Magnetic vent covers

Magnetic vent covers

Magnetic Vent Covers – Redirect Air With Magnetic Vent Covers Magnetic vent covers stop air passing through a closed register vent, eliminating drafts, and making a room more comfortable with minimal effort. Use in the summer with air-conditioning, and in the winter with a central heating system.

Using an air vent cover (also known as a register) throughout the cold winter months offers a perfect solution to maintain a house in a cozy-warm state, while in the summer months a more desirable and comfortable temperature is achievable. By directing air flow to those areas most lived-in, results in an air-system, which operates a lot more cost-efficiently.Steps to Redirecting

Air Flow

Installs easily – Place the floor, ceiling or wall vent covers directly over a furnace heat register or air conditioning vent in a room not in actual use to redirect airflow to those rooms in most need of temperature control – this all results in an efficient air system and saves on energy. In summer, place over the lower level or floor vent covers for cooler-air – in the winter, cover the air registers at ceiling-level to return cooler air to furnace.

For a solid, reliable hold, a vent needs to be constructed of a steel or similar material for the magnetic-backed surface to stick in position. Air conditioner return vent covers coated with multiple layers of old paint often diminishes the magnetic properties, making it difficult to achieve a strong enough bond – taking the time to remove old paint layers should soon remedy this problem.

Adapting Vent Covers to Fit All Sizes To conceal a oversized register or vent cover it is possible to cut to size the 20 – 30 mil magnetized vinyl with a pair of scissors, and painted, textured or wallpapered to blend in with an existing room’s décor or color scheme.

Thermwell, Deflect-o and Miles Kimball all manufacture a series of magnetic air vent covers offering a sufficient level of magnetic power to hold position – all helping to improve on the heating or cooling efficiency of a household. Register vent covers, with size dimensions at 8 x 15-inch, 5 x 12-inch and 24 x 30-inch retail at affordable rates, in the region of $6.95 – $16.95 for a pack or 1 to 5, and come in a number of sizes, styles, and configurations

.Useful Features to Magnetic Vent Covers Common features to a magnetic vent cover consists of – an ability to redirect air conditioning and heat, fits most floor and wall registers, can be wall-papered, stenciled, or painted to match an existing color or décor, cuts to the right size easily with scissors, and instantly seals-off unwanted air flow. Also, it is possible to cut air vent covers to all for holes or latches.

The registers are the vents installed throughout a property where air is designed to enter an individual room from a cooling or heating system.

All in all, a well-constructed magnetic vent cover with its easy-fix backing offers an effective solution to magnetically seal air-flow from passing through a closed metal-register for added comfort in the most lived-in areas and saves money on utility bills. 

Air Vent Covers

Air vent covers are fixtures that direct airflow – for warmth in a house, to those designed to protect and cover air vents.

Air vent covers come in a wide range of sizes and finishes, with useful features including sliding mechanisms, narrow vents for doors and windows, circular vents for pipe outlets, classic styled louvre covers, trickle vents for door and windows, and large-sized vents for maximum possible airflow.

Types of air vent covers include –

• Magnetic Vent Covers offer a simple solution to cut utility bills – a useful tool to position on a metal vent (floor, wall, or ceiling) that is not in use to assist in directing airflow to those rooms in more-constant use – An efficient fixture to offer warmth in the wintertime and coolness in the summer time. Vent covers of this nature, in a flexible vinyl material cut to a specific size with a standard pair of scissors – and to conceal the vents it is often an option to wallpaper, paint, or texture.

• Register vent covers, with magnetized adhesive works most effectively on wall or floor mounting positions – if a cover doesn’t come with a sufficiently powerful magnet its not too effective in a upside-down position, such as on a ceiling.

• Preassembled vent lids for RVs, campers or car trailers offer a simple solution to replace factory model vents, with a more resilient, impact-resistant construction – all mounting hardware (with rust-resistant properties) comes pre-packaged to facilitate ease in installation.

• A Decorative Heat Grille or Air Conditioning Vent Cover is available with multiple pattern choices, and constructed in oak, cherry or maple face veneer for a appealing design – these stain or paint to a preferred color scheme to complement the existing décor.

Automotive vents – substitute a standard OEM black vent with a more stylish, and sophisticated appearance with a chrome-plated edition – often simple to install, with a snap in place assembly approach.

Floor Vent Covers

Floor vent covers offer an effective solution to assist in controlling the operation of a central air system.

Vent covers are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and configurations to accommodate most household airflow requirements. A lot of the vents come unfinished for complete ease in painting or staining to a room a floor matching shade.

Floor registers are the actual grates often seen attached to the opening of an air duct – with a purpose to control or direct the airflow into a desired room. A register comes with 2-components, first the grate, which offers a decorative feature, while also stopping small items falling into an air-cut, and the second is the damper box – this helps with controlling the airflow, often via a lever – while a vent cover offers a further step in controlling air flow.

Floor register covers, such as the versatile magnetic vent covers, come designed to fit floor or wall registers – with an ability to redirect air conditioning or heat to the most frequented room. Use these covers if wishing to match or blend with an existing color or décor scheme, as it is possible to wallpaper or paint to a desired color.

A white, polybagged magnetic cover at 12-inches in length x 5-inches in width retails in the region of $6.99 per 3-Pk – a cost-effective, and versatile piece of equipment to heighten the effectiveness of a air conditioning or central heating system in a household.

A resilient floor vent cover (also known as air return grills, air registers and heat vents) offers a perfect method to direct airflow to the most appropriate places in a property.

Ceiling Vent Covers

Plain to decorative floor, wall or ceiling vent covers offer a simple, yet attractive solution to give a finished look to covering a duct or opening.

A vent cover comes in a vast array of styles, materials (wooden – walnut, spruce, teak, oak maple, etc or metals – cooper, cast iron, antique brass, nickel, etc), and finishes to complement most design or color choices in a home set-up. A cover can be entirely nondescript and blend-in with the neighboring décor or decorative to offer a focal point – with such a variety available it can often be difficult to select the ideal vent cover.

For complete flexibility, wooden or unfinished vent covers offer the option to paint or stain to co-exist with an existing color scheme – often resulting in a truly attractive finish. Stylish, decorative vent covers are also available to match a style or time period of a properties original build, from vintage, rustic to contemporary, modern designs.

The intricate or decorative styled vents often come in at a higher price – although a far greater choice in design is often on offer to fit with a specific style period or the extensive grand or stately homes.

A vent cover for a floor space, are often rested or pushed down in the opening with no other means of attachment than gravity, while that is fine for the floor or horizontal lying vent cover, a wall or ceiling vent cover is more in demand of secure attachment (such as those available with screw holes) to avoid falling out.

Wall Vent Covers

Floor, ceiling or wall vent covers to fit square or narrow-rectangular ducts offer a simple, attractive, and efficient solution to conceal openings.

A characterless to decorative wall vent cover comes in multiple styles and finishes to complement or co-exist with most décor / color scheme. Wood vent covers, with a maple, oak, or cherry finish, offer a versatile option, as these often ship unfinished or sanded – all ready to stain or paint to a preferred shade to fit right in with the existing look or feel of a room.

A decorative grille screening is available in an assortment of standard patterns – although a custom or bespoke design is often a possibility, and come designed to fit over most wall or floor ducts or openings.

A wooden air vent cover with louvered designed, and adjustable dumper is perfect to alter airflow to a particular room, which adjusts via a metal lever – a sizable oak frame measures 7.5-inches x 11.5-inches x 3.75-inches – and fit ducts or openings at 6-inches in height x 10-inches in length.

Home heating / cooling systems for a private residence often consist of a central forced air system (consisting of furnace / AC unit / ductwork). Cooled air via the air conditioning system in the summer months – warm air via the furnace in the winter months is pumped throughout a property through the forced air duct – a vent cover offers an effective solution to disperse airflow to arrive in those rooms more in use.

A classic to vintage inspired vent cover offers a perfect method to put in place the final change to any room at home.

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