3 Best Kitchen Chimney For Kitchen June 2021

Best Kitchen Chimney

The modern kitchen is an area that has to fulfill the substantial demands of your cooking. . Keeping in mind the importance of hygiene in the any household, these kitchens should be maintained properly.

For many years, people are using exhaust fans to get rid of air pollution and smells from the kitchen, but now, modern technology has overcome this issue. This is the reason chimneys have become an important part of every modern kitchen. Now most of the households are making an absolute shift from exhausts to kitchen chimney. And this trend will definitely going to continue, and more number of people will opt for a kitchen chimney.

It took almost a hundred of years for kitchen chimney to evolve. The Romans were the first to invent a primitive version of these chimneys with the help of built-in tubes into the walls that could throw smoke outside of bakeries and kitchen surrounding.

Between the 17th and 18th centuries these chimneys started to gain its ground throughout Europe. At that time there were also smoke hoods, it’s more like a hood chimney which helped to pull out the smoke from the chimney itself. In the beginning chimneys were made out of mud, wood or stone.

With the changing times, people started to use bricks to build chimneys. In present era, the kitchen chimney has become a dignified piece where electric motors are helping out to do away exhaust these internal or external motor runs quietly while you cook.

In sub-continent people usually use a rich mix of spices and variety of cooking methods. And because of this there are a lot of smells which can impair walls, floors and even the ceiling if not pulled out. It’s also not good for the cook and other family members to stand and cook in this type of condition. To avoid the intensity of noise and air pollution, the electric chimney has been designed.

It has some much improved features like high suction capacity and these chimneys don’t make much noise it has a very low noise levels. The installation and maintenance of these chimneys is a piece of cake as it takes very less time.

Kitchen chimney absorbs most of the smoke, and odors from kitchen and helps you to keep your kitchen clean and smoke free. This is the reason that this appliance is well liked by many and people are satisfied with its performance.

A kitchen chimney hood is a device that consist a mechanical fan that swings above the stove in the kitchen. It pulls out airborne grease, vapor, pollution, heat, and steam from the air by emptying the air through filtration.

Types of kitchen chimney filter, chimney filter types are classified into 3 categories. Cassette filter, Baffle filter, Carbon filter.

Cassette filter: This filter is made of aluminum vest that is hoarded on each other. There is a space in the middle of the mesh that allows the air to pass through it. Oil, grease molecules come upon this mesh aluminum thread.

Sluggishly these grease molecules choke the mesh and influence the suction power of the chimney. This is the reason these cassette filters requires continuous maintenance. It’s better to clean them weekly for better results. To clean chimney, soak the cassette filter in a bucket of detergent water for some time, and put some clean water on it.

Baffle filter: This is much of a flow control panel. It has been designed in multiple curve structure. Any type of heavy grease, smoke molecules are lagged down in baffle filter. No matter how much the baffle filter is filled with grease, it barely influences the chimney suction power.

Carbon filter: Carbon filter, people also call it charcoal filter because it is made up of black charcoal. Carbon filter helps a lot in kitchen this one is known for absorbing odor. The carbon filter is a great option.

If you are recycling / without duct, chimney carbon filter that has been used with the baffle filter or cassette filter. The oil, smoke molecules blocked inside the carbon filter can decrease the suction power of the chimney, so they need to be changed in every six months relying on the way of your cooking.

Types of kitchen chimney: Wall mounted chimney, this type of Kitchen chimney is equipped against the wall and cooktop, hob also positioned alongside to the wall. Island chimney, Cooking platform, hob placed in the middle of the kitchen, not near to the wall.

Kitchen chimney is swinging to the ceiling higher up the cooking top, hob. Built-in chimney. Built-in chimneys are attached inside the kitchen wood furniture run against the wall. Corner chimney Corner chimney is positioned in the corner of the kitchen.

There are many manufacturers that make the kitchen chimney. Like butterfly rhino chimney, some of them make island vents also. Like Glen 90 cm 1250 m3/hr GL 1036 SS Island Chimney. A vent attaches itself to the trap arm within the regular constraints, but instead of rising through the roof, this vent is approved to turn horizontal and again down below the floor.

You can also modify your kitchen with stylish and amusing hobs as well. Many kitchen chimney brands models are at hand in the market, kutchina is quite popular one.

Kitchen chimney size: Basic thing to decide kitchen chimney size is selecting the kitchen chimney is of exact or bigger size than a stove size.  Its fine if the size of the Kitchen chimney is of the size of stove or hob but never shorter than the stove.

Auto clean chimney: As the name suggests, auto cleaner chimney is capable of keeping its body parts clean. The cooling air usually carries oil particles. While cooking, this passes through the auto clean chimney, its turbine blower pushes the air to move towards the chimney walls.

During this procedure whatever oil available in the air is linger to the container walls and composed in an oil collecting bowl. This removable oil collector has to be clean once in a month. Auto clean chimney transforms cumbersome, time eating cleaning method to simple and effectual.

An auto clean chimney keep away sticking grease, oil molecules, and increases the chimney suction power and expand the lifetime of the chimney.

The oil, grease molecules are placed in the oil tray / bowl, after it’ gets filled you have to take out and clear the bowl and fix it again. Although auto clean features gather all the oil and grease, the small amount of grease, oil stuck, and put down in baffle filter too as time goes on.

Auto clean chimney also requires manual cleaning, but not that much. If you are not good with the cleaning of chimneys than auto clean chimney is tailor made for you.

Kitchen chimney without duct: Kitchen chimney ducting is to extract smoke air and exhaust it  out of the kitchen atmosphere whereas in without ducting or recycling procedure using carbon filter oil, smoke molecule detain and persisted clean air are discharge again back into kitchen.

Whosoever is building a new house or renovating the old has this question; do we really need a kitchen chimney, or chimney range hood? The confusion in the mind of customers is because the electric chimney was launched way back late 90s.

Initial Problems: The idea of a kitchen chimney was introduced in Europe where the cooking is very different than the cooking in subcontinent.  They use minimum of frying in their cooking, so the oil and fumes are quite low in those kitchens.

The chimneys were shipped in from Europe primarily Italy and were put on sale as it is without considering  the requirement of an Indian kitchen ,  people here use a lot of frying and they spend more time in cooking  than the people in  Europe.

As it has a low suction and were positioned with Carbon Filters for re-circulation of the air without the ducting. Resulting in further decline in suction capacity and it couldn’t throw away the smoke and vapor.

So clients who installed at that time on re-circulation mode made up their mind that chimney is only an ornamental device and doesn’t perform the function properly.

Problem solving Phase:  In the year 1999-2000 Glen Chimney was launched and this time the company has realized the inaccuracy of previous companies and created chimneys with higher suction, and made it quite clear for installing these chimneys it will be only on exhaust mode with ducting.

Even though the installations were big budget and required extra work, people didn’t complain because after the installation it worked perfectly. This plan worked well and more and more pleased customers started talking about it and there was a time where people begin to make place for the Electric Chimney while building their kitchens.

Benefits of Using an Electric Kitchen Chimney

An electric kitchen chimney is like an electric fan swinging above a stove in the kitchen which helps in keeping your kitchen away from smell, smoke, vapor and heat. It blocks all the gases released while you cook and also pulls out the airborne grease.

It allows ventilation to smoke, gas which is discharge from the stove to the outside conditions. Modular kitchens can make your kitchen appear trendy and make cooking easy and fast. Some people also like gas chimney but it is not as popular as electric chimney.

Protects the tiles of the kitchen – The biggest benefit of having an electric chimney in the kitchen is , it can shield your tiles, granites, marble, wooden furniture and everything else. We all know what the fumes can do to the kitchen. Electric chimneys keep your kitchen free from vapor and odor. If you are using more spices in your cooking then an electric chimney will definitely help you out.

Protects the walls:  It can absorb all of the smoke and helps to safeguard the kitchen roof and walls. If you want consistency from your chimney, you better clean it in a week or two.

Smell-Free House – An electric chimney has the ability to pull all the vapors and odors of the food that is being cooked in the kitchen and make your house pleasant.

Electric chimneys are a little bit expensive but they are an important part of our ultra-modern kitchens. An electric chimney certainly has many prime advantages that shield your health by keeping away fumes and odors.

The chimney just requires to be cleaned up every month. If you are using an exhaust fan, you will be cleaning the cabinets, kitchen furniture, walls and the roof every now and then.  

A chimney can perform much better than the exhaust fans and the fresh air that is circulated by the chimney take care of your family’s wellbeing. Electric chimneys are much safer and they can safeguard your kitchens environment with much ease.

Top 3 Best Kitchen Chimney for Kitchen in United States

FOTILE JQG7501.E 30″ Range Hood | Unique Side-Draft Design for Under Cabinet or Wall Mount | Modern Kitchen Vent Hood | Powerful Motor | LED Lights | Onxy Black Tempered Glass Surface

Best Kitchen Chimney

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  • SIDE-DRAFT RANGE HOOD: Unique Side-Draft design will lead cooking fumes to the air inlet, reduce cooking fumes from spreading. With 90° automatic open baffle plate, it can cover 6 ft² of range space.
  • POWERFUL DUAL MOTORS: With one touch, it will reach 380 Pa velocity with 58dB noise level, as the vent hood efficiently removes cooking fumes, smell from your kitchen.
  • TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL: With 3 Speed Settings, it is suitable for all kinds of cooking style. With Delay Function, it will ensure no smell will be left behind after you finished cooking, while you enjoy your meal with your family. With Screen Lock Function, it prevents you from turn on the hood will cleaning the surface.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: Special impeller design in this range hood achieves 92% separation of grease and fumes. All the grease will drip into our large grease tray. Grease tray and oil filter are easy to remove.
  • HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: We offer professional installation services (additional charge) in over 50 major cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Reach out today and see if we are in your area. BEST in the INDUSTRY WARRANTY SERVICES: With over 3,500 independent service providers network covering 50 states.

IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood 900 CFM Ducted/Ductless Convertible, Kitchen Chimney Vent Stainless Steel with Gesture Sensing & Touch Control Switch Panel, 2 Pcs Adjustable Lights

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  • 【Modern Design】: IKTCH Wall Mount Range Hood is made from stainless steel, which has an elegant appearance and comes with remote control. The novel gesture sensing function gives you a whole new experience.
  • 【Powerful Airflow】: Maximum 900 CFM large airflow with good balance fans efficiently removes large amounts of smoke and cooking odors with ease from the air in your kitchen.
  • 【Ultra-Quiet Operation】: Customize your kitchen stove vent with the 4-speed setting to play with the suction and noise level. The noise level is at 40 decibels on the lowest setting and only 65dB max noise level.
  • 【Bright Energy Saving Lamps】: 2pcs 3W LED lights, adjustable brightness to meet your cooking need, can also save energy in your kitchen while emitting enough lights.
  • 【Superior Filtration】: Includes 2 matching dishwasher safe and easy removable stainless steel permanent filters to trap cooking grease and oil.

GE JVW5301SJSS Wall-Mount Pyramid Chimney Hood

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  • Filters grease and is dishwasher-safe
  • Keep a dim light on for visibility at all hours
  • Enjoy better visibility with a brightly lit cooktop and surrounding surface

Kitchen Range Hoods

Kitchen range hoods are installed directly above the cook top, and absorb, filter, and ventilate the air in the kitchen whilst cooking on it. Some of the things range hoods filter out include grease, fumes and odors, so that your kitchen stays sanitary and comfortable. Kitchens with copper range hoods are a marvel to behold, though they are definitely an expensive choice.

Stainless steel models are attractive and easy to clean inside, but they show fingerprints. Plain steel, coated to look similar to stainless steel, does not fingerprint as easily. Stainless Steel island range hoods are fully-functional works of art, enhancing the overall look of any kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of any house as family and friends gather for some good times, entertaining, exchanging stories and are often one of the only places where families get together at the same time each day.  Indeed, in a lot of homes the kitchen has replaced the traditional role of the living room and has become the most popularly used room in the house.

It is, therefore, important that the kitchen is a clean, environmentally safe place that is a pleasure to eat and socialize in. A lot of time goes in decorating the whole house but most of the time the kitchen is over looked. Kitchen exhaust systems should discharge odours and particulate matter to the outdoors. Recirculating range hoods or ‘ductless’ systems rely on filters to capture some odors and grease and re-circulate the air into the kitchen.

Wall-mount range hoods are made to fit the kitchen cupboards surrounding it, often attached on each side so the crown molding is continuous across the top. However, an unattached range hood, where the cabinets end on each side can be picturesque as well.

Wall-mounted hoods are generally more effective than free-standing or “island” hoods, because there are fewer air currents to blow fumes away from the hood. Wall-chimney range hoods don’t have any cabinets above them to hide the ductwork. Instead, they have covers that conceal the ducts.

Nothing beats a range hood for venting smokes and fumes. Be sure to get one the right size: It should be at least as wide as the cooking surface it goes over. HVI certification confirms that your product has been tested and meets specific industry standards.

It also confirms that your product will perform as promised and you will receive proper ventilation to maximize your indoor air quality. If you are designing kitchen range hoods you should select the ventilator unit first. The range hood should be designed to permit enough room for the ventilator and ductwork required to vent to the outside.

Range Hoods

It is not widely known but range hoods are one of the most important, yet often overlooked, appliances in the kitchen. They are also a stunning addition to the kitchen and can give it a very stylish, modern designer look.

Like any modification to the kitchen adding a range hood can also increase the value of your house as it can be a center piece that people see when they first enter the room. They are available in a multitude of different materials to nicely set of the range, cooker top, kitchen units and all the other appliances.

Range Hood Styles

The most common hood found in the kitchen is the modern looking stainless steel range hood, which are excellent as they resist corrosion and are easy to look after. For a more traditional looking kitchen it is possible to have a custom made hood made out of copper or wood.

These are usually more expensive but they can last you for years and actually be passed down through the family. Copper range hoods are one of my favorites, especially in a log cabin style rustic kitchen. They can come engraved in wonderful forest or hunting scenes and go very well in rural properties or homesteads.

When designing a new room, kitchen range hoods are one of the most important features and often a focal point. In fact they can make or break the appearance and enhance the overall style quite considerably. It is

credit: byronv2important, therefore, that the size fits in with the overall size of the kitchen so as not to look too out of place and the finish should also complement the finish of the units and work surface. It would look quite odd to have an ultra modern range hood in a traditional, country style kitchen. The hood needs to be big enough to overlap the sides of the range or cooking surface.

Most hoods you find are usually wall mounted although if you have a kitchen island it is possible to find a specific island range hood which can be suspended from the ceiling. With an island model you will need some way of running the  pipe from the hood to the outside world through an external wall.

This is not a drastic job to undertake however, and is usually a relatively easy job for any experienced builder. Another alternative, if this is out of the question, is to by a non vented  hood. These pass the air through a filter which removes the toxins and particles and then recirculates the air back into the kitchen. The only drawback is that they require a little more maintenance as the filters have to be removed and regularly cleaned.

The most useful tool for finding a good hood is the computer. Looking online at manufacturers and wholesalers websites is the best place to start. This way it is quite easy to get a discount price as they do not have to increase their prices to cover the cost of expensive showrooms.

You can get a good idea of the styles and compare prices from the comfort of your living room. There are many types of range hoods on offer so take your time and pick one that will enhance your kitchen.

Adding An Island Range Hood To The Kitchen

You will often find an island range hood installed in commercial kitchens and restaurants. However, they are starting to become more popular in the kitchen at home. If there is an island style kitchen already installed they can make quite a stunning addition. Not only do they add contemporary style they also provide an important safety role by cleaning and ventilating the air in the kitchen.

Odor elimination is probably one of the most common reasons that people install an island hood. They can effectively suck up all those odors and prevent them from circulating around the kitchen and home. This will prevent foods such as fish from leaving lasting smells. A centrally placed range hood is very effective in sucking up air from all corners of the room.

There are health benefits to using a kitchen range hood. Cooking of food and burning of oils releases gases and particles into the air. These can often cause irritation in the chest, nose and eyes. If you suffer with chest problems such as asthma, they may cause even more irritation. An island range hood will remove these pollutants leaving the kitchen not only a more pleasant place to be in but a healthier one too.

Due to the impressive and stylish nature of island hoods, they will not only enhance the look of the room but also add value to the home. They also remove and prevent fine grease particles landing on the kitchen surfaces therefore keeping it looking a lot more cleaner.

When considering which appliance to buy, you will need to look at the venting. The two choices are between those that require venting and the ventless or non vented type.

Either type work well. The non vented models filter the air and re-circulate it back into the kitchen. The vented type, need ducts installing to take the air out through and external wall.

If your kitchen does have an island, and especially if you have no form of ventilation or range hood fitted then an island range  hood is certainly something worth considering. Longer term, you will find it will benefit your health and also help keep your kitchen looking better and more stylish.

The Importance of Kitchen Range Hood Ventilation

Range hoods are a necessity in any kitchen. They prevent pollution within the kitchen area by removing pollutants, odors and cooking smells. A properly installed kitchen range hood improves the cooking experience by venting hot air and cooking odors outside as well as help keep kitchen surfaces free of grease and fine particulate matter.

They remove the heat that expands the air molecules and moves rapidly in all direction. Steam expands the water molecules to 1800 times and escapes carrying odours and grease which gets absorbed on walls, clothing and furnishing.

Range hoods are perfect for keeping oil smells from permeating the air in your kitchen. They are especially handy when frying foods that require the use of vegetable oil or butter and in these cases are necessary to get rid of smoke and vapors.

They are the principal focal points of the kitchen qnd can make a dramatic visual statement and complete your kitchen with a beautiful quality appearance.

A range hood is usually vented to the outside and remove grease, steam, and cooking odors from the kitchen. Some hoods do not have outside vents and rely on replaceable charcoal filters to clean

moke and odors from the air. They are available in different sizes and strengths, as well as noise levels. It may seem like bigger is better, but in the case of an exhaust hood, that is not necessarily so.

Hoods are available in many sizes, but typically an up-draft range hood should provide 100 cfm of ventilation for wall-mounted hoods and 150 cfm for island hoods. They should always have a ducted passage to the outside that is fitted with a damper to prevent infiltration.

Range hoods are generally constructed to be 4 inches wider than your stove/cooking range. For example, a 36 inch stove would usually be complemented with a 40 inch range hood. They are often rated for sound and sound levels are measured in sones, which is different than dB ratings that vary exponentially.

One sone is the sound of a new refrigerator cycling on. Range hoods are a necessity for keeping good indoor air quality in the home, especially since some indoor pollutants can be measured at concentrations 50 times higher than outdoors. Hoods of all types protect the home’s occupants from poisonous gases, such as carbon monoxide, smoke and grease build-up, which can cause fires.

Stylish kitchen hoods are all the rage in the new and higher functioning kitchen. Sitting above a cooktop, hoods work to ventilate and redistribute the hot, often pungent air emitting from any number of cooking concoctions.

They are often a code requirement, and should be placed directly over your cook top; they are not needed for wall ovens, which generally have their own vent systems. Other equipment in the kitchen such as washer dryer combo machines also need venting. Range hoods usually match the color of your oven and most range hoods have a fan and lighting inside.

Island Range Hoods

When designing a great kitchen, many people are going the route of having an island as the focal point of the kitchen.  Often the island is the hub of activity, whether it is for food preparation, gathering or even cooking.  With more people designing the rangetop into the island, there is often the problem of how to incorporate an island range hood into the design.

If you are looking for ways to remove yourself from staring at the wall while standing at the stove, having an island cooktop is a great way to do so.  This allows you to cook while socializing or watching other aspects of your kitchen easily.  There are a couple of aspects that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the traditional range hood that will affect your island design.

The first consideration is how to accomplish the ventilation that you need?  There are ventilation systems that pop up from behind the cooktop that perform well and when you are completed with your cooking, you can lower them out of sight.  These work well, however they don’t provide great ventilation and can be rather noisy.  These are known as downdraft exhaust fans or also as range downdraft hoods.

While downdraft hoods are not newcomers to the market, they do work well in some kitchen designs.  If you are afraid of having the traditional island hood over your cook top that could block your view or take away from other visual aspects of your kitchen, then this should be a serious consideration for your design.

While the island range hood can be easily built into your design, there are numerous options as far as the visual appeal that you are seeking that can easily be accomplished.  If you are wanting a custom woodworking range hood look, you can find that easily.  Stainless steel, clear glass and copper are also popular options in designing hood systems.

One of the more important aspects that a traditionally mounted hood would normally have is the internal ventilation.  Ductless range hoods are popular because of the ease of installation. 

Most island hoods would require having and externally vented duct line that will take the air to the outside of the home.  This can cause an added expense to a kitchen remodeling job, however during new construction it shouldn’t be to much more to incorporate the hood into your kitchen.

Here is a great video that showcases the Rutland custom copper range hoods from HGTV.

As you can see there are many different options that can go into your island range hood. Using a kitchen or interior designer to help you select the look you want will greatly increase your selection. However, many people can’t afford those services. Checking with your builder or cabinet supply company will often lead to a wealth of resources and information to help you make the right decisions for your design.

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