Top 7 Best Inversion Table 2020

Inversion Table Reviews and Complete Buying Guide 2020

Are you an office executive who works 8 hours a day sitting on the same boring workstation or a Sales agent needs to cover 40 kilometers per day by riding your bike?

Then you might be facing a very common issue called “Back Pain”

Even I have seen homemakers these days are facing back pain. In fact, back pain is more common in women than men. I can understand how much it sucks when I see someone troubling with their back pain. Back pain in general and low back pain, in particular, is the burden that 1 out of 10 people is caring worldwide.

So if you are the person suffering from back pain try out using Inversion Table to fight against back pain. And I am assuming, you do not have to miss your office, college, Sales visit or regular household work any further.

The goal of my today’s article is to bring the sweet relief of Inversion Table therapy and the relaxing warmth of spine and pelvis traction that can take away the pressure from compressed linkage and nerves. I have researched a lot while picking the best inversion table.

In the period of my exploration I have set many parameters to judge the products and make the lists not only sincerely buy also neutrally. So in my today’s list, I have brought 7 best Inversion Table that will be a great buy for your back pain in 2017.

Things to Consider before Choosing the Best Inversion Table?

Here comes the million dollar question.

Which are the terms that play a vital role in choosing the right Inversion table for you?

Material! Yes, the material your inversion table is made of plays the vital role while choosing the right product. See, it is very simple to choose an inversion table which is made of carbon steel. Do not compromise with the base material. There are many health threats has taken place during the inversion table therapy which are made of a cheap quality product like plastic.

On the other hand, the back pads of your inversion table play the main role to comfort you. This pad can be made of thick or thin material. So you can understand that Thick pads will comfort you most over thin pads. Also, make sure the frame of your inversion table is foldable than static. As it will allow you to do more with the product by creating different angles. Also, make sure your table has an adjustable Clamp. It is so obvious, not all feet are same, right

Comparison Table : Which inversion table is the best?

  • Top 7 compared!
  •  Wow! Factors
  •  Uniqueness
  • Why go for it?
  •  Overall thought!
  •  Our Rating
  • $Price

  • 1# Teeter EP-960
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain which is really important for a victim of back pain
  • Can be used for core muscle exercise along with lower back stretching
  • Heavy price tag. But superior quality does not come cheap
  • 9 / 10!
  • See Lowest Price

  • 2# Ironman Gravity 4000
  • Can carry weight up to 350lbs.
  • Equipped with safety handle
  • Memory Foam made bench for heavenly comfort
  • Can be assembled at your fingertips. But you will be needed a big space for that. Also time consuming
  • 8.5 / 10
  • See Lowest Price

  • 3# Innova ITX9700
  • Great comfort with Memory Foam bench
  • Easy but safe pin system for adjusting position
  • works great on reducing headaches and increasing blood circulation and digestive power
  • Not fully equipped with acupressure modules, body massage button and heat accessory. Maybe that because for meeting your budget.
  • 8.5 / 10
  • See Lowest Price

  • 4# Teeter EP-560
  • 5 years of warranty
  • The unique Lumbar Bridge model that offer point base traction on your lower back
  • Amazing comfort with head pillow
  • Adjustable up to 60 degrees only for the safety of its user. What about those patients who want a full inversion.
  • 8 / 10
  • See Lowest Price

  • 5# Ironman LX300
  • Great quality in low price
  • inbuilt height adjustable mechanism
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • The product is not equipped with whistles and bells. Has it compromised the safety on making a low value inversion table?
  • 8.5 / 10
  • See Lowest Price

  • 6# Exerpeutic
  • Stunning comfort with foam made Backrest
  • Adjustable tether offers security and stability to its users
  • Works in blood circulation improvement and dissolve muscle pain as well
  • Cheap in price but does not appear with folding option
  • 7.5 / 10
  • See Lowest Price

  • 7# Health Mark Pro Max
  • Non-motorized and bi-positional design
  • Made for heavy use
  • 180 degree dual inversion for traction
  • Very costly. Specially built for professional use
  • 8 / 10
  • See Lowest Price

Top 7 Inversion Table Reviews : In depth Analysis and Offers

#1 Teeter Inversion Table – The King of Kings

With stylish design and longevity, EP-960 Ltd. has secured the place in the top of our list of best inversion tables. I take it for granted people buying an inversion table are facing problems with their back pain. It leads me to conclude that an inversion table should have easy to clean and maintain. EP-960 Ltd. is exactly offering the same. This feature makes different this table from others.

Best Inversion Table 2020

However, the price tag of the product can really disappoint you. Well, you cannot buy best rated inversion table at cheap price.

Don’t compromise if you want the best!!!!

So my suggestion is, if you can spend money and do not want to compromise the health of you and your family, then you must buy it. I have suggested the product to many of my friends and they got the benefits. When it comes to the benefits of the product, the first thing I must mention is the heavenly comfort it offers on your back, lower back, and ankle.

In addition, you will get 5 years of manufacturer warranty which cannot be unseen. The foldable profile of EP-960 Ltd. allows you to keep this in your 3BHK lifestyle.

It also allows you to stretch your core muscles like pelvic floor muscles, rectum abdominal, sacrospinalis, diaphragm, obliques and transversus abdominal along with the back and lower back of your body.


  • Foldable
  • Long Lasting
  • Cozy ankle support system
  • 5 years warranty


  • Heavy weight
  • Heavy Price tag

#2 Ironman Gravity 4000 – Therapy with Comfort

One of the best selling inversion tables is now at your service. The user manual of the product will tell you that you can assemble the product whatever you like to do with it within thirty minutes only. But what they will not say you there; make sure you have an enough big room to perform the assembly.

But the main drawback of Gravity 4000 is the misplaced of appropriate ankle locking system. It means you can only perform exercises like sit-ups, crunches or other abs core fitness training when you are totally inverted.

Should you buy it then?

Now if you are wondering how the product can come so called top portion on this list and has become one of the most selling inversion tables, the answers beneath down there.

I agree you can only do exercises of abs and sit ups when you are inverted. But in your inverted position the ankle locks work great and offer maximum comfort. In addition, the product is also equipped with a Safety handles that offer additional support for your need of inversion. The foam made bench take cares of your comfort.


  • Inbuilt safety handle
  • Backbench is made of memory foam
  • Designed to bear 350lbs


  • Sit-ups, crunches, and other abs core exercise are only possible when you are fully inverted
  • DVD instruction file is incomplete

#3 Innova ITX9700 – Comes in Your Budget, Especially If Low

Just like the Ironman Gravity 4000, Innova ITX9700 is also made of great memory foam. So you might already get the unique selling point of the product which is satisfaction.

Honestly saying, choosing Innova ITX9700 can be a great deal in order to hug your back gently. The product works great on reducing headaches and increasing blood circulation.

Before you buy this product I suggest reading a human evolution book. The evidence there will clearly show the fact that long back from the Stone Age mankind is taking bats’ footsteps. So in the era of 21st century, whether you have a lingering injury or want to stretch your back after busy scheduled day, this product will guarantee maximum fluid flow around the vertebrae.

However, Innova ITX9700 is a basic model of inversion table that does not come up with acupressure modules, body massage button, and heat accessory. So if you are looking for a fully featured inversion device, Innova ITX9700 is not your cup of tea.

But I still think if your purpose is only stretching and giving your abdomen an upside down crunch then this product is worth trying on a low budget.


  • Ability to bear heavy weight
  • Built in cushion
  • Easy assembling feature
  • User’s weight and height settings


  • Ankle holder could be more comfortable
  • Basic version of inversion table, advanced features are not available

#4 Teeter EP-560 – Best for Back Pain

This Teeter model offers smoothness like drinking pure malt on a cold November rain. The model comes up with a head pillow which is easily removable according to your comfort and needs. Just like the previous model of Teeter, this inversion table is also designed dedicated to comfort.

No need to think, the designer has forgotten the basic of its birth. Acupressure Nodes of Teeter EP-560 Ltd. comes in four different sizes that allow you to take a comfort stretch that supports the muscle of your spinal cord. The unique Lumbar Bridge placed in Teeter EP-560 Ltd., offers a point base traction on your lower back.

In the rabble of Teeter EP-560’s greatness, no need to think it has no backdrops. The adjustable T-Pin of this table is situated at very low. Believe me; it is not so comfortable to stretch for someone who is suffering from serious back pain. Last but not the list; do not buy the product unless you have a huge storage option at your home or apartment.

However, both these backdrops are negligible. It is true due to the low situation of T-pin the body stretch it offers is more effective. And the storage size is manageable if you do not want to compromise your health and body fitness.


  • Easy to store
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • 5 years of warranty
  • 6 ft 6 inches long bench


  • Heavy weight
  • Ankle locking extended system is unavailable

#5 Ironman LX300 – Quality in Cheap Price

The purpose of designing Ironman LX 300 is to lessen muscle tension and help you to build healthy back portion. Just like Teeter EP-560, LX 300 it also comes with a cushion and ankle rollers that are covered by foam. This table has the ability to be inverted up to 180 degrees.

The product is actually a basic level inversion table which has no whistles and bells. But I cannot say because of these factors the product has compromised with the safety of its users. It offers the same effectiveness that is available in an expensive inversion table model.

One thing can bother you after buying Ironman LX300. The frame of the table is made of heavy metal which makes the transport of the product very difficult. Finding a proper location for this can also be a hard job as the inversion table ask huge storage space even when it is folded.

These drawbacks of the product cannot overshadow its goodness. The product is really easy to assemble and further use. It also comes with the foldable option. Ironman LX300 is designed to bear up to 275 pounds. So I personally feel if you are not living in a small apartment and can make a place for the product, it will be a great buy. Do not forget the product comes up with Foldable option.


  • Wide range of adjustability
  • Longevity
  • Easy to store
  • Foldable


  • No clear instruction in the table’s manual guide
  • Safety is the subject to concern

#6 Exerpeutic Inversion Table – A Little Extra with Inversion Therapy

If you are having a persistent back pain and your physiotherapist sucks you, then it is time to sack him from the job and make way for Exerpeutic Inversion Table.

Even when doctors see no hope they prescribe this one!!!

It not only works extraordinarily on your back pain but also improves the blood circulation. Now you see, the science is clear like daylight here. Improvement in blood circulation dissolves the muscle pain and will help you with relaxing your muscle.

Unlike other inversion table designed by Teeter and Ironman etc., this one does not come up with a folding option. The product also weighs really heavy, 32 KG. So the main drawback of the product is its error in design that does not offer easy folding. Sorry to say that, there is no other way to resolve this problem. Unless you have big free storage space, do not wish to buy this.

However, you cannot unseen its features and USPs. The product offers great comfort of Foam Backrest at very low price. You should also notice one more thing in the design of Exerpeutic Inversion Table. The ankle holder of the inversion table is equipped with cushion and foam rollers. The adjustable tether of the product will solace you with warmth stability and security.


  • Full body inversion
  • Built in assembling tools that make it easy to set up
  • Works on blood circulation process
  • Helps to heal muscle pain


  • Short period of warranty
  • Not foldable

#7 Health Mark Pro Max – Ideal for Professional (Gym/Therapy Centre) Use

At the beginning of its design, the product was only useable at public gyms and fitness therapy center. But in the horizon of time Health Mark Inc.’s designers work hard on it, and made it usable for home use.

But why should you buy this for a personal use?

Well, this is the only product of its kind that comes with bi-positional and non-motorized.

Non-motorized mean you will not get any machinery help from the inversion table. This means you have to push your limit hard here and as usual, you will get ultimate result. With the bi-positional facility of the table, you can do abdomen exercise and another way round; back stretching is also performable in this equipment.

The product is equipped with foam padded bed and has the capacity to bear 600 lbs. So there is no doubt that Health Mark Pro Max is made for heavy duty.

That is why the developer has made the table with steel frame. It will allow you to take traction of 180 degrees. You will also get ankle and knee support through its comforting bracket.

However, the product is really costly and do not have any foldable option. So unless you cannot bear much in terms of both monetary and storage issue, I do not think it would be a great buy for you.

If you are living in a small apartment and only wish to buy an inversion table for personal use only then my suggestion for you will be Teeter EP-560, Ironman Gravity 4000 or Innova ITX9700. But if you are running a professional therapy center then Health Mark Pro Max will be your perfect buy.


  • Non-Motorized
  • Heavy duty
  • Bi-potential design


  • Foldable option is not available
  • Very costly
  • Not suitable for home use

Frequently Asked Questions on Inversion Table

1. What is Inversion Table? Were to Buy One?

An inversion table is used for inversion therapy. It allows you to stretch your body at an upside down position. Previously it was only found in gym and therapy centers. But now, Inversion tables for home use have also been introduced. You can buy an inversion table from your nearest health fitness equipment shop or they are also available in online shopping site like Amazon.

2. Where to buy from?

No need to think hard, where to buy these products. I always suggest; buy products from Amazon. Why Amazon? Amazon not only offers product warranty or replacement warranty, but they also offer free shipping. So now think, you got the delivery of a heavy product like inversion table at your doorstep for free. Isn’t wow? Mark my word, Amazon is the real deal. I have also mentioned the possible best deal of top 7 inversion tables listed here.

3. What is Inversion Therapy?

Inversion Therapy is a special kind of therapy that allows you to exercise or stretching in an inverted angle by hanging your legs, especially ankles or feet. In simple word, it allows the exercise to stretch the body being hanging from an upside down position.

4. What are the Benefits of Inversion Therapy?

Necessity is the biggest teacher and nature is the ultimate scientist. From the dawn of life on earth, monkeys, spiders, and bats used to hang upside down. They might know the benefits of inversion therapy long ago than the human could possibly find it out. Doctors, scientists, and therapists all admit that inversion therapy has plenty of benefits; in fact, the list is endless indeed. I am telling you there will be more benefits of inversion therapy come out in front of us in future as far the research will go on. But for the time being, here are the main benefits of inversion therapy:

Relief in Chronic Pain:·Back Pain in general and Lower Back Pain in particularUpper back and Neck PainNerve PainHerniated Disc PainScoliosis PainHelps to reduce a headacheCervical Spinal StenosisRelief in Fibromyalgia SymptomsOsteoarthritis PainBoost up Physical Fitness:·Enhance PostureEnhance flexibilityRaise Joint PowerFaster recovery after workout Makes Ligaments StrongerEnhance Sleeping HabitDecrease FatRegain heightIncrease Energy
Improve Digestive Power and Immune System:·Enhance the system functionality of LymphaticAids DigestionHelps to improve Immune System’Reinvigorate Internal OrgansBoost up Mental Health:·Lessen StressAlerts your SensesFight against depression and mood swingHelps you to think Creative·Lessen premenstrual syndrome Symptoms
Helps to Build a Strong Respiratory System:·Enhance the functionality of LungsHelps to clear up mucus in SinusMake it easier to breatheCosmetic Benefits:·Natural Anti-Aging BenefitsHelps to Get an Attracting Physical Appearance

5. Does Age Matter for Inversion Therapy? Can a Child Use Inversion Table?

The answer of this question is not as straightforward as the question is. Medical science will tell you to start inversion therapy as early as possible. But I suggest to do not let your child use the inversion table all alone. Always be with your son or daughter whenever he or she is practicing on it. On the other hand, I also suggest that let your baby’s bone get a little harder to start inversion. So you should allow your child to exercise on inversion table after an age of 12 to 14.

6. Who Should Not Use Inversion Therapy?

Well, that is a really good question.

While prescribing inversion therapy to a patient, a doctor or therapist should have kept few things in mind. A person with recent bone fracture or bone weakness cannot use inversion therapy. On the other hand, patients with Glaucoma, Pink eye, and heart diseases should not try this. We also suggest not using inversion table during pregnancy or extreme Obesity.

A person with spinal injury, Retinal detachment or heart stroke should not try this at home or even in therapy center.

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