Best Miele Series Built-in Dishwasher June 2020

Miele Built-in Dishwasher

Miele Dishwasher Reviews And Specifications Including Diamante Dishwashers

The dinner table – where crystal sparkles, china glistens and gleaming heirloom silverware reflects treasured memories. Ensuring the quiet, spotless care of cherished tableware is what drives Miele to continually improve its dishwashers. A 107-year old family tradition of crafting superior, groundbreaking products that are, in the words of the company”s patriarchs, Immer Besser or Forever Better. No other dishwasher brand in the world is more trusted, wins more design awards or leads in technological firsts. The latest generation of Miele dishwashers proudly continues this legacy.

Built-in Dishwasher
Best Miele Series Built-in Dishwasher June 2020

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Miele Dishwasher

Miele Optima G2470SCSF Built-in Dishwasher

“Very nice unit, quieter than the Bosch it replaced.  Surface easy to clean.

Takes some getting used to in loading, especially the middle rake for glasses. If you have normal sized glasses it probably would work but tough with mutliple, odd shaped ones.  Seems like wine glasses should fit easily but after 3 weeks we continue to struggle to fine a good place for them.

The top silverware rack is REALLY nice – get these out of the way and makes putting them away after cleaning a snap (since you can sort for cleaning like you would in your drawer.

Seems like a lot of room on the bottom for plates which we never fill.  good flexibility for bottom rack.”

miele dishwashers

Miele Touchtronic Platinum 24 in. Built-in Miele Dishwashers

Miele Touchtronic 24″ Platinum Dishwasher – PLATINUM/ 6 Wash Programs/ 3 Wash Temperatures/ Top Solo Function/ Flow-Through Heater/ Built In Water Softener/ Turbothermic Drying/ Double Waterproof System/ Separate Cutlery Tray/ Stainless Steel Finish

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Electronic

Number of Wash Cycles: 6 Cycles

“When we needed to replace our 15 year old GE dishwasher one year ago, we knew that getting a quiet dishwasher was our top priority. The GE was so noisy that we avoided using it while we were in the house.

When we started shopping, sales people suggested Miele and Bosch for low noise level. After doing some internet research, and examining the products in the stores, we chose Miele.

We are extremely happy with our choice so far. The dishwasher is so quiet, that the stove fan noise can easily drown out the slight swishing noise that the dishwasher makes. One can easily hold a conversation in the same room, or even a telephone conversation. This allows us to use this dishwasher more frequently than our former one, because it is not annoying. We have even sometimes accidentally opened it while it was running, because we couldn’t hear it over other noises in the kitchen. IIRC, the Miele is quiet because it does not have a pulverizer. It has a filter, however, and you must clean it every few months. If you do not, the dishwasher might stop during a wash when its sensors determine that the filter is too full.

Even though this dishwasher has slightly smaller external dimensions than our GE had, the interior is more roomy. We find it easier to put in the occasional large pot or bowl that we use. Part of the reason is their design, but the separate level cutlery tray also contributes to the roominess.

Some people may be put off by the cutlery tray replacing the more usual cutlery bucket. I had my doubts, but I believe now that it is a superior method. The only advantage to a cutlery bucket is ease of loading. The advantages of the cutlery tray are ease of unloading, plus cleaner cutlery because you can’t have cutlery “spooning” so that it avoids getting clean.

Something else worth mentioning is the drying method. There is no heating element. This results in a longer drying cycle than our former dishwasher, but we find the cycle time acceptable. The advantage is that we do not need to worry about loading plastic items. They can go anywhere. Things that we would avoid loading before, because of the potential hazard of falling on the element, now get loaded into the dishwasher. The lack of heating element may also make it cheaper to run, but I never looked into that. There is usually water to towel away, but only in plastic (Tupperware like) containers’ nooks and crannies, and glasses with concave bottoms.

We have no complaints about the cleaning efficiency of the dishwasher. We have occasionally had items come out not completely clean, but it is rare and usually understandable because of the substance, or unnoticed poor loading of the item in the dishwasher. My wife and I have different attitudes about pre-rinsing. I like to, she does not. In any event, if a rinse in the sink happens, it is very short.”

“I’m sure any new dishwasher would have been quieter than the clunker we were replacing. Most upscale models are pretty darned quiet these days, and this one certainly is.

We decided to go for this Miele model because it was attractive, and because we have a toddler so didn’t want one of those models with the big handle you can pull. Of course, the choice of stainless was maybe not so wise (little fingerprints really show).

We also definitely wanted an energy efficient dishwasher, so that aspect of the Miele Platinum G 892 appealed to us.

Another feature that sold us was the top rack for flatware. This means you don’t need a basket for your flatware. Not only does that free up space for other things, but I find it much easier to load and unload the flatware with this top shelf. Great for baby bottle parts too!

Finally, we liked this dishwasher because it has a water softener feature. You do have to do some stuff like add special salt, but where we live (Los Angeles) the water is hard, hard, hard so the water softener is a big help in getting the dishes spotless. And spotless they are. We’ve only had this machine a few months, but so far we’ve been very pleased with it.”

meile dishwasher

Meile Dishwasher Novotronic G842SC 24 in.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Electronic

Number of Wash Cycles: 6 Cycles

When we moved house 18 months ago, we inherited an ancient dishwasher that noisily redistributed food debris and never managed to get anything quite clean. Sometimes it performed so badly that we had to put half the cups and glasses straight back into the dishwasher for another wash, and our glassware was becoming grey-filmed. Finally we’d had enough, and decided to stretch our budget to get a new dishwasher.

I’ve bought two dishwashers (Maytag and KitchenAid) over the past few years, and while they were OK, this time I wanted one that would work really well. Miele was my starting point because I grew up with one in our family home, and it performed very well for more than 20 years. However it’s not a cheap appliance, so we spent a lot of time reading Epinion reviews before we went dishwasher shopping.

My wife and I cruised the wide selection of dishwashers at Trail Appliances, and the salesperson tried really hard to interest us in Bosch, but I was reluctant because Bosch reviews have been mixed. We eventually decided upon the store’s lowest-end Miele, the G842 Plus, for CDN$1,200 plus 7 % goods & services tax.


We wanted a simple high-quality reliable machine that would function well and last a long time without maintenance. Preferably with only one button: START.


We had a choice of black or white for the door. We chose white. The white panel fits behind an edge trim, so it could be replaced with a custom panel. (I’d have preferred a uniform solid panel because trim is more fragile and can collect dirt)

The door feels sturdy. There is almost no flex or wobble when I twist the door with both hands. It closes with a solid clunk, latching onto a short chunky steel tongue.


The dishwasher is lined with stainless steel (like all Mieles that I’ve seen). The interior looks bright and clinical. When I open the machine after a wash, there is a slight metallic odour that is not unpleasant.

With the door open, the bottom of the machine looks awfully low down, almost at floor level. This drawer dishwasher has a large stainless-steel filter basket in the bottom. It lifts out with an easy twist, and can be rinsed clean. Very little debris accumulates on the filter, indicating that almost all food debris gets broken down into very small fragments that can be flushed past the filter.

Also on the bottom is a cap for the salt reservoir. More on this later.

On the inside of the door are the rinse-aid and detergent dispensers, which are simple and intuitive. And it doesn’t take much detergent; we use just 2 tablespoons of detergent per wash.


There are three spray arms: slim stainless steel arms at the top and at the bottom, and a plastic arm mounted to the underside of the upper basket, fed by a plastic tube located at the back of the machine. One thing that I like about these spray arms: they can be easily removed for cleaning blocked jets. (On my last machine, removing the spray arms for cleaning was a major operation).


The lower and upper baskets are made of stiff welded wire coated with light grey plastic. They glide smoothly. The bottom basket rolls right out onto the open door, and can be lifted right out of the machine. The upper basket can also be removed easily, but needs to be raised over a stop.

When I first looked at the baskets, they seemed small and low-profile, and the tines seemed too close together. But they are effective. The short tines are stiff, and have no difficulty supporting heavy pots. We use Corelle dishes (which are very thin and tough – great for families with small kids) and we can stack our plates close together and the cups double-decked along one side, so by the time the machine is full, it holds lots of dishes all packed closely. (If you use big thick dinnerware, you should try some pieces for fit in the showroom before buying a Miele!)

Our cutlery basket is a light grey piece of moulded plastic that has 16 little compartments to receive cutlery. It doesn’t look very big, and isn’t high, but it can receive every piece of cutlery in our drawer, and our the cutlery washes beautifully.

Had we spent another CDN $250, we could have had the G842 SC Plus, with its flat upper cutlery tray. We could still add this feature, because the mounting slots are in place. But my wife and I looked carefully at this tray in the showroom, and decided that it would be much too fiddly for us. No way do we have the patience to fit each piece of cutlery into its little dedicated slot!


Alas: our new dishwasher has more than one button. There is a simple on-off button that cuts power to the machine, a knob that can be turned to select the cycle, and a start button.

The indicators are simple: small lights to indicate Rinse, Drying and End. And three red lights to indicate a drain or leak problem, low rinse-aid and low salt.

These cycles are available:

Pots & Pans: A very hot wash with two pre-wash rinses (142 mins).

Sani Wash: A hot extended wash (147 mins).

Economy: A less hot short cycle (103 mins).

Normal Plus: A hot long wash (145 mins).

Normal: A less hot long wash (143 mins).

Rinse & Hold: A brief rinse (11 mins).


This one blew me away. Our machine has a built-in water softener! The salt reservoir located at the bottom takes a couple of kg of special salt from Germany ($20 for 5 kg), and though I don’t yet have a feel for consumption, it probably doesn’t use much.


The store recommended several Miele-trained installers, and we ended up with Tom, who cheerfully pulled out our museum piece and proceeded to replace it with the new one. He knew what he was doing and had all the tools and parts, yet it took him almost 3 hours to get it plumbed and wired and leveled and trimmed and tested. Cost: $250 including parts and taxes.

I read the installation manual later, and I think that I could have tackled it, but if it took Tom 3 hours, it would probably have taken me a couple of days and more than a few curses and barked knuckles.

Incidentally, Tom, who is independent and seemed genuine, commented that the Miele is the best-made dishwasher that he has come across.


It took us a while to figure out how to best load the baskets. Dinner plates fit at the bottom back left, side plates on the back right, and cereal bowls in front. (Our small children use piles of cereal bowls.) Cups and glasses go into the top basket, and there is an upper deck on the left side where another half dozen cups fit. And because we don’t have the upper cutlery tray, we have huge headroom over the upper basket, and can fit large items like vases. The baskets seemed a little small at first, but they stack lots of items close together. The literature claims that this machine fits 14 dinner places. Yep.

When I press START, there is a tiny whisper of intermittent rain and a low hum somewhere deep. And that is it for noise. It is barely noticeable.

We usually use Normal Plus. The cleaning cycle is quite long, at almost 2.5 hours.

Our dishes come out clean, clean, clean! Glassware is bright and free from blemishes when held up to the light. Pots clean very well, except for survival of a ring of baked-on rice pudding, which I put in just as a test.


This dishwasher uses up to 24 litres per cycle, with only 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of detergent, and up to 2.4 kWh of electricity.

There is plenty of metal in this machine, but if it lives up to its reputation and lasts for 20 years, I’ll be consuming less resources than if I have to use up two or more other dishwashers in the same period. The stainless steel should be recycleable.


We’re delighted. This machine cleans really well, and seems well thought out. We’ve only had it for a month, so our opinion might change, but if we have any problems, I’ll let you know. The cost is quite high, though the upper range domestic competitors are up in the same range. I believe that our Miele is good value. The only downside is the long cycle time.”

“Our family of four runs three loads every two days, uses one tablespoon of detergent (soft water) and hasn’t rinsed a dinner plate in four years. We close the door, hit start (on the ECONOMY cycle) and fully expect to have our dishes sparkling clean every time.

We clean the filter every four months, don’t use rinse aid, and have never taken apart the spray arms. I don’t know Miele’s service number, and don’t expect to find out.

Want clean dishes for years? Buy a Miele.”

miele dishwasher reviews

Miele Touchtronic G894 SC Built-in Dishwasher

12 place setting 598mm dishwasher. Very low water consumption, litres per wash. 3-in-1 Detergent option. Advanced fuzzy logic. Automatic programme Up to 19 hour delay start.

Dishwasher Type: Built-in

Control Type: Push Button

Number of Wash Cycles: 7 Cycles


We remodeled our kitchen and as a part of that remodel, we replaced all of the appliances including a seven-year-old Kenmore dishwasher that was noisy (even though it was an “Ultra Quiet III”), had a tendency to get stuck in cycles and smelled like it was burning when it ran. We looked at replacement dishwashers from Bosch, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid and Miele. The clincher for the Miele Touchtronic G894 SCi was the separate cutlery tray at the top of the machine but it was not the Miele’s only positive point.

Requirements, Features and Details

Our first requirement for our replacement dishwasher (besides the fact that it not smell like it was burning) was that it be very quiet (that it cleaned well was a given) – Bosch, Miele and Kitchen Aid all delivered in that department with Bosch and Miele beating out KA by a hair. This was the stage where Whirlpool got knocked out. When the Miele is running, you have to listen closely to know it’s running; in a quiet kitchen, you can whisper above the machine.

The next requirement was that it provide flexible loading options since there’s nothing I won’t try running through the dishwasher – dishwashers are a miracle appliance as far as I’m concerned. The Miele was the hands down winner here – each basket is variably configurable. On the bottom basket, inserts can be removed or folded to create a flat bottom basket – one pair of bowl spikes in the basket is not removable or foldable – but it still leaves 85% of the basket flat and wide open. The PlateGuard insert cradles each plate at three points and has room for 17 individual plates. The foldable spikes hold 12 items, the non foldable spikes have room for another 11 items. Miele claims their dishwasher can hold 14 international place settings and serving dishes – I’d believe it! None of the other models we looked at compared for flexibility and it seems that the Miele swallows huge quantities of dirty dishes and returns spotlessly clean dishes.

The upper basket holds cups and mugs. It includes a “coffee bar” to hold coffee cups at an angle so water won’t collect on the top. If you put your smaller glasses on the far left and right rows, you can fold down additional racks and place small items above your glassware. Much of the middle of the basket can be configured to be fairly open to hold larger items. The upper basket also has three adjustable height levels and a guide to indicate how tall items in the lower basket can be without interfering with the spray arm.

Because this is an “SC” model, the top of the dishwasher has a separate cutlery tray which sits above the upper basket; it has its own spray arm above the tray. Silverware is loaded in the basket horizontally with each item occupying its own slots. There is room in the middle of the basket for items like spatulas, whisks, and cooking spoons and small bits and pieces which would fall through the lower basket openings.

The control panel of the machine is fairly simple. You turn the machine on, select one of seven programs and press the Start/Stop button. For all but the Rinse and Hold program, the machine heats the water supplied to a specific temperature for each program between 115-170F (45-75C).

For any program you may also choose the Top Solo function which only washes the top rack and cutlery tray, using about half the water of a regular cycle. You may delay any program up to nine hours – if you’re with a utility that meters power based on time of use, this can save you money. While conservation was not a primary driver in our decision, Miele’s energy and water conservation is impressive and we consider it an added bonus.

The Miele also comes with an adjustable rinse aid dispenser, from 1-6 ml dispensed for each run of dishes and a water softener for hard water, over eight grains – you program the machine for the hardness of your water before you run the machine the first time. Installation of the machine is a breeze, it plugs into a 120V outlet and the water inlet is threaded like a garden hose. It rests on glides which double as level adjustments and attaches to the cabinetry with two screws.

Cons (no not really)

A few things to be aware of . . . One is that the shortest wash program (not including Rinse and Hold) is 72 minutes, the longest is a whopping 142 minutes. Like most European machines but unlike most North American machines, the Miele does not dispose of food on dishes, it instead filters out larger debris – which means that you need to periodically clean out the filters (every four to six months). It’s not a huge deal but it is something to be monitored on the machine which requires periodic intervention.


I will never own another dishwasher other than a Miele. In the unlikely event something does go wrong, Miele guarantees parts for a machine for at least ten years after it goes out of production. I don’t think this machine is going to need any new parts for a long, long time since it feels like it’s been built to last.”

“I have had my Miele G894 SCi Plus dishwasher for 2 weeks.

It has amazing cleaning powers. My dishes are back to looking like new even though we are using less soap and water. It is extremely quiet and we can now phone from the kitchen when the dishwasher is on. I love the cutlery tray, easy to load and unload. Door is perfectly balanced and there is no need to bend as it comes up to close as soon as you move back the baskets.”

miele diamante dishwasher

Miele Incognito G858SCVi Built-in Dishwasher

“We got this dishwasher during a kitchen renovation, and it is certainly pricey, around $1500, but it cleans great, runs quietly, and is very efficient.

The love it or hate it part of Miele is the separate upper cutlery tray. I love it, it holds a tremendous amount of cutlery, and every piece is separate so you don’t get utensils that touch each other and prevent proper cleaning. They manage to squeeze it in while leaving the other two baskets at full size.

For the baskets, you can get a few different wire inserts for different uses, but we’re more than happy with the standard included ones. The upper basket is height adjustable, giving some flexibility for particularly tall or bulky items. Also, you can run it “top-solo”, with less water and detergent to clean the upper rack only. It also uses a very small amount of detergent, maybe half what my old GE recommended. I’ve had the machine one year, and no problems with the machine, and excellent cleaning all along.

Our installer screwed up the installation, we have the “hidden” type, there is a cabinet door surface which was mounted incorrectly by my installer(not a Miele installer, just my regular cabinet installer), so the door latch did not engage properly resulting in the dishwasher not running. I called Miele, and their customer service was great, they explained how to get the fault code and told me what was probably wrong. They also provided a new mounting bracket free of charge and free delivery, even though they had nothing to do with the original mounting bracket problem. Unbelievably friendly, knowledgeable, and generous support.”

“I went back and forth on buying this dishwasher. I considered several other high end brands but I have a best friend that is German and she kept recommending this brand to me. I can’t explain how awesome it is. I just got rid of a 6 year old GE Profile Performance. This one is 10 times better. It has the awesome cutlery tray/rack and does not use a basket…it allows several more items to be placed on it than the typical basket. The tines are in different directions; therefore, allowing numerous placements of items.”

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