Best Portable Ice Maker 2020

best portable ice maker reviews

Best portable ice maker reviews: what is the best ice machine?

Portable Ice Makers are ideal for home bars, recreation rooms, parties, simply when high ice consumption is needed. If your refrigerator has no ice maker, these small models are the way to go. Even for boats, rv’s or for camping, these models are ideal.

It really is that universal, especially during hot summer months when ice is such a high commodity.

This machines are compact enough to carry very easily on your counter or on a standalone table. They are really unassuming, self contained and easy to use. Their relatively small size makes them portable and a nice fit for your boat, rv or home bars so that you can move them around until you find a suitable place which is both convenient and out of the way.


The portability of these ice makers makes them so valuable for so many applications and situations that they essentially pay for themselves ten fold in a very short amount of time. As previously mentioned the uses are endless and primarily due to their convenience.


If your refrigerator does not make enough ice cubes or breaks down, you can pull out your portable model and start seeing ice within 10 minutes. It’s that fast. In most cases, these things can whip out 3 pounds of ice within a 24 hr period.

If you are looking to support your affinity to hosting parties or friendly gatherings, you know the cocktails and beverages will be the backbone to the enjoyment.

Ease Of Use

Can you say “Easy as Apple Pie!” You know how we all like our computer gadgets and accessories to be easy to install and ready to go. Well making ice during those hot summer months while on a camping vacation or in your rv or boat is as easy as “plug n play’!

After your initial setup to ensure the lines are clean from the factory, all you need to do is plug it in, fill it with water and listen for that first cube to drop in the bucket and you are on your way to a fantastic summer at the camp grounds or on the lake. They are truly self contained, compact and easy to use.

Most of the ice makers on the market require no drainage, and any ice that you don’t use is melted and recycled back through the process to make more fresh ice.

Ice Cubes On Demand

If you are consuming a lot of ice, whether at your party or at your campsite, you can set up a simple process to store the ice in a cooler or refrigerator and use your portable appliance to pump out the ice while you store.

In most models, once you start the process, the ice production capacity is sufficient enough to allow you to make ice, store it up and use it on demand.

It’s a nice feeling knowing that your undercounter ice maker is doing all the work while you sit back and tend to your guests or simply enjoy the company of your friends and family while they comfortably enjoy their cold refreshments.


You can go to the review pages of this site to read more in depth about each product both good and bad. We also provide high level price points but also direct you to other sites, such as Amazon and Nextag where you can get up to date pricing and supply status.

What Does the “Green Check Mark” Mean?

On our site, we know you are anxious to get up to date information on ice makers. If you are pressed for time, and see the “Green Check Mark” somewhere on the product review page, we are recommending this product. If you see anything else, Beware!

These appliances range from $80 – $400. You can get great deals at Amazon or Nextag and in most cases do not charge for shipping. The product can be at your door step in 1-3 days of ordering.

If you are in the market for an Ice machine, make sure you do you due diligence and research the best ice maker for your needs. Everyone has their own requirements which most likely would influence the product you choose.

But if you research thoroughly, this will reduce the risk to you and in the end, provide you and your family a great means to make ice no matter what the event or situation.

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