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SimplyShred SG-832C: One Of The Best Ultra Quiet Heavy-Duty Micro-Cut Paper Shredders In The Market!

Looking for a shredder that pulverises the paper and eliminates your worries about identity theft? Something that operates quietly and does the job amazingly, every time? Then, have a look at this review of SimplyShred SG-832C, which is one of the best options for the kind of shredder you have been looking for.

Military-strength document destruction

The cutting technology of this shredder ensures that no one can reconstruct anything that has been fed through this machine. The micro-cut is extremely fine. The high security shredder works on security level 4, and cuts your mail, documents and credit cards into really tiny pieces of scrap which is completely unreadable.

Good functionality

It has two shredding slots on the top: a smaller slot for credit cards, and a 9 inch wide paper slot for effectively swallowing 6 to 10 paper sheets at a time. The special slot for shredding credit cards will slice of your cards quite nicely and quietly. The rollers prove to be more of a convenience than being a necessity. Also included is a small bottle of lubricating-oil, and plastic liner bags made for the waste basket. The capacity of its large pullout drawer-style waste-can is 9 gallons. The plastic bag liner that comes with it can be reused many times over, though, the back doesn’t need to be changed frequently.

Very reliable

It won’t break down easily, even if it faces a really tough job that it’s not designed for. To prolong its life, the heavy-duty micro-cut paper shredder machine has been programmed to shut down for 40 minutes after 10 to 15 minutes of continuous usage. The Smart jam technology stops the motor and also sends an alert on the display. There’s a reverse mode in order to help remove the jams. Apart from that, there’s a one year warranty on the parts and labor.

Extremely quiet

The operation is fairly quiet, more quiet than the sound that comes from a table fan. So, you can’t hear it working, unless you are in the same room – it’s that quiet.

Who Would Buy This?

If you need a shredder that can completely obliterate, while being easy-to-use and compact-sized – SimplyShred SG-832C is for you! This shredder is a great addition to any small business, home office or home that regularly needs to shred useless paper and other small things.

Value For Money?

Overall, it’s a great product, and it’s light-years ahead of any shredder you might have previously owned. No matter how they or small is a workload, this shredder can get things done. Taking into account all the finer details and functionality of this shredder, it’s a value for money, and highly recommended!

Want a Micro Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder? Get SimplyShred PSC310D!

Securing all the personal information must be the first priority for any business professionals. A lot of your sensitive data has been printed on paper, that’s of no use anymore. Are you looking for a shredder that can deliver good functionality and security to your small business or office? Have a look at the detailed review of Simply Shred PSC310D, the perfect solution for what you need.

Heavy duty

This shredder can handle much more than just some sheets of paper. It’s possible to stack as many as 10 sheets at a time. It can even deal with the staples, so pulling them out before shredding is not required. The machine has individual shredding slots for credit cards, CD/DVDs and paper. Everything gets cut extremely find and its outcome looks similar to confetti than the typical shredded paper you usually get with most of the paper shredder machinees. It’s wheels are located near the base and can be locked. So they can’t roll if you don’t want them to.

Good looks and functionality

The black and matte metallic design gives a modernistic feel and goes well with just about any water scheme or room color. The band has got a clear section right in the center of the draw, which means you can easily figure out how full it is. Everything else operates on its own, once you turn on the power switch. There’s no need to hold a press any shredding buttons, like the machines by some other brands. Simply feeding anything you want shredded and this machine will sense it. After that, it will come out of the sleep mode and begin pulling the items inside for shredding.

Great efficiency

The waste bin has a lot of capacity. You won’t notice more than a thin layer of garbage at its bottom, even after shredding lots of sheets of paper along with various CDs. This unit can shred paper so finely, that it’s almost impossible to figure out what it was used for, let alone the information mentioned in it.

Who Would Buy This?

If you want a great looking shredder, has a small footprint and gets the job done perfectly – Simply Shred PSC310D is for you! It’s size makes it suitable for a small business or a Home Office.

Value for money?

This machine has all the features one would like to see in a shredder, and a lot more. Considering the amount of functionality, quality, and its compact size – it’s well worth the money it’s being currently sold for.

Want a Reliable Shredder For Your Office? Get Fellowes Powershred B-161C Cross-Cut Shredder!

Want to protect your personal information by shredding sheets of paper having sensitive data? Want a shredder that delivers higher security and greater efficiency? Look no further! Fellowes Powershred B-161C Cross-Cut Shredder is the tough one you have been looking for. Have a look at its detailed review and decide for your own.

Superb productivity

Having a shredding capacity of 16 paper sheets purpose, along with an 18 minute run-time – it’s designed to boost your shredding productivity to a higher level. It comes with an 8 gallon pullout bin which is quite easy to empty and simplifies the job of waste disposal, thereby saving time.

Very reliable

B-161C has been built to last with the powerful motor, solid steel cutters and the parts that are designed to be far better than the competitors. This device can shred paper into 50% smaller particles as compared to the regular crosscut shredders. It’s tough enough to cut through credit cards, paperclips, staples and CD/DVDs, while making sure that the documents have been shredded into completely unreadable pieces (1/8 in x 29/32 in).

Excellent features and performance

It’s a no frills, yet powerful office machine that will efficiently do the job it’s designed to do. The machine is ideal for as many as three users, who handle sensitive information on a regular basis. It delivers a very quiet performance, even when under prolonged use. The noise level is so low that anyone working nearby would hardly notice. Its features also include an electronic start / stop function that can also be set to automatic mode.

Exceptional build quality and support

Fellowes focuses on innovative solutions and quality assurance in order to exceed expectations. There are a lot of tests performed on the product before launching it, which proves the toughness and reliability of this shredder. Along with that, they are committed to delivering a first-class support and service for this shredder.

Who Would Buy This?

If you have a lot of documents in your office that need to be disposed, but contain a lot of sensitive information – Fellowes Powershred B-161C Cross-Cut Shredder will certainly meet your needs. Considering the increasing identity theft concerns, this shredder is an essential requirement of every office, whether large or small.

Value For Money?

This shredder isn’t just a purchase; it’s actually an investment for your privacy and security. Taking into account the build quality, efficiency, performance, features and usability of this shredder – there’s no doubt that it’s worth every penny. So, if you want a heavy duty shredder, it’s highly recommended that you buy this one.

Fellowes Powershred 125Ci Cross-Cut Shredder: One Of The Best In Its Class

Are you looking for a high-performance shredder for your office? While identity theft is at an all-time high, it’s more important to protect your private information that ever. What you shred doesn’t matter any more – it’s how smaller you can shred it. A shredder with the smaller cut size can help secure your information and increase the level of security that you expect from your shredder. Do you wan something that can work quietly and is 100% jam-proof, as well? Have a look at the review of one of the best shredders available in the market – Fellowes 3312501 Powershred 125Ci 18 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder.

Quiet performance, always

Shredding shouldn’t be noisy. This is why 125Ci features and ultraquiet performance technology, called SilentShred, which will almost and eliminate the loud shredder noise that could disturb your office environment. Now, you can shred whenever you like without any noisy interruptions.

Excellent jam prevention technology

This shredder has three different levels of advanced jam-prevention along with a 100% jam-proof system that will never disappoint you. Level I is designed for preventing overfeeding by proper analysis of paper thickness. Level II is designed for tough jobs caused by folds or wrinkles that may occur when paper is being shredded. Level III is for maximizing productivity and providing an instant feedback regarding the ongoing job.
Superb efficiency and performance

It’s built to last with a powerful motor, solid steel cutters and parts that are designed to outperform any other shredder on the market. It’s tough enough to cut through paperclips, credit cards, junk mail, staples and CD/DVDs.

Easy waste disposal

Apart from delivering an effortless shredding experience, it also has a 14 gallon pullout bin for mass free, easy waste disposal. So, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it regularly, considering the amount of space it has for storing the waste.

Saves energy

It also features the Fellowes’ energy-saving system for high energy efficiency, all the time. This means that you won’t observe any spikes in energy consumption that usually occur during the jam situations.

Who would buy this?

If you want to securely shred just about any kind of material in your office, but don’t want any noise or disturbance – Fellowes’ 125Ci is for you. The size is compact enough to fit in your small office space and get the job done without any hassles.

Value for money?

There’s a good use of technology and functionality in this shredder. Considering the number of features, high-performance and the peace of mind it is engineered to deliver, this shredder is certainly worth its price.

Benefits of the Comet CM-M10CD 10-Sheet Jamstop Micro Cut Paper Shredder

It is highly important that you shred all important documents that contain personal details such as your credit card details or Social Security Number before you dispose of them. This way, you can prevent other people from gaining an access to these private and personal information (Identity theft), which can greatly impact your security. With this in mind, it makes sense to invest in a high quality paper shredder that can instantly turn your documents into tiny pieces that are impossible to patch back together. This is exactly what the Comet CM-M10CD 10-Sheet Jamstop micro cut paper shredder offers – and a few more brilliant features that will impress you.

Solid Performance

This top-notch paper shredder is renowned for its solid and consistently efficient performance that can shred CDs, DVDs, paper and credit card. It is also capable of shredding about 7 feet of paper in one minute, so you can expect this tool to get the job done quickly. In addition, it comes with several options such as reverse, forward, and ready. With just a press of a button, the machine runs instantly and starts shredding items.

Durable Components

The Comet CM-M10CD shredder is made of the finest materials such as high quality steel cross-cut blades and durable waste basket that you can pull out easily for a hassle-free waste disposal. There are also four sturdy casters that allow you to position the machine to any areas in your office space or home.

Reliable Features

You can expect only the best results from using this shredder by Comet. It offers the lowest noise level, bin-full alert, auto and manual reverse, and a pull out 4.2-gallon basket capacity. It also has a slim shape, so you can place it in cramped areas without taking up too much floor space.

Who Would Buy this Paper Shredder

If you are in need of a durable and efficient paper shredder that comes with basic features in one nifty package, then the Comet CM-M10CD is the perfect option for you. It has essential components that make a reliable and functional paper shredder, which is quite easy to operate.


Many people are impressed by the ultra-quiet operation of this machine, that they could not even tell when it is running or not in use. Additionally, it is can micro-shred paper in lighting speed, thus saving more time and energy on your part. This is indeed a practical investment that you will treasure for years.


Although some users complain that the product is a bit heavier than other shredders in the market, it comes with durable casing and components that can resist long-term wear. The roller wheels are also quite decent and work great when you want to relocate the shredder.

Value for Your Money

Overall, this brilliant shredder by Comet is a must-have for your office or home. Its silent operation, safety features, and outstanding performance are only some of the reasons why you should check out this Comet CM-M10CD shredder in the market.

What You Can Expect from the SimplyShred PSC418D 18-Sheet Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

If you want to secure your personal details such as the ones found in your billing statements, receipts, and other important documents, then you need to find a reliable tool that can virtually shred all sorts of documents in a snap.

The SimplyShred PSC418D Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder features a perfect combination of high performance, functionality and elegance in one solid package. This machine can shred up to 18 sheets of paper at a time including DVDs/CDs and credit cards. With this paper shredder, you can protect your personal data from unauthorized individuals in a few simple steps!

Easy to Use

What’s excellent about this product is that it comes completely assembled and ready to use the moment you remove it from the box. This takes out the stress in connecting several components or following intricate assembly instructions.

Stress-Free Disposal

Another remarkable feature of this paper shredder by Simply Shred is that it does not require you to use bags or containers to catch items that have been shredded. In fact, this product is equipped with a removable basket that you can pull out and empty into the trash bin for quick disposal. With this feature, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to cleaning up the mess caused by tiny pieces of shredded paper or plastic.

Keep Your Personal Info Secured

The machine can shred paper and plastic such as credit cards into tiny pieces, so your personal details are unlikely to fall into the wrong hands. In addition, the shredder exudes an elegant and highly professional appeal, which makes it an outstanding addition to your office.

Who Would Buy the SimplyShred PSC418D Paper Shredder

Those who want to ensure the security of their personal details printed in documents, credit cards or in CDs will find this product quite suitable to their needs. The heavy duty paper shredder can quickly cut through at least 18 sheets of paper and plastics, thus allowing you to maintain the privacy of your vital information. You will also appreciate the ease of use and hassle-free ways of maintaining the great condition of this shredder.


Most people agree that the shredder is simple to use and set up. All you need is to plug it in, press the “on” button, and it can start shredding paper in a matter of seconds. It also comes with a reverse button that allows you to back up the paper in case you accidentally put in more than what the machine can handle. This shredder is reasonably fast and delivers quality results that will meet your expectations.


This shredder may work perfectly on several sheets of paper and credit cards, yet it is unable to shred file folders and cardboards. Nevertheless, it functions efficiently in slicing your important documents, so you can ensure the safety of valuable personal details by using this quality shredder for personal or business use.

Value for Your Money

There are so many things you will love about the SimplyShred PSC418D Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder including its durability, sleek design and ability to cut through various items efficiently. Find out more about this product now, and purchase one for your home or office – and keep all your vital personal details safe.

Reviews of Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

The Royal 1840MX Cross-Cut paper shredder is an excellent tool that you can place on your office desk or work space at home. Using the shredder is a no-brainer because it starts instantly when you place paper inside, and it stops after shredding the last sheet.

In case a paper jam occurs, the shredder instantly switches in the reverse mode to solve the issue. Whether you shred about 18 sheets of paper, cards, DVDs or CDs in a single pass, you will not encounter any trouble at all with this shredder. It performs perfectly and retains its outstanding quality for a number of years.

Portable and Functional

This powerful shredder is an excellent tool for office or home use because of its simple operation. You can place the tool on your office and use it any time you need. All you need to do is to switch on the machine and feed paper into it, so it can begin shredding cards, paper, and even CDs easily.

Durable and Easy to Move Around

Although the Royal paper shredder weighs 42 pounds, it is quite easy to relocate because it has casters for great mobility. If you want to use it to shred your papers or cards, simply lock the casters before shredding to stop it from moving from one place to another. Lastly, it is compact enough and fits perfectly in your small office space or home.

Prevents Paper Jams

Paper jams can be quite annoying as they disrupt the normal operation of this machine. However, the shredder has a unique sensor that switches the machine quickly into reverse mode to stop paper jam. Thus, this commercial-grade shredder does its jobs well when it comes to cutting pieces of paper the quickest time possible.

Who Would Buy the Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

This product is perfect for anyone who looks for a heavy-duty paper shredder that can be used in the office or home. It has a compact and elegant design, and it can fit into any small space. If you are in search of a high quality product that does not disappoint, then the Royal Cross-Cut paper shredder is for you.


Whether you need to shred thick pieces of paper or plastic such as CDs, this shredder by Royal is the ultimate product that will meet your standards. Using this machine is a breeze because of its simple operation and safety features. Indeed, this is the product that you have been looking for, which you can use at home or the office.


The machine is quite heavy, yet it is easy to move it around because of its casters. While it is not the most portable shredder in the market, its advanced features and functionality make up for this minor concern.

Value for Your Money

Taking all these amazing benefits and features into consideration, you will realize that this paper shredder brand is just the one you need. It is convenient to use, durable, and loaded with amazing capabilities that make it a great investment.

Fellowes 3229901 PowerShred 99Ci 17 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder Reviews

The best way to protect your personal details such as credit card number, home address and other sensitive information written on paper is by using a paper shredder. For instance, the Fellowes 3229901 PowerShred 99Ci 17 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is an excellent product to use in your small business or home.

This product is capable of producing cross-cuts of at least 17 sheets of paper in a single pass. In fact, the shredder is powerful enough to cut and shred staples, credit cards, DVDs, CDs and a bunch of junk mail.

With the SafeSense technology feature of this shredder, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to your safety because the machine stops automatically when it sense your hands touching the paper opening. Overall, this product makes the best option even for shared work areas because of its superbly quiet operation.

Paper Jam Prevention

One of the common issues with shredders are paper jams. Thus, Fellowes shredders incorporated the unique three levels of jam prevention that comes with the patented 100 percent Jam-proof system. The first level prevents the shredder from overfeeding, level two is responsible for tough jobs that are caused by folds and wrinkles, and level three ensures maximum productivity by sending you a quick feedback if you are within the ideal sheet capacity.


You have nothing to worry about in using this shredder because it features a unique and patented SafeSense technology. This component offers an advanced level of safety with the help of the sensors that completely surround the entry portion and instantly disables the machine when it detects that hands are touching the paper opening.

Noiseless Performance

Another astounding feature of this machine is the quiet performance, which other shredders fail to offer. The noiseless performance of the shredder removes any amount of noise, particularly loud noise that most shredders produce. Finally, you can use this tool any time you prefer without hearing roaring or annoying sounds.

Who Would Buy the Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci 17 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

This cross-cut shredder is the best item to purchase for home or office use. It protects your identity and personal information, particularly those that are written on your credit card, memos, billing statements, and other documents with your personal details in them.


What’s great about this shredder is its durability and functionality in shredding several sheets of paper or card into the smallest possible pieces. It can withstand long-term wear and retains its remarkable performance even after several years. You will be impressed with its ability to cut and shred virtually any documents, so you can preserve the confidentiality of your personal information.


For some people, the shredder is quite heavy and hardly portable. However, it comes with a slim feature that makes it ideal to use even when you have a small space in your office or home.

Value for Your Money

After considering all the key benefits and features of the Fellowes 3229901 PowerShred 99Ci 17 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder, you can say that it is an excellent investment for personal or business use. This product is made of the finest quality that you can use for several years to come!

Fellowes Powershred 100-Percent Jam Proof 79Ci 14 Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder (3227901)

Purchase This Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder For Your Office Needs

Paper shredder is an important item that you should have in your office. This product is very useful to help you get rid of some unwanted documents easily. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder is a popular paper shredder unit that you can place in your office. It can help you remove all unwanted documents safely.

Paper Shredder

Many business owners love using this product because there are many features offered by this unit. This article has some good information about this product.


There are many great features that you can find in this paper shredder. Because of these features, this unit is very popular among most business owners. It is specially designed to improve your business’ performance. Here are some features that you can find on this unit.

a. Advanced Jam Protection System

This system is a very popular feature that you can find in this unit. It can prevent this unit from getting paper jams. This unit can deliver three levels of jam protection system with 100% jam proof system. It means that you will never get your paper stuck inside this unit.

b. Ultra Quiet Performance

Many people are also very happy with this feature. This unit comes with ultra quiet SilentShred system. This system allows you to cut your documents silently. It can eliminate any shredder noises. You can shred your papers without getting any noisy interruptions.

c. Safety feature

This product also comes with safety feature. This feature is called as SafeSense technology. This technology uses safety sensor to improve the safety of this product. This sensor can disable the shredder automatically when your hands touch the paper opening.

Who would buy this?

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder is a perfect unit for most business owners who want to shred their documents safely. It can help your jobs to remove all unwanted documents easily. You can use this unit to remove all unwanted documents without having any problems. It is a perfect product for business owners who have many paper documents that should be removed or shredded.


There are many benefits that you can get by using this unit. It offers many advantages for many people using this product. Here are some benefits that you can get from this product.

a. Remove documents safely

You can remove any confidential documents easily by using this product. It can help you cut your documents effectively. Because of that reason, many people use this unit to shred any important documents that have some confidential information.

b. Durable paper shredder

Many people are happy with this unit because it is very durable. They can use this product for long period of time. This unit is made from high quality materials that can make this unit become very durable.

c. Quick result

This is another reason why people choose this unit. It can give you quick result when shredding your unwanted documents. This unit is equipped with 100% jam proof system. Therefore, you are able to use this unit very quickly.


Some people may face some problems with the shredder. Some of them cannot shred thick papers. This situation can be solved by shredding papers slowly. It is not recommended for you to shred all papers at the same time. This action can damage the blade inside this unit.

Value for money

You can get this amazing Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Paper Shredder for less than $200. It is a valuable product that you should purchase for your office. It is a very durable paper shredder that can help your jobs in your office. It can also give you quick result when you want to shred some unwanted documents.

Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder – Cheap Price

Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder Reviews

How do you shred your personal documents like credit cards, CD’s torn off papers, cut credit cards and CD’s? If you own a shredder like the Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/CD/Credit Card Shredder, it will shred all of your confidential information very efficiently.

When you were shredding your paper documents, were you ever concerned about staples still attached to the papers? This shredder will cut everything for you and you don’t have to take off staples any more, even if up to 12 sheets are attached, all of them can be shredded at one time without any trouble. If jam happens, the reverse feature will assist you to clear any jams stuck inside. And all shredded pieces can be disposed of from the bottom waste basket.

This model of shredder offers a CD cut slot. Lift the safety cover and feed a CD or DVD into the slot one at a time, the blades on the CD destroyer cut the disc into four pieces.

Amazon offers frustration-free packaging and it is very environmental friendly. When you open the box, you are not required to use any knife or cutter, the packaging still protects your product as the traditional packaging does. If you want to move the shredder from one place to the other, you can still use the amazon package, the box can be re used several times without any frustration. The box’s design takes recycled resources into consideration and reduces the waste and pollution to the environment.

What do users think about the product?

There are many brands of shredders on the market? Why are there so many customers only keen on this model? What did they comment about on the product?

  • Excellent value and great shredder!
  • Hard-core Motor – Big Bang for the Buck!
  • Sturdy Shredder
  • Excellent, well designed compact shredder
  • Works as advertised and keeps on trucking
  • This Amazon Shredder is great!
  • Hungry & eats cardboard
  • Works better than expected

Are there any suggestions on the product development?

It is hard to find any disadvantage of this product. All users think this shredder can cut everything for them especially, the CD cut design, is a really handy addition because most people don’t like to leave any documents uncut and not being disposed of. Some users feel that when the shredder cuts CD’s or credit cards, it makes a bit of a loud noise. Apart from that, this amazon product can be perfect comparing it with other shredder brands.

Where can you buy the Amazon shredder?

Do you still go to a mall to buy your home office products? Why not consider purchasing it online? Nowadays, shopping online can be the most popular like using amazon, because once you place an order on amazon, the goods will be delivered to your door in a couple of days for free. You can save a huge amount of your time and petrol walking around from one shop to another.

Where can you gain some pre-purchase ideas on the Amazon shredder?

Amazon is always the best place to gain some pre-purchase ideas on how the product works and any hidden defects. And it is always a good way, as a potential buyer, to learn the product and be knowledgeable about the products selling points. In the meantime, you can always find reliable and candid comments written by the users and see the actual shipping quantities from the site.  Especially for this Amazon shredder, its specially designed packaging is really environmentally friendly. Once you go on Amazon, check the product features and the packaging design, it is an extra bonus to the product.

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