 inches

Product Specifications for the Wayne CDU790 Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump

Power Source – corded-electric

Part Number – CDU790


  • Quiet,
  • Dependable service with heavy use during rainy seasons
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Very dependable and will last for years.
  • Easy to install and works great.
  • The guarded float is an excellent feature. It prevents the float from sticking to the wall of the sump tub.


  • Design flaw – The float rod is regular steel and in time may rust causing the float to stick, which causes the pump to stay on or off.

What about the Price?

Correct at the time of writing, the Wayne CDU790 Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump is priced at $97.49 which will save you $41.51 off the list price of $139.00. We have added this into our ‘Pumps under $100‘ category. If you are eligible, it also comes with FREE Super Saving Shipping. To check for the most current price, you can find it HERE.

Our Conclusion

The Wayne CDU790 Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump is a reliable and well built sump pump which customers use as part of their domestic water management plans. On the basis of their positive feedback, the product is recommended.

Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump Review

The Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump is designed to back up any existing brand sump pump in the event of a primary pump failure during power outages.

During a rain event, this should provide you with the peace of mind that your basement will stay dry. It is a good idea to have a backup pump if you are in a situation where your primary sump pump moves a lot of water each day, because in the event of a breakdown, you will end up with a lot of water in your basement.

The battery charger which comes with the unit allows battery to be fully recharged when power is present.

The product includes all necessary fittings and check valves for proper installation. You will need to purchase a 12 volt battery though, for the unit to work.

Features of the Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump

  • Provides extra protection when the primary AC pump fails due to power outages pr any other reason
  • All models have battery burn out and overcharge
  • Model 507 has a self contained 10 amp battery recharger
  • All systems are fully solid state automatic controllers with alarms, light indicators and have warning systems
  • NOTE: Sump Pump and Battery are not included, and they must be purchased separately


This product gives you piece of mind so that during rain events, you do not have to worry about your basement becoming flooded in the event of your main pump failing.

Product Specifications for the Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump

  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 7.8 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight – 9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 18 pounds
  • Power Source – battery powered
  • Voltage – 12 volts
  • Item model number: 507-0005
  • Warranty – 1 Year Warranty


  • The battery back pump kicks on and alarm sounds
  • Provides everything necessary for a minimal installation
  • Installs easily if you follow the directions


  • The round plastic cover on the water intake on the pump can cause an air lock.
  • The mini check that Zoeller uses on their backup pump failed.
  • It hums but doesn’t discharge any water at all

User Ratings and Reviews

Of the customers who have left feedback for the Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump have given it an average rating of 3.4 stars.

This is not a particularly good rating and reflects opinion of one third of the customers regarding the quality and performance of the pump. To read about what customers had to say about this pump,


At the time of our review, the Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump is available from Amazon and is priced at $220.42. This will save you $111.58 off the list price of $332.00. We have added this system into our ‘Pumps under $250‘ category. If you are eligible, it also comes with FREE Super Saving Shipping. Click here to check out the latest price.

Our Conclusion

The Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump should not be your first choice if you are going to purchase a backup pump based on feedback from customers. While some customers experienced no issues with this pump, others clearly did and if you are not going to be able to have confidence in the pump, it is better not to waste your money on it.

Little Giant 505000 Water Wizard 5 Series Submersible Utility Pump Review

The Little Giant 505000 Water Wizard 5 Series Submersible Utility Pump is a sump/utility pump with cast aluminum housing. It comes with a garden hose adapter and removable inlet screen for easy cleaning as well as a lifetime oil supply.

It is a versatile little pump which customers use for a variety of domestic purposes such as pumping out flooded basements, emptying ponds, fountains and hot tubs, as well as pumping water off pool covers.

Little Giant are an established company in the US and have been making pumps since 1941 and have a solid reputation as a reputable supplier.

Features of the Little Giant 505000 Water Wizard 5 Series Submersible Utility Pump

  • Bottom sump-type pick up with removable plastic screen
  • Pumps down to 1/8-Inch, pumps up to 18.3 GPM
  • 10 foot cord,
  • 115 volts,
  • 1/6-horsepower motor
  • Includes garden hose adapter and removable inlet screen
  • UL listed, cast aluminium housing


These features ensure that domestic pumping is as easy as possible. The convenience of having a little pump to remove water from where you don’t want it to be is beyond words. If you had to move it by hand though, you would undoubtedly think of a few. An unexpected benefit is that having a pump to move water from one location to another, can lead to innovative ways to save and recycle water.

Pump Construction

  • Motor: 1/6 HP oil filled
  • Intermittent Liquid Temp. up to: 120°F
  • Intake: Screened
  • Discharge: 1″ FNPT
  • Housing: Epoxy coated cast aluminium
  • Cover: Epoxy coated cast aluminium
  • Volute: Nylon
  • Impeller: Nylon
  • Shaft Seal: Viton®
  • Screen: Nylon

Product Specifications for the Little Giant 505000 Water Wizard 5 Series Submersible Utility Pump

  • Model Number: 5-MSP
  • Horsepower: 1/6
  • Flow @ 1′ of Head: 1200 GPH
  • Flow @ 3′ of Head: 1170 GPH
  • Flow @ 5′ of Head: 1100 GPH
  • Flow @ 10′ of Head: 1000 GPH
  • Flow @ 20′ of Head: 520 GPH
  • Cord Length: 10′
  • Shut Off: 26.3′
  • Voltage: 115
  • Hertz: 60
  • Amps: 5
  • Watts: 380
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.12″ L x 4.31″ W x 7.75″ H

User Ratings and Reviews

41 customers have left reviews for the Little Giant 505000 Water Wizard 5 Series Submersible Utility Pump and have rated it with an overall average of 4.1 Stars. The majority of customers are very happy with the performance of the pump and have provided positive feedback. There were a few disgruntled customers though, who experienced major performance issues and who felt the overall quality of Little Giant pumps has dropped since their manufacturing base moved from the US to Mexico. To see more of what customers had to say,


  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Excellent price
  • It pumps a lot of water quickly providing it is in deep enough water.
  • It is easy to set up and use


  • Quality is considered, not as good as it used to be


Correct at the time of writing, the Little Giant 505000 Water Wizard 5 Series Submersible Utility Pump is available from Amazon and is priced at $83.04 which is a saving of $69.96 off the list price of $153.00. This makes this pump fall into our ‘Pumps under $100‘ category. If you are eligible, it also comes with FREE Super Saving Shipping. To check for the most current price,

Glentronics Basement Watchdog Special Back-Up Sump Pump Review

The Glentronics Basement Watchdog Special Back-Up Sump Pump pumps 1730 GPH at a 10′ lift. It will start to pump automatically when your main sump pump fails.

It will also monitor battery, power, and pump conditions constantly as well as sounding an alarm when problems arise or maintenance is required.

The pump has a user friendly control panel which pinpoints solutions for easy maintenance. This pump is designed to pump continuously for over 7.5 hours. You will need to purchase the battery separately.

Amazon are offering savings of up to 31% off retail price. This system also qualifies for free shipping to most states. To check out the latest deal, click here to check out the latest offers.

Features of the Glentronics Basement Watchdog Special Back-Up Sump Pump

  • Pumps 2,500 GPH at 0 ft. of lift and 1,730 GPH at 10 ft. of lift
  • User-friendly control panel lights up with a warning and describes what to do for easy maintenance
  • A sensor monitors battery fluid levels for increased piece of mind
  • Includes controller, charger, dual float switch, pump and battery box (battery sold separately)
  • Compact pump can be installed even in small or narrow sump pits


  • Peace of mind during extreme rain events
  • Don’t need to be constantly turning it on and off during use

This is an excellent pump and it can handle extreme weather conditions. Even though it has excellent features and benefits, customers are not happy with having to purchase a battery which costs twice as much than a regular acid battery – which has been shown to work well with the unit. It has received mostly low ratings because of this.

Product Specifications for the Glentronics Basement Watchdog Special Back-Up Sump Pump


  • Excellent for heavy rain events
  • Kicks in automatically when needed
  • Designed for continuous pumping


  • You must purchase an expensive Glentronics battery to use with the pump, even though a regular acid battery will work well with the unit.

User Ratings and Reviews

9 customers have let reviews for the Glentronics Basement Watchdog Special Back-Up Sump Pump and have given it an average rating of 3.6 stars. While the pump itself seems like a decent piece of machinery, there are major issues with the battery. Regular acid batteries are compatible with the pump and they work fine, however, the pump will emit very loud beeping noises until you reset it. The reset lasts for 24 hours before the warning beep starts again. To only way to resolve this issue is to purchase an expensive Glentronics battery. Customers are not happy that they have to purchase an expensive battery for the pump to work without the loud beeping. To see what customers had to say, you can read the reviews HERE.

Item Dimensions

  • Weight – 11.8 Pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 11.8 pounds
  • Length – 5 inches
  • Width – 9 inches
  • Height – 7.63 inches
  • Power Source – corded-electric
  • Part Number – BWSP


At the time of writing, the Glentronics Basement Watchdog Back-Up Sump Pump is available from Amazon and is priced at $239.99. This is a saving of $109.01 off the list price of $349.00, this places this product into our ‘Pumps under $250‘ category. To check for the most recent price, you can find it HERE.


The Glentronics Basement Watchdog Special Back-Up Sump Pump is not recommended based on feedback from existing customers. The pump itself is a good one however the issues with the battery tend to sour the purchase.

Wel-Bilt Submersible Pump Review

The Wel-Bilt Submersible Pump is a versatile little pump which is suitable for draining pools and drains pool covers, flooded cellars and boat bilges.

Many customers also use it to empty their hot tubs. It has a 1/8 HP motor and a lift capability of 23 feet. It will draw water from within 1/8 inch of the bottom of the area you want to drain. It is not designed for continuous use and should only be used for short stints of pumping.

It’s worth noting that durability has been identified as a downside of this pump, however it is not meant to be used continuously or dry. Both of these things will be detrimental to the motor and affect the longevity of the pump.

This pump is selling on Amazon for under $50 at the time of writing. It also was offered with savings of up to 20% off retail. Click here to check out the latest offers.

Features of the Wel-Bilt Submersible Pump

  • Tough, non-corrosive polypropylene pump body
  • 110 Volt Motor has built-in thermal overload.
  • HP: 1/8
  • Flow (GPH): 1,268
  • Volts: 110
  • Amps: 2.5
  • Max. Suction Lift (ft.): 23
  • Suction Type: Bottom
  • Discharge Port (in.): 1
  • Pump Housing: Polypropylene
  • Impeller Shaft: Vortex
  • Power Cord (ft.): 10
  • Clog-preventing, vortex-style impeller
  • Durable epoxy powder-coat finish and stainless steel rotor shaft
  • Not related to WELBILT products of Enodis companies

The one thing you should be careful of is that the hose attachment is too wide for a standard garden hose. There is an adapter included in the box which will fit the unit so you just have to attach it to the unit. You will need to be careful not to strip the thread, as it is a little fragile!


  • 1 x 1/2in hose adapter
  • 1 x 3/4in. hose adapter
  • 1 x 1in. hose adapter
  • 1 x 1in. outlet.

To demonstrate the versatility of the pump, one customer uses it in an unconventional way. He connects a garden hose to the pump and places it in a water barrel with water and fertilizer, with which irrigates his plants. He uses it for approximately 15 – 20 minutes every second day and it works very well

Benefits of the Wel-Bilt Submersible Pump

  • Can save you a lot of time when emptying out a hot tub for routine water changes
  • The excellent price means you save money on the purchase

Product Specifications for the Wel-Bilt Submersible Pump


  • It is an excellent pump for the price
  • Very quiet while running
  • So small you can store it right back in it’s tiny box after it has dried out
  • Water pressure is excellent


  • Has durability issues
  • Would be good if the cord was a little longer

User Ratings and Reviews

31 customers have left feedback for the Wel-Bilt Submersible Pump and have given it an overall average rating of 4.5 stars. Customers love this pump for its performance, the time it saves them and the price.

What is this Pump’s Price?

At the time of writing, the Wel-Bilt Submersible Pump is available from Amazon and is priced at $39.99, which is a saving of $10.00 off the list price of $49.99. This places this sump pump into our ‘Pumps under $100‘ category. To check for the most current price, you can find it HERE.


The Wel-Bilt Submersible Pump is suitable for a variety of domestic purposes and for the price, is an excellent buy. Customers are very pleased with its performance and a good many of the use it to drain their pool covers because it is small enough for this job. On the basis of customer feedback, the product is recommended.

Best Sump Pump For Pool Drainage

What is best sump pump for pool Drainage applications?

You can use many different pumps to drain a pool, but there can be situations where you will be looking to for a sump pump to drain your pool with ease and in a simple manner.

How do I mean
Take the example that you are going to need to attach a hose to contain the water so that the water reaches your drainage point. Typically you are going to be looking to attach a hose of some fashion. Therefore you will be looking for a hose attachment for the pump.

How do you transport your pump?

If your pool is outside, or even if you are taking the pump with you to someone else’s pool, then you need a sump pump that is also portable. You will be looking for handles on the pump to assist you with carrying it around.

If it is transportable, then you will need to also consider the outer casing of your sump pump. You will be looking for a sturdy casing that can handle everyday use and the knocks that may come with portability.

You will also be looking for a sump pump that isn’t too heavy to move around. Just imagine your Mom or wife having to move this in an emergency. You need a sump pump that is not too heavy.

  • Pump rating

Typically you will also want a more powerful sump pump to remove the pool water. A large pool can take quite a bit of time to fully drain down and you will want this to pump down as quickly as possible. Therefore the more power you have, the quicker you will drain the pool.

  • Pump head

You also need to consider how upwards you are going to need to pump the water out of your pool and to the drainage point. Pumps have a head rating and this means they can pump up to a given value in feet vertically. Also bear in mind that if you increase the vertical head you will have a reduced flow rate.

  • Bottom Suction

As you submerge the pump you will want it to fully remove the water. What you do not want is for the pump to labor and struggle when there is still six inches of water within the pool. For this reason you will need to look for a sump pump that has a water intake from the bottom and not the side. This will allow the sump pump to keep pumping even down to lower levels.

  • What if the water is not completely clean?

In a situation like this you will want a pump that can effectively handle passing of some solids. Some pumps are rated to pass solids, but they can still get clogged up from time to time. You can clear them and put them back to work if rated for passing of solids, you need a pump that handles dirt and debris well.

  • What about other applications or uses?

You may also have other reasons for using this type of sump pump. You should consider this whenever you are looking to buy your sump pump for the pool drainage. You may want to also pump:

  • Hot Tub’s
  • Pool Covers
  • Spa’s
  • Ponds
  • Rising water tables
  • Flash floods
  • or even pump water from a creek or local stream

Have you considered emergency situations?

What if there is an emergency? What is your basement is flooded? Well with a portable sump pump that you can quickly and easily attach to a garden hose and have pumping within minutes can be a real life saver.

Any recommendations for pumps?

We actually have two pumps in mind that are perfect for your situation. It is all down to your choice between these two sump pumps. What is better news is that both of these sump pumps are priced below $80.

The both sump pumps have good ratings and reviews on Amazon with both having over 70 reviews left.

If we had to choose the better pump of the two, then we would pick:

  • No1:- The Superior Pump 91250 as our top pick – Click here to read more on this sump pump

  • No2:- Second choice is the Wayne VIP 50 sump pump – Click here to read more on this sump pump

The Superior 91250 sump pump is also currently the number one best seller on Amazon.

Our No1 Pick – Best Sump Pump For Pool Drainage 

So we bring you both of these sump pumps that are in our opinion the best two sump pumps for pool drainage applications. It also happens to be that these two sump pumps are also the top two best sellers in the sump pump category over on Amazon. We feel that our number one pick is best for both having all of the above points and also having higher ratings by the customers on Amazon. We recommend the Superior 91250 as feel this is the best  sump pump for pool drainage Superior Pump 91250

Wayne Water Systems VIP50 Sump Pump

This sump pump can pump up to 2,500 gallons per hour as well as being able to pass solids of up to 1/2 inch thick solids such as leaves, pebbles, and other debris without getting clogged up. As this sump pump is supplied with bottom suction, rather than side entry, It will also pump the water level down to within an eighth of an inch. This means it will pretty much empty a sump, pit or receptacle of nearly all of the water.

Construction of this sump pump

This sump pump is constructed of a glass reinforced thermoplastic for the housing. It is also fitted with rust resistant impeller.

The discharge is 1 1/4, but with the 3/4 inch adapter it can very easily connect to regular garden hoses.

This sump pump is currently selling on Amazon for just under $80. It is also highly reviewed with an average of 4.0 out of 5 stars and a total of 78 customer reviews. Click here to check out the reviews.

More about the VIP50

  • Portability

Should you wish to transport this sump pump, say to fill a pool, then the Wayne VIP 50 is also fitted with a handy easy access handle. This will provide you with complete portability.

  • Pump Protection

The VIP 50 sump pump is also fitted with some internal protection to preserve this pump should something happen to it. The Wayne VIP 50 is fitted with thermal protection. This will cut the sump pump out should the pump overheat by overuse or something else. The pump will need to cool down before it will run again. It is always best to check the pump over for blockages etc, should it overheat.

Pros and Cons for the Wayne VIP 50


  • This sump pump has been noted to drain a 20,000 gallon in ground pool it has also been used to drain other customers spa’s and hot tubs.
  • This pump is also supplied with a limited one year warranty. As one customer pointed out their customer service they pointed out “I contacted the company and they responded right away, asked a couple of questions, and then immediately shipped out a brand new pump to me. I haven’t seen this type of customer service in a long time.”
  • The VIP 50 has been noted to being a fantastic life saver in high water situations like flooding. Customers have used this pump to assist and it performed brilliantly for them.

And now for the Cons

  • This pump is not fitted with a float switch, therefore you can not fit this to control water levels within a sump. If this pump is powered up it will be trying to pump at all times!
  • 8 Foot power chord can be quite short. Some have noted this if their power outlet is more than 8 foot away from the sump pump installation point. If you do need to add in an additional extension chord you will need to consider a grounded extender.
  • Although it is noted that this sump pump is able to pass solids, we would like to mention that it is only for the occasional solid as all pumps can eventually become blocked up. It’s built to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging it, but that still can happen.

Check out this customers video review of the Wayne VIP 50 Sump Pump

Wayne VIP 50 Specifications:

  • Horse Power of this sump pump is: 1/2HP
  • Flow Rating of 2,500 (GPH) (this will reduce as head increases)
  • Supply Volts is 115V
  • Max. Total Head 15(ft.): (This means the sump pump will pump vertically up to 15 ft)
  • Suction Type: From Bottom
  • Discharge Port (in.): 1 1/4,
  • Connects to garden hose with 3/4-inch adjustable discharge adapter
  • Pump Housing: Glass reinforced thermoplastic, Volute: Glass reinforced thermoplastic, Impeller
  • Shaft: Glass reinforced thermoplastic,
  • Solid Handling (in.): 1/2,
  • Power Cord 8 (ft.)
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
  • Dimensions: L x W x H (in.) 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 x 10
  • Confused? Technical terms explained here

Our opinion of the Wayne VIP 50 sump pump 

Upon reading the customer comments and opinions as well as our extensive experience with sump pumps we would like to point out that this is actually a very good pump. That is provided you use this with the correct installation suited to this type of sump pump. This pump is not fitted with an automatic float switch and is not ideal in some situations for example: controlling your basement water levels.

The VIP50 is however ideal for draining your pools, spa’s, hot tubs and many other pumping applications. It will pump well for you, and remove the water quite quickly, provided the given head is not towards it’s maximum limits. (If you need a larger head, then upgrade to more powerful pump).

The pump is also a fantastic emergency pump to own as if you were hit with flooding or high water levels you can rig this pump up to a garden hose, drop it into the water and switch this on and watch it pump!

Wayne ESP25 Battery Backup Sump Pump System

The Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System – Keeping your Sump Pit Safe Has Never Been Easier

Built as a back-up system for large sump pits but also as a main pump for smaller sumps, the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System can pump up to 3300 gallons per hour. The product is especially designed so that it can fit into tight spaces, in case you have a small pump.

The system will work without the need of maintenance for a long period of time, due to a back-up system that keeps its battery alive and also alerts you when it’s turned on thanks to an incorporated alarm that will warn you just in time to recharge it. are selling this sump pump system with AMAZING savings of up to 37% OFF and including FREE SHIPPING with purchases of the sump pump system. Click here to read more

What are the main advantages of the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System?

  • Small dimensions and light weight – easy to place anywhere you need it, and easy to store when you don’t
  • Able to pump great amounts of water – which is amazing when you think of how small it is
  • Given the fact that it regularly comes in contact with water, it has been specifically designed to prevent corrosion – thus making sure it lasts for a long period of time.
  • When not plugged in, it can be fitted with a battery that can easily be found in any electronics store.
  • When the battery power runs out, there is a back-up system that keeps the pump running.
  • The back-up system has an alarm that will notify the user when the battery has run out.
  • Very easy to install – it does not require any major plumbing adjustments.
  • Good pricing.
  • Sump pump technical terms explained here

More detailed information about the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System

  • Pumping Rate

The Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System pumps 2300 gallons per hour at a lift of 10 feet and can pump up to 3300 gallons per hour at maximum speed. Its thermoplastic exterior is designed to prevent corrosion – helping the system last a long period of time. It is very easy to install and it does not need any major changes in the plumbing system during the process. In order to work, it requires either a 40 amp. hour battery or a 75 amp. hour battery.

  • Highly efficient

Highly efficient in case of storms or when a main sump pump does not function properly (or at all), the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System does not need many special requirements to work.

  • Portability

It comes with a power cord, its dimensions are rather small (17 in x 10 in x 11.5 in) and it can easily be fit into small spaces, if required. Weighing only around 13 pounds, the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System can easily be moved from place to place, which makes sure it is not in your way.

Does the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System have any weak points?

  • The system is designed mainly as a back-up if a large sump is in question. For major sumps, a larger system may be necessary.
  • It is not recommended to be operated at maximum levels for long periods of times.
  • It can take up to 4 days for the battery to be fully charged.
  • The battery and the acid need to be bought separately – you need to take both their prices into consideration when adding up the costs.

However, these small impediments can be easily overlooked when we come to think of the trouble this product can easily get you out of.

More in-depth information on this back up system

  • The pump uses a very small vertical float for a switch.
  • The 12 volt back-up pump system is 8 inches wide and 11 inches high, just small enough to not be in the way.
  • The original pump and the back-up system can be used by anyone, whether professional or not.
  • The system has a 6 m Power Cord included
  • The Discharge Port is 1 and a half inches.
  • This system is rated to pump a head of up to 20 feet
  • The product comes with a 2 year consumer warranty that can help with any maintenance or user issues.

The Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System is especially designed to remove excess water from a sump pit, either in case of malfunction or outage of the original pump system.

Consumer reviews for the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System

Most negative reviews will focus on the product’s capacity – it is, indeed, not designed to cover the biggest sump pits available. However, most of the customers will add the fact that it has a very good quality / price ratio. The price for the benefits that this pump system offers is very good, and the pump’s qualities clearly outweigh any disadvantages.

Clients are very quick to notice the back-up system’s reliability and its usefulness – as it instantly starts when the battery runs out and the alarm system alerts the user when that happens will ensure the possibility of a smooth run and will make sure there will be no interruptions in the evacuating system until all excess water is safely removed.

The Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System is also appreciated for its easy installation – as long as you follow the user-friendly instructions that come with the product, you will not need any plumbing expertise to safely get it started.

Final Conclusion of the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System

Easy to install and easy to use for small sump pits, or as a back-up for larger ones, the pump system is amazingly effective and is designed to last for a long period of time, as shown by the 2 year consumer warranty.

The back-up system is very effective and very useful, ensuring continuous functionality. Its maximum efficiency is at zero feet, but it can be used as high as twenty feet. Its impressive maximum pumping capacity can help with any excess water issues and can be a very useful emergency solution. Overall, the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System can be quite a good investment.

Wayne CDU800 Pump Review

The Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump: Keep your Sump empty and your mind at ease

The Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump is an iron cast sump pump, submersible and designed to work with sump pits that are either 11 inches or larger. Designed to function even in the most demanding environments, the pump includes 1 and a half inch discharge ports which ensure maximum flow and also guarantee one of the easiest to install sump pumps you’ve ever seen. With a fail-safe design meant to prevent flooding and electrical damage, the sump pump is built to withstand some of worst conditions nature can throw its way.

Amazon offer saving of up to 24% off retail price as well as free shipping on this sump pump. Click here to see those savings

More detailed information about the Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump

Designed to keep your basement clean and dry, the sump pump’s main asset is its reliability: the design is especially constructed for prevention. Whether it’s prevention from motor winding or from basement flooding or from lightning strikes, the sump pump’s design will make sure that no predictable natural events will keep it from working. Since it can be used both under water and above water and it does not occupy too much space, the pump is flexible and can be used in just about any kinds of basements.

Strong points of the Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump

  • Very easy installation – one does not need a plumber or plumbing knowledge to be able to pull it off. Click here to read our installation guide
  • Does not require any plumbing changes
  • Included 2-pole switch that prevents the flooding of the basement
  • Lightning prevention through 115 V conductors
  • Motor winding prevention through the automatic system against overloads
  • Adaptable to any environment
  • Ball bearings that are permanently lubricated – which means you will not need to spend money for oil replacement
  • The pump is set up to work vertically – therefore it saves space
  • The motor is kept safe from water by a ceramic seal, liquid and lubricated
  • The pump is very quiet and does not disturb the privacy of your home
  • Three year warranty to cover any issues that were not prevented by the design
  • Competitive price
  • Terms explained here

The Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump is also especially designed to run very quietly – since many sump pumps are notoriously very noisy. The pump also has a vertical rod switch that activates it – turns it on and off. The vertical rod improves the switch performance and minimizes the chance that the switch gets stuck.

Some issues with the Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump

This product is quite amazing, we all agree. But, since nothing in this world can reach perfection, there are some minor drawbacks to this sump pump that you should know about:

  • While the pump in itself is very easy to install, some users have commented on the fact that the installation manual is not very detailed.
  • In the case of large sump pits or heavy rainfalls, the sump pump may need a second pump to help with large water debits, but this depends upon the amount of water coming in.

More in-depth information about Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump

  • flexibility and adaptability

The Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump can function either 4 inches off level or 9 inches on level – ensuring flexibility and adaptability to whichever conditions your household presents.

  • Two pole switch

A very well-designed two-pole switch will help prevent any chance of the switch failing whenever you need it and have your basement flooding.

  • Mains Cable and Grounding

115-volt conductors were also introduced into the pump to make sure that, if lightning strikes, the pump is not affected by it. Moreover, there is a three-prong grounding wire – it is waterproof and includes an eight feet extension that is designed to reach distant outlets.

  • Designed to last

Either way you look at it, the Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump is designed to last for a long period of time and is protected from any possible issues that might prevent it from working properly. The manufacturer backs this up with a three year limited consumer warranty – for those rare cases when anything else might happen to stop the pump from working.

What do customers think about the Wayne sump pump?

  • Durability

Customers are very impressed with the product’s durability – its prevention mechanisms, either for flooding, lightning or motor winding.

  • Made in America

Another thing that makes clients love this product is the Wayne name in itself – which is a traditional American brand that takes pride in manufacturing and maintaining all its products solely on American soil.

  • Quality to Price

Also, they mention the very good quality to price ratio – the pump is indeed not designed for large sump pits, but considering the price you get to pay for it, the pump delivers an amazingly good result.

  • Quick pumping action

The pump works very quickly when needed and very few problems have been reported by clients. This proves the efficiency, durability and reliability of the product.

As mentioned above, there are a few issues mentioned in regards to the instructions manual – some users feel that it could contain some more instructions. Yet, one quick Internet search on the “Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump” subject will be very useful in delivering the required instructions – if that is needed. Since the pump is very easy to install, reviewers stated that they encountered no problems in this regard, even though they didn’t have very detailed instructions.

Also, most users notice that due to the small dimensions of the pump, it can be very flexible in regards to where and how it is installed.

The Wayne CDU800 Sump Pump – Final verdict 

The pump is very effective, it is very reliable and has very few chances of malfunctioning. Moreover, it is one of the best similar products on the market in terms of quietness, flexibility and adaptability. The three year warranty will basically cover any other issues that were not predicted by the manufacturer. The price is also at a level that most users will be able to afford. However, if the price is affordable, you should not think that the manufacturers have made any compromise in what quality is concerned – with this pump, you will be confident that your sump pit will not overflow during storms.

Little Giant 5.5-ASP Submersible Sump Pump Review

The Little Giant Sump Pump is well known to homeowners who have a basement that is prone to flooding. There are many who have been searching for a high quality sump pump to install in their basement so that it may be protected against any kind of water related problems. The problem is that finding a good sump pump can be quite difficult these days, as there are many products available on the market that fail to deliver the desired results.

After trying it out, many consider that the Little Giant Sump Pump has proven to be just what they were looking for. Sturdy and reliable, this little sump pump is also exceptionally quiet, which is a great advantage over similar products. Furthermore, it is also very easy to install and use, so many consider it to be one of the most practical pumps that can be found these days.

We found to be offering this sump pump for an amazing 49% OFF RRP on this pump as well as offering free shipping on this Little Giant Sump Pump, Click here to read more.

Pros and Cons of the Little Giant 5.5 Sump Pump

Most products rarely live up to the expectations of users and to the qualities marketed by the manufacturers. There are countless pumps that are sold at a much higher price than the Little Giant and fail to provide even half the advantages that are shown by this excellent pump. You will easily notice that in the case of the Little Giant Sump Pump, overall, its many qualities far exceed those of other similar pumps and the countless positive reviews provided by satisfied customers fully confirm this fact.


  • Perhaps one of the most important aspects about the pump is that it is very reliable. Many satisfied customers claim that they had bought Little Giant products before and that they had lasted for even more than 10 years before they had to buy a new one. This fact effectively proves that, despite the low price of only around $100 the manufacturers have spared no expense in making this sump pump one of the best choices available on the market.
  • The Little Giant Sump Pump is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified which basically means that it has passed quite a few important safety tests. Safety is crucial when it comes to sump pumps, because most of them are electrical, so there can be many potential dangers related to the interaction between water and electricity.
  • Low power consumption is also extremely important to consider when you buy a new sump pump. At only around 600 watts, the Little Giant is quite economic when compared to other products that can easily reach numbers of over 1000 watts.


  • Perhaps the only actual issue that you can experience when using the Little Giant Sump Pump is the fact that the unit can sometimes tip over if it is not secured properly. This could potentially create some problems, so it is very important that you make sure the pump is firmly secured in place before turning it on.

A Short Description of the Little Giant 5.5-ASP Submersible Sump Pump

  • Dimensions and weight

The dimensions of the Little Giant Sump Pump are 6 x 8.88 x 10.75 inches. Also, the product weighs less than 10 pounds. These numbers effectively make it one of the most lightweight and compact pumps of all. This is a great advantage, especially if you need to fit it in smaller places as having enough space in your basement can be quite important.

  • Long power cord

Moreover, the pump comes with a 10 feet power cord that allows you to easily install it practically anywhere you want, without any power related issues.

  • Powerful and Silent

The 1/4 HP motor that powers the Little Giant 5.5-ASP is not only reliable and efficient, able to pump water very easily, but it also has a quality that represents a great advantage when it comes to any sump pumps: it is silent. Since the pump is also automatic, you will rarely have to check up on it or worry that it might make too much noise. Compared to many other similar pumps, the Little Giant Sump Pump has reached quite a notable performance from this point of view.

  • Pumps up to 40 Gallons per minute

With its high head pressure level, the Little Giant can easily pump water up to about 25 feet at over 40 GPM. This allows for maximum efficiency – a higher head pressure than this is rarely required.

  • Handles solids

Also, the efficient way that this exceptional sump pump handles up to 3/8’’ of solids is quite remarkable. Therefore, it not only avoids clogging, but also protects the entire system from any unwanted problems caused by the excessive presence of solids. The pump is sold with a removable inlet screen, which will allow you to clean and solids clogged into the pump.

  • Attaches to garden hose

The little giant is supplied with a garden hose adapter, which facilitates the connection of a garden hose. This is a great feature as you can then use the pump, say to empty a pool or hot tub.

  • Pumping range

Last but not least, an important aspect that makes a pump efficient is the depth at which it can operate. The Little Giant Sump Pump can easily work at around 7’’ to 10’’ of water depth and shuts down at 2’’ to 5’’. This makes it perfect for use not only in basement sumps but various other wastewater removal systems as well.

Customer Reviews of the Little Giant 5.5 Submersible Sump Pump

Reviews show that customers are extremely pleased with this reliable little sump pump. There are very few who claim to have had any kind of problem with it, and the general opinion is that the Little Giant is durable, well put together and extremely efficient.

There is also a high level of trust connected to Little Giant units, as homeowners have used them for years and many of them regard this line of products as flawless. Many of them also see the Little Giant Sump Pump as a great bargain, since the price is more than manageable and it is definitely not easy to find an inexpensive product that can last as long as this one.

Best Sump Pump Reviews Opinion of the Little Giant 5.5 Pump

Generally, the Little Giant is seen as a trusted product. Despite its size, it is a worthy competitor against even the larger, more expensive pumps, since they are rarely able to reach the level of durability that this one can provide. Those who are practical-minded realize that size is not always important, especially in the case of a smaller basement.

The most important factor that determines the value of any product is its capability of getting the job done efficiently, and the Little Giant Sump Pump can most definitely achieve that in the best of ways.

Zoeller M57 Sump Pump

Zoeller M57 Review – The King of the Basement Sump Pumps

The Zoeller M57 sump pump (high capacity) is one of the most important names in the industry.

For those who do not know many things about sump pumps, they are the appliances that are used to get rid of the water accumulated in the basements of the houses in the so called “sump pits”.

The sump pits of the basements are not the only places where they can work, but the effects of water in the basement area are worth to consider. A good sump pump can end up saving your property, since water infiltration into the foundation of the construction can seriously damage it. In some regions this cannot be avoided because of the frequent rain or floods, or simply because the house is built on a piece of land with water underneath.

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Here are some of the strongest points that determined many of those who used the Zoeller M57  sump pump (high capacity) to say they made the best choice:

  • Best technology in the industry. This aspect is very important since, in spite of having parts made only from high quality materials, a sump pump cannot function properly if it doesn’t embed the best technology too. In what concerns the Zoeller M57 model, one could say that it has both: the best materials and the most innovative technology at the moment.
  • High quality parts that are not affected by water. A sump pump has to be made out of materials that can handle coming in contact with water on a daily basis. It may not rain everyday or your basement might not need to have water evacuated from it all the time, but you need to know that when it happens you can rely on the sump pump to function properly. From this point of view, the Zoeller M57 sump pump can be the help you need in such situations. This is because it is made mostly from cast iron, it has parts made from stainless steel like the handle, the guard and all the screws and everything else is qualitative.
  • Automatic motor. The motor is automatic, sealed hermetically and guaranteed to last for long. Unlike the manual sump pumps, this basement high capacity sump pump works automatically with very little effort. This way you won’t have to worry that every time it rains you have to go and start the sump pump in your basement.
  • Sump pump terms are explained here

There are basically two types of sump pumps: a manual one and an automatic one.

Zoeller M57 sump pump –  is an automatic sump pump that is extremely easy to use and maintain. The fact that it functions automatically makes it easy to operate even by someone who is not familiar with this type of appliances.

  • Made by professionals

However, this high capacity sump pump is not made by amateurs for amateurs, but by professionals for anyone who needs it. Its design is a robust one which proves just how reliable the machine can be.

  • Reliability

Besides being able to function even when other similar appliances cannot evacuate the water in the basement, the Zoeller M57 basement sump pump is the one you can rely on to do its job for many years. The materials it is made of are very resistant over years. The metal parts are guaranteed to last for long as they are unlikely to rust and are protected against corrosion. Even the screws are made from stainless steel covered by a special material which keeps them as new for a long time.

  • A great choice

The technical details and the price are just some of the elements that make the Zoeller M57 high capacity sump pump a wise acquisition.

  • customer reviews

The experts who have reviewed this particular sump pump couldn’t find any negative points about it. Of course, with time, as the new generation of similar products is designed, this model will no longer be the best. But at the moment and probably for many years from now, this one will remain the best there is.

  • Great price

One of the best qualities of the Zoeller M57 sump pump is the price. Most such appliances are very expensive, but as they are mandatory in some situations people are willing to spend fortunes on them. The brilliant minds who have created this product managed to balance quality with affordable prices.

  • Small size

The size is also very important, as no one wants something that fills in half of the basement area. Even though this sump pump has a robust construction it is relatively small and the noise it produces when it functions is within the acceptable range.

Here are some of the testimonials of the customers who have already used the Zoeller M57 Sump Pump and declared themselves satisfied with their investment:

Mark B:

“Every time it rained the basement of my house was flooded. Have I known that, I wouldn’t have bought this house. But I did buy it and now I want to be able to enjoy it with my family, so I decided to buy a sump pump. My neighbor has one too and told me that he had to go to the basement each time it rained. This is why I did some research before making the purchase. I found out from an ad on the internet about the Zoeller M57 sump pump and after reading some reviews about it I knew that this is the perfect one for me. It is really easy to operate and it works great. Now I can say I am really happy we moved here!”

Jeremy W:

“I bought a sump pump just recently, but after a few months it broke. I was disappointed I invested so much into something that wasn’t worth it. But then my friend Ben told me about his new sump pump, Zoeller M57, and how much it helped him, so I decided to buy one too. The best thing was that I didn’t have to spend a fortune on it like in the case of the previous one. Moreover even now, after a year, it still works like the day I bought it.”

Best Sump Pump Reviews Opinion of the Zoeller M57 Sump Pump

With such favorable reviews from experts and regular people as well, this sump pump is probably one of the best. Purchasing it can help you forget about all the nights when you weren’t able to sleep because it rained and your basement was in danger. To sum up, the Zoeller M57 sump pump is a real help no matter the situation.

Superior Pump 92341 Cast Iron Sump Pump Review

The Superior Pump 92341 1/3 HP Cast Iron Side Discharge pump with Vertical Float Switch has a high efficiency with a low draw. This sump pump has a cast iron construction. The pump is able to pump up to forty five gallons per minute or around 2760 gallons per hour. There is a 1-1/2 FMPPT discharge with this pump. Giving you a ten foot grounded and waterproof cord with the superior sump pump.

As this pump has a cast iron base you will also find that the pump will sit to the bottom of any pit or sump and stay there. The construction of the pump will also have the water being efficiently pumped from your pit down to a very low level as this pump is able to draw the fluids from the bottom as well as the side intake. has the best prices on all Sump Pumps including the Superior Pump 92341. Click here to check it out.

Superior Pump 92341 Technical Details

  • 1/3-horsepower
  • 45-gallons per minute
  • Solid cast iron construction
  • For use in sump applications
  • 10-foot cord
  • Terms explained here

This superior 92341 sump pump is also constructed with side and bottom intakes which will give this pump a clog resistant suction when it is pumping. The automatic vertical float switch will enable the Superior 92341 sump pump to operate within confined sumps. There is also a piggy back plug included for applications where you may need to use this. The Superior 92341 is able to lift the water up to 25ft in vertical height. An energy efficient motor is included with this submersible pump, at 4.1 amps

Superior Pump 92341 Reviews

On average the superior 92341 sump pump reviews are very favourable. We actually did not find any reviews which were negative for this Sump Pump.

Many of the reviewers stated that they were “very happy with their purchase” some even said “they wished they had bought this sump pump many years ago, as it would have saved them a lot of headaches.”

Peace of mind is what comes through from the reviews. Many of the reviewers said that after they had installed the superior 92341sump pump they were cautious at first, checking their sump pits often. However every time they had checked up on this pump the sump pits were dry.

The reviewers were also impressed with the vertical float switch in the 92341. Stating that “the pump turns itself on and off and Works beautifully, as every time I checked the pit, it was dry. So my superior sump pump is working just fine”.

Please also bear in mind, as with all sump pumps you may also need to consider your connecting hose, check valves and fittings. You need to ensure you also have the correct fittings for the pump you buy or even consider them when you are making your purchase to suit the pump you eventually buy. It might be a better idea to purchase both together when you decide on the sump pump which you find is suitable for your needs.

We (as of yet) did not find any truly negative comments for this submersible pump. We at best sump pump reviews have no problems in giving the Superior 92341 Sump Pump our thumbs up and are happy to recommend this sump pump.

Flotec FPSC3250A Submersible Cast Iron Sump Pump

The Flotec FPSC3250A 1/2 HP Submersible Cast Iron Sump Pump is a quiet running pump. This sump pump will pump up to 4680 gallons of water in an hour. It will also lift the water up to a height of twenty eight feet vertically.

The Flotec FPSC3250A is constructed of cast iron and stainless steel which will ensure a long life for you sump pump. This sump pump is able to be used in a basin of around ten inch in diameter. With a 1-1/2 inch discharge you are able to connect this to your drain lines and efficiently remove any water from the basin you install this sump pump into.

We found to have the best prices on all sump pumps including the Flotec FPSC3250A, with up to 33% Off right here. Click here to check it out.

The Flotec FPSC3250A Submersible pump is also supplied with a ten feet grounded power cord. This should enable you to install this pump easily with plenty of cable length to connect to the main supply.

Flotec FPSC3250ATechnical Details

  • Flotec FPSC3250A Pumps up to 4680-Gallons an hour
  • Lifts up to 28-Feet
  • 10-Feet grounded power cord
  • 1-1/2-Inch discharge
  • Can be used in a narrow 10-Inch diameter sump basin
  • Confused with the terms? Click here to have them explained

Flotec FPSC3250A Sump Pump Reviews

Of the reviews we read for the Flotec FPSC3250A sump pump we found this pump to be highly rated. We did not find any negative reviews for this pump. Impressive reviews were left for this sump pump. Many of the reviews were of the same findings. We have paraphrased many of them here for you to review the comments made.

Of the comments and reviews we read the general comments made were; “A Solid Performer” and also “A powerful and heavy duty sump pump” as well as “being the strong silent type” and “it can easily handle the torrential rains we receive” another reviewer was so happy that he had commented “I have had no more problems since installing this pump”

The commenters also said that they had bought this pump for a variety of applications including pools ponds, as well as in basement applications. The float also works very well and as the pump will only run when it is needed to run.

In all cases where you install your pump where is pumping up a height you also need to consider fitting a check valve to your piping system. This will ensure your water will not drain back into your sum once the pump has finished pumping the water away.

Best Sump Pump Reviews Opinion of the Flotec FPSC3250A

Just about everyone who reviewed this sump pump agreed that they were very happy in purchasing this pump. Best Sump Pump Reviews have reviewed many comments for the Flotec FPSC3250A sump pump and are very happy in giving you our recommendation for this sump pump. We were also able to find this pump with a 33% saving for you online at

Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Pump

The Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump is considered to be a very popular choice for many plumbers and contractors. The M53 sump pump is constructed using cast Iron housing with a plastic vortex impeller; it also has an oil filled motor with thermal overload protection – Which helps to ensure your pump will not overheat and damage itself.

As the Zoeller M53 Submersible pump is also supplied with a 9ft power cord, you should have plenty of cable length to connect it up to the supplied power source. The motor is rated to 1/3 HP, it is said to pump around 43 gallons (163L)/Minute

We found to have the best prices online for Sump Pumps including the Zoeller M53 Sump Pump, with savings of up to 33% Off. Click Here to check it out.

Zoeller M53 Sump Pump Details

  • Motor and pump housing with powder coated epoxy finish.
  • Glass-filled polypropylene
  • Engineered, glass-filled, plastic impeller with metal insert
  • Stainless steel guard and handle.
  • Bearing -lower and upper oil fed cast iron
  • Cast switch case
  • Technical terms explained here

Zoeller M53 Reviews

The reviews for the Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump are averaging at 4.2 out of a possible five for this sump pump. Of the 73 customer reviews we were able to find online.  Some of the statements made for the submersible pump were: “Five companies said they installed Zoeller M53’s as they are the most reliable” and “This pump is reliable, easy to install and long-lived” as well as “I read many sump pump reviews and the Zoeller M53 one came out on top”

The common comments we found around the Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump were that this sump pump might be a little more expensive in relation to other submersible pumps; however it is well worth the investment. The customers we found are very happy with the construction and build of this sump pump. The pump is said to be very quiet when running and can also pump quite a large volume of water for the small size of this sump pump.

Any complaints for this pump?

One complaint we read regarding the Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump is with its switch. There is mention of the switch sticking or possibly failing after continued use over time. The switch is a mechanically operated switch and can if necessary be replaced. Some also keep replacement switches for their pump, as the cost of a switch replacement is far cheaper than buying a new pump. The replacement switch is available here on Amazon and has been noted as being easy to install, with instructions for simple installation.

Average Scoring

When we were researching reviews for the Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump we found an average of over 75% of customers who reviewed this sump pump to be very happy and gave it 5 out of 5, with a further 10% allowing the Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump 4 out of a possible 5.

Pump Dimensions

  • weight 21 pounds
  • height 10.25 inches
  • width 7.5 inches
  • length 10.25 inches

Our Opinion Of the Zoeller M53 Sump Pump

This is a quiet and powerful pump which is very well constructed, as well as being nearly maintenance free (Apart from some periodic pump maintenance). We have no hesitation in recommending this being one of the best sump pumps for your basement projects and know you will have a long and hassle free friend in your Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump

Wayne CDU980 Stainless Submersible Pump

The Wayne CDU980 3/4 HP Stainless Submersible Sump Pump is designed with basements in mind.  This submersible pump is actually designed for use in basements that will flood quite frequently. This sump pump is made from a rugged cast iron and rust resistant stainless steel material including a steel housing. The Wayne CDU980 also has a 1-1/2 inch NPT discharge which will clear the water in your basement quite quickly.

If your basement has frequent water problems, then the Wayne CDU980 is designed with you in mind. It needs to be fitted into a sump nine inches on level and four inches off.

We found to have the best prices online for sump pumps including the Wayne CDU980. Click Here to check it out.

Wayne CDU980 Technical Details

  • 3/4 HP submersible sump pump designed for use in basements that frequently flood
  • Top suction strainer filters out debris
  • Long-lasting cast iron and stainless steel housing and fasteners
  • 1-1/2-inch NPT discharge for fast basement drainage
  • Wayne CDU980 has A 3-year limited warranty
  • Technical terms explained here

Wayne CDU980 Reviews

Our search for customer comments and reviews returned an average rating of 3.8 out of a possible five. With an average of only sixty six percent of customers giving this pump five out of five. We found quite a mixed result set from the customer comments and reviews for the Wayne CDU980 sump pump. The comments ranged from the very good to people being quite disappointed with their purchase of this pump.

The good comments we noted online for this sump pump were of the following nature; “great sump pump” and also “still working after six years” and even “great workhorse of a pump” as well as five stars commenter said they were “satisfied completely”

Any negative comments?

The negative comments we reviewed were of the nature of; “not happy at all with my pump” and “WARNING: Contains parts expected to be replaced every two years” and even “two months after we installed the pump it malfunctioned, the float switch had to be manually cycled, had we not fitted a battery backup pump My basement would have flooded”

Having read the reviews reported for the Wayne CDU980 and considering the overall feedback we viewed, Best sump pump reviews would not be completely satisfied in giving our recommendation for this sump pump.

For the money this pump costs you, we feel that there are definitely better sump pumps available to you which will have better reviews to back this up. Even our top pick sump pump is in the same price range as the Wayne CDU980. You can read our review on that here, so you may compare the reviews from this pump to our top rated sump pump review.

Superior Pump 91250 Submersible Utility Pump

The Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump is able to pump up to 30 gallons per minute (1800 gallons per hour) up to about twenty five feet in vertical height. This sump pump features a compact design and is constructed of a durable thermoplastic construction.

The Superior pump 91250 has a 1/4 HP motor which delivers enough power to pump continuously with ease. As the sump pump is of compact design, you are able to install this inside an opening of around 6 inches.

It is designed for reliable and consistent domestic uses. It can easily be used for clearing ponds, swimming pools and hot tubs. As the superior sump pump also has a removable intake screen. It enables easy cleaning for your pump maintenance and longevity. What you actually get “In the Box” with the superior 91250 is the Utility pump, hose adapter, and user manual.

We found to have the best prices on all pumps including the Superior pump 91250. This pump is also the best selling sump pump on Amazon as of May 2012Click here to check it out.

Superior Pump 91250 Technical Details

  • 1/4 HP
  • 30-Gallons per minute, pumps to within 1/8″ of surface
  • Corrosion resistant thermoplastic construction
  • Superior Pump 91250 For use in utility applications
  • 10-Feet cord
  • Technical terms explained here

Superior Pump 91250 reviews

The reviews for the Superior Pump 91250 are generally very good. With an average of 80% of customers reporting this sump pump to be five out of five.  A further ten percent also give this Superior Pump 91250 four out of five.

Many of the comments left regarding the Superior Pump 91250 were “The thing is amazing” and “It worked flawlessly” as well as “The pump provides good volume and pressure for its horsepower size” This is real customer comments for the superior 91250 sump pump.

Any Negative Reviews?

We also researched to see what negative comments were made (If any) so we could also report these back to you. Some of the points we found were “Makes a bit of noise to start” as well as “We Returned this sump pump because did not work in low water level. We needed something that would start in very shallow water” also “needs at least 1″ of water in order for this sump pump to function”. If this sump pump is fitted into a sump where all of the water collects into; then this little pump will shift as much water as you should need it to.

A further mention was for the cord being quite stiff in cold weather, “The pump provides good volume and pressure for its horsepower size, but the power cable has approximately the flexibility of spring steel”. – This can also be put down to the cord being tough and able to withstand knocks and bumps.

As said the issues with this Superior Pump are it needing to have around one inch of water for it to pump, also please be aware that it has a 1 1/4″ MPT outlet and a garden hose adapter. If you want full output into a 1 1/4″ hose or pipe, get a female-to-male adapter. This is also sold on Amazon for your convenience, we have placed this item into our ‘Pumps under $100‘ section

Our Opinion of the Superior Pump 91250

Overall the feedback online from customers that have used this Superior Pump 91250 have been very good, so the Superior Sump Pump 91250 definitely gets our recommendation as being one of the best sump pump’s for your basement and other applications around the home. It has been the best selling sump pump on Amazon for some time now.

Wayne CDUCAP995 Pump Review

The Wayne CDUCAP995 3/4 Horsepower Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Switch Genius Technology Sump Pump is built of quality stainless steel and cast iron materials.

It is also a 3/4 Horsepower sump pump, which will pump up to 4600 gallons per hour, dependent upon the head of water it might need to overcome.  This sump pump has a 1-1/2 inch discharge and is able to effectively pump the water out of your sump using a correctly fitted connecting hose.

The Wayne CDUCAP995 now also has a “switch genius technology” which provides you with one of the most reliable switches available on today’s market. The switch is also considered to last up to five times longer than your average standard switches. As the switch has no moving parts, there can be less to malfunction and fail on you. There aren’t any moving parts to fail on you.

We found to have the best prices online for sump pumps including the Wayne CDUCAP995 . 

Wayne CDUCAP995 Technical Details

  • 3500-Gallons per hour at 10-feet of lift
  • High quality stainless steel and cast iron construction
  • 1-1/2-Inch NPT discharge
  • Piggy-back power cord for automatic or manual operation
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Need help with technical terms? Click here

This sump pump will turn on at approximately nine inches and pump continuously to around four inches of water, and then the switch will switch the pump off automatically. There is an intelligent sensor which detects the water level and then there is also a microprocessor to calculate each cycle  to allow the Wayne CDUCAP 995 to keep up with the demand of the water flow.

Wayne CDUCAP995 Sump Pump Reviews

From the reviews we found for the Wayne CDUCAP995, the results are very positive. This sump pump has been rated with an average review score of 4.3 out of a possible five stars. So with plenty of positive feedback we have discovered many happy customers of the Wayne CDUCAP995 submersible pump.

Many of the comments we found for this sump pump were; “Great Pump” and “good product, which pumps the water at good speed” also “solidly constructed pump

Any concerns with this pump?

With that said there were concerns for the switch genius. Many had worries over its operation and some even noted that because they had a smaller (Shallower) sump to fit the Wayne sump pump into they could not find any adjustment for the switch genius to ensure they could operate it satisfactorily.

One reviewer also noted that as the switch is the most common error with sump pumps they would not need to worry about this again as the Wayne cducap 995 pumps has no moving parts. They also report that now they have used the pump the switch works fine and they have quashed any concerns they might have had over the genius switch.

We at Best Sump Pump Reviews are happy to give our recommendation to the Wayne CDUCAP 995 submersible pump, but we would also like to mention that this pump is a little more expensive than other sump pumps of similar ratings. There are certainly other sump pumps on the market that are considered to either match or better this sump pump at a slightly better price.

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