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Dining Room Furniture

It’s a very interesting fact that in Victorian times, people were so subdued, that not only was the glimpse of a female ankle regarded as improper, even the sight of table legs was consider undignified and immoral. So the table legs were also needed to be enveloped and out of sight; after all they were legs also.

In the 16th century the table (originated from a Latin word tabula) came into existence. In primitive times, tables were built from variety of materials and in numerous designs that differ from today. For example the Egyptian tables were designed like pedestals and built of wood and stone, whereas other ancient communities used marble for making dining furniture sets.

best dining room furniture

With the evolution of table, they became more assorted and used for many functions and the dining table begins to make its mark in middle ages. The earliest kind of dining table was designed like a frame kind which can be taken out when not in use.

Then came a time when the tables of the Elizabethan Age were distinguished by their rounded legs. Elizabethan tables also comprise the draw table, an ancestor of the extension dining table. The idea of gate leg tables also turn up and it was well liked; you were able to fold these tables when you are not using it, as it had flaps that could be folded down.

Dining tables are one of the most classic and elementary forms of furniture that survived and people have spent quality time dining on them since ages. In earlier times, the ancient Greeks used small tables for dining and kept them under their beds.

small dining table

It was like a small dining table and chairs. They used the chairs in their daily routine, and at dining time they take out the table. Romans used legged tables with marbles, metal or wooden material.

 There was a growth of much better and crafted designs through manufacturing art of European empires. They focused more on luxury living instead of making simple dining tables.  The Tables they designed were mostly made up of marble, gracefully mentioning their timeless supremacy. It was more like formal dining room furniture.

The wood specialist and makers have acquired the ability to personalize and modify furniture used in home interiors. Most of the dining tables attribute tops or surfaces that can be adjusted in terms of positions, height, size, shape and style.

One of them is a folding table that crumbles easily after the dinner is finished. Drop-leaf tables were also created by primitive makers that consisted leaves and inserts for additional guests.

Formal Dining Table set

Orthodox dining tables consisted variety of materials made up of marble, wood or metal. The normal structure was well assisted by 4 strong pillars that is attached together with X shaped stretchers showcasing a good looking blend of mastery and productivity.

At the time of initial growth of dining tables, shapes were gigantic and most of them were rectangular that permits the head of the household to settled at the top end. Allowing him to view and address all his guests and family members at the same time.

In earlier days, not only the families were big, but the house represents a community with joint families staying together. Therefore, large dining tables were required that can act as a center piece for dining room. For them a dining table and 6 chairs were also insufficient. A meal time for them was the time when each member of the house socialize while having delicious food and drinks.

In present era, the dining tables are coming in variety of shapes, heights, weights, sizes and styles. They usually have a flat surface to serve and eat food. Now, all the table tops are generally square, round, oval or round in shape. A table that comes with a single centralized foot is known as pedestal table.

Most of the dining tables have been designed in way that they are adding bit glamour to your dining room. If you like black colors then the makers are making some of the best black dining table and chairs for your dining room.

The dining table is a foremost piece of furniture in any household. It’s an area where all the family members comes together to share a meal. Generally it’s a place where we usually entertain and serve guests. It’s the place where we party, celebrate, on many occasions.  As they come in variety of shapes, materials, and styles, it’s always difficult to pick one.

Types of Dining Tables:

Shape:Usually, the shape of the dining table is the first thing to think about when you are getting one, as you will be thinking about what goes with your dining room area. After deciding the shape and size, the materials and style comes next.

Rectangular:The most sought after dining table shape, rectangular tables are desired for its functionality and adjustability. Standard dining tables can serve 6-12 people, its length will be a decisive factor. As rectangles can be lengthening indefinitely, it’s a more realistic choice.

Round:Round tables, same as square ones, are usually perfect for small dining room areas. It’s the best pick if you want to create a more graceful and cherished ambience in the dining area,

As the round shape helps diners feel much comfortable, and everybody can see each other as people talk with each other. This is the reason people mostly look for the round dining table for 6. But big round tables can be awkward and can eat up a lot of floor space.

round dining table

Square:Square is a straightforward shape of a dining table, and it is at its best in compact areas or long and confined rooms.  You can easily find this in small and common or modern-style houses. Small sizes that cater 4-6 people are believe to turn out a familiar atmosphere.

Any square table that requires to board more than that would take a lot of space, and selecting a rectangular table will be a better remedy.

Oval:The oval dining table furnishes an extended surface like that of a rectangular table but bring forth the grace of round corners found in round tables. It’s a good table for confined dining rooms.

Freeform: Freeform dining tables have uncommon shapes and are usually custom-made. This type comprises any tables that do not fit within the basic shapes.  

Sometimes these freeform design tables are triangular also, and these can serve better in unusually-shaped rooms. This is something out of the box because with triangle table it’s hard to imagine dining table and 4 chairs.

Materials:The making of furniture dining table depends on different materials. A table can be made of same material only, or it may have a design that uses multiple materials for the frame or legs and the tabletop. Let’s look at some of the materials which dining tables are made of:

Wood: Wood is the most in demand material for a dining table. Natural wood always remains in fashion, and it can go with any design style and interior decorating themes. Solid wood can add a little comfort and brings a classic appeal.

The look of a wooden dining table and chairs is regarded as most elegant. Some people opt for recovered wood for its allure and history, mostly those who have rough interiors.

Glass: The glass table tops are very realistic. , they are very dignified and bring a glossy and modern look to a dining room. Wood can be used for its frame, metal or stone, depends on your taste or your active interior décor.  If you want your dining room to appear more spacious then this is the ideal one for you.

Also, a pretty area rug and trendy chairs would be more admired with this type of table, as it is visible. The glass dining table and chairs help your kitchen to look ultra-modern. Glass tables are ideal choice for modern, high-tech, style of home decors.

Glass can stand heat and moisture as it has high resistance. Any spills can be wiped down with much ease.It’s better to go for the tempered glass as it is less vulnerable to scratches, and if it breaks, it doesn’t shatter.

Marble:Marble is standard for kitchen countertops, but it’s a splendor for dining tables because of its grace, and rich tone. If you like a solid, resistant, textural surface which is easy for cleaning, a marble dining table is tailor made for you.

It goes with orthodox interiors, present day and even contemporary trends. But as marble is a soft stone, it is absorbent, it can be blemished. It requires sealing and resealing to keep its good looking intact. Taking care of this table is as close to taking care of a white dining table and chairs.

Best Dining Room Furniture

Granite:Granite is one more material quite familiar in kitchen countertops but not common for a dining table. This type can be seen in conventionally styled homes or open plan areas. Usually, granite tables are tailor made to suit the overall interior design theme.

Granite is lasting, and can resist bacteria and heat, and much easier to clean. It is a little bit costly and much heavier to move, so it’s better you think about this only, if you are living in a house for your lifetime.

Laminate: Laminate is multilayered building materials that comprise PVC, melamine with little wood grain finish to appear like actual wood. The laminate tables usually come in plain colors like black or white. It is best for modern dining room furniture. This material is firm and lasting. It’s an affordable choice for those who want to have a kitchen table and chair set that looks like wood in their dining room. 

Style: Before picking one, make sure to keep in mind the active décor style in your house. Be sure it accurately matches your home so it won’t look alien.The styles that is available.

Traditional:A classic and elegant style, traditional tables really look sophisticated. Mostly it has rich sections, minute textures and delicately carved details.

Modern: Modern style makes good use of polished lines and honed angles. When you talk about round tables kitchen dining chairs, modern variation is simple and unfussy. Modern tables bring an airy, unpatented factor to any area.

Contemporary: Contemporary dining room furniture comes in variety of shapes, looks and designs. These tables make your kitchen look ultra-modern. Other than these styles some people do prefer a casual dining set. Or maybe an oak dining set. It all depends on your taste and style.

Contemporary dining room furniture

Most of the dining tables come with dining chairs, but it’s up to you whether you need the entire package or not. You can just have the table if you don’t want the chairs.

In this way you can save some money. But if you want an entire package go for it. Pick the best one; invite friends and family have delicious food with them on your new dining room furniture and enjoy.

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