Connect Smart Home Appliances 2020

Manufacturers rely on networked home appliances

The manufacturers of washing machines, refrigerators and other home appliances rely on equipment that can be controlled via the Internet or by app.

One App. For You. “What sounds like the slogan of start-ups, comes from the marketing department of a German company. With this slogan BSH Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances advertises for its new product called “Home Connect.” With this application, home devices can be networked and controlled by smartphone or tablet. It is the world’s first solution, in which more than one brand or model can be controlled in a single app, it says at BSH. At the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA), the manufacturer wants to introduce the website, the app as well as first networked appliances from Bosch and Siemens.

Home Internet-connected devices – the development shows that it was a good idea to bring washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and ovens on the Ifa. Not only that, the home appliances (white goods) can come up every year with technical innovations such as the consumer electronics (brown goods). Both areas are growing together over the Internet.American households are relatively high standard

American households are relatively high standard

“The American households already have very good with home appliances,” says Markus Güntsch by the market research company GfK. “In no other country in Europe, the decor is as high quality as in this country. Since it is difficult to continuously add insult to getting a. “The manufacturers try anyway. And they succeed also. “The market has grown in recent years in the high single digits,” says Güntsch. Currently, there are several trends that could overlook the manufacturer also optimistic about the future. “On the one hand, the propensity is still at a very high level,” says Güntsch and refers to the recent GfK consumer climate index. Also, the construction boom will bring a high demand for white goods, finally takes each apartment kitchen, he says. The fact that there are more and more one- and two-person households, additional drivers.

Market researchers expect an increase in revenue

Last year, the Americans gave 7.2 billion euros from 15.2 million for large electrical appliances (based GfK Panel market). In the first half of 2014, there were already almost 3.6 billion euros, about four percent more than in the first half of last year. “We expect that the market for the full year will also increase by two to three percent in the crowd and around three to four percent in sales,” says market researcher Güntsch. The trend in prices while similar in consumer electronics, there are always better devices for (almost) the same money.

Quality design is popular among customers

That cooking is chic and kitchens have become a status symbol, helps the industry. “High quality design is more in demand than ever,” says GfK expert. There would also be innovations and improved features that drive the market: for example cookers and ovens that clean themselves, washing machines with automatic dosing or refrigeration equipment that you no longer have to defrost. Further impetus is also the policy that demands more energy-efficient appliances. “In terms of sales, the percentage of front-loading washing machines has increased with the highest efficiency class A +++ by 30 to 75 percent,” says Güntsch. Although energy and water consumption had already fallen sharply, often maxed out the technical limits. Nevertheless, there are always developments that spur the market, such as the introduction of heat pumps for dryers few years ago. Even larger units are always in demand.

The industry is working on a fully networked household

And – similarly as has happened in consumer electronics – will now be all devices are networked and connected to the Internet. Not only BSH but also Samsung and many other manufacturers will present their ideas on Smart Home on the Ifa. The companies take to develop a lot of money in the hand – or buy respective companies. Samsung has just taken founded in 2012 start-up smart things with 55 employees. Observers estimate the purchase price to 200 million euros. The company offers a combination of hardware and software, with the electrical appliances in a household over the Internet can be controlled. More than 1000 devices and apps 8000, the open platform already. Google has even invested $ 3.2 billion for nest earlier this year, a manufacturer of networked thermostats.

“The euphoria in the industry with respect to the subject Connectivity / Smart Home is great,” says Güntsch. The potential was there. “But we’re just getting started. At the moment, the sales of smart home appliances can be controlled over the Internet, yet manageable. ”

What to Expect with Energy Saving Appliances

You can always save the amount of electricity you use in your home by correct usage of the electrical appliances you have and taking note of the energy saving tips supplied. But there is a simpler way you can save the energy you use. The best way to conserve energy at the moment is to invest in energy saving electrical appliances available in the market. This becomes both a cheaper and economical way to use electricity. Electrical appliances can easily be recycled hence you can always take them to a recycling centre that is responsible for environment friendly disposal of such items instead of throwing them about carelessly.

Energy saving appliances are marked hence whether you are starting to buy or replacing the appliances, go for the ones with an energy saving logo on them just to be sure. The best thing with such appliances is that they are not very expensive considering what you achieve in return. With energy saving electrical appliances, you will realize that your monthly electricity bill is significantly reduced and you save a large percentage of the electricity you use in a year. If you are aware of your total energy consumption per year, you can try comparing your use when you use energy saving appliances and notice the difference.

The other good thing with these appliances is the effect they have on the environment. They are known to be environmentally friendly and form part of the wide collection of products available that are eco-friendly. The rate at which the environment is being polluted has made a lot of people start thinking of ways to minimize this and this has resulted in the eco friendly products. Sooner or later everything you use will be green so you better start with the electrical appliances in your home which form a bigger percentage of your home appliances. You can also reduce the cost of electricity in your office by getting energy saving electrical appliances just like your home.

Washing machines, refrigerators, electric irons, fans, microwave ovens, dish washers are some of the electrical appliances that use electricity in the home that we can save energy with. Items such as the refrigerators consume electricity 24 hours and this weighs heavily on the electricity bill. The best thing is to go for the energy saving ones.

Energy saving electrical appliances also come in a variety of styles and designs hence you can always have your favorite design. Appliances are also available for all budgets it’s all about doing a through search to identify one you can afford. Be sure to check the energy saving ratings of the appliance you want before purchasing it. Make sure you buy your products from companies and manufacturers you are sure provide energy saving and environmentally safe electrical appliances.

Getting an energy saving electrical appliance is one step towards being responsible for the electricity you use as well as being part of the efforts towards providing an environment safe for everyone to live in.

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