Gas Oven Gas Range and Gas Stove

Buying Guide for Gas Oven Gas Range and Gas Stove

As I sit staring at my raw, non-cooked, still cold casserole that seemed to taunt me, as if it was defiantly stating, “Not today,” after I had put it in the oven just 20 minutes earlier, I groaned at the thought of how badly this was putting me behind an already tight schedule.

My old oven had broken down, thrown in the towel, and took its final bow. It was as if my oven committed suicide behind my back, leaping off a twelve story building to be free of its life of slavery with me as its master chef and ultimately shattering my dreams of warm home cooked bread, soft yet firm chocolate chip cookies, and even a stupid cooked tuna casserole! It was time for me to purchase a new gas oven and I was not sure where to even start. 

I was lost even frightened to purchase something that would be a permanent addition to my kitchen, looking on the internet as if for a mail order bride, because no doubt about it, this is going to be a intimate relationship between me and my gas range.

Now before I went into a full blown panic attack over nothing, I researched my butt off until I understood exactly what I was getting myself into.

The proceeding research is a culmination of my efforts understand the gas oven world, from ranges to stove stops, and stainless steel to black aesthetics. From the cheapest deals of low price clearance gas ovens that were on sale to the best professional yet affordable gas ovens that you could purchase. 

Our goal is to serve you, welcome to our home!

Verona Gas 5 burner Free‑standing 36 inch Dual‑fuel Stainless Steel Convection Double Oven

Gas Oven Gas Range and Gas Stove

Wow! You are looking at the vefsge365dss which is the best oven money can buy? Let me introduce you to the Verona Gas 5 burner Free‑standing 36 inch Dual‑fuel Stainless Steel Convection Double Oven.

It is the gourmet & culinary chefs trophy wife of all gas ovens. My wife almost left me for this model and it has all the bells and whistles you could ever need, it just doesn’t wash dishes. That’s probably why she keeps me around!

Now don’t forget the 5th burner which allows you to prepare a full course meal or serve multiple customers orders at the same time, reducing cooking time and improving your sparkling image.

Made of 304 Stainless steel with a 4″ Back guard, Chrome knobs and handles, Stainless steel bezels, and Porcelain zed cast-iron grates and caps you are going to have to confess to your pastor after just reading the description of this excellent choice of cooking apparatus to slay your meticulously planned and carefully executed masterpieces.

Smeg Opera Gas 5 burner Free‑standing 48 inch Dual‑fuel Stainless Steel Convection Double Oven


Now if you can afford this gas oven multi functioning mammoth, you deserve to win in any competition or business. Introducing, the Smeg Opera A3XU6 Gas 5 burner Free‑standing 48 inch Dual‑fuel Stainless Steel Convection Double Oven.

The duel fuel in this model create the buzz in the kitchen office. The water cooler talk will never cease among the chefs. The duel fuel function allows the user to reap the benefits of both fuels while ignoring the cons. Allowing for a better prepared end product.

The 48 inch width helps give you more elbow room than those other 30 inch models. Making the 5th burner an even more attractive feature.

What makes this oven so unique is the electric grill, 5 Sealed Burners, 3.2 cu. ft., and a true european convection oven with a secondary multifunction static oven, with a protective ever-clean enamelled interior. Hello amazing!

GE pgs950sefss Gas 5 burner Built‑in Self‑cleaning Stainless Steel With Griddle 30 inch Double Oven


One of the most popular models for residential cook spaces, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the GE Gas 5 burner Built‑in Self‑cleaning Stainless Steel With Griddle 30 inch Double Oven.

This beautiful model allows the chef to bake thin items like pastries and casseroles in the top oven, while conserving the heat in a smaller area thus increasing efficiency, the bottom oven is used for thicker or taller products like the turkey!

Unlike most ovens this one incorporates a griddle feature which increases the ability of the cook to prepare a wider range of meals, making you the griddle master, champion of champions, and master of the kitchen.

Uniquely this oven provides you with an Overhanging Cooktop, a Self-Cleaning feature, and a Convection Bake and a Warming Drawer to boot. The warming drawer is a popular feature for our residential customers.

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