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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Programmable buttons

We all know that a gaming mouse has so many programmable buttons, which has different functions. Most of the gaming mice allow you to customize the buttons and set it the way you want. So, to know how many programmable buttons you need to have in your mice depends on what games you are willing to play with it.

If you are a fan of MMO games, then you may need to have more programmable buttons on your mouse. If you look for the MMO wireless gaming mouse, then you will get to know that almost all the MMO gaming mice have 12 programmable buttons. You can also buy any wireless gaming mouse that has at least 12 programmable buttons to play MMO games.

Whereas for MOBA games, you do not need to have as many programmable buttons as you need for MMO. Most of the MOBA mice are available with 5, 6, 7, or even 8 programmable buttons. So, you need to know what games you are willing to play with your mouse and then select the number of buttons according to it.


Ergonomic – Grip Style

The other thing you need to consider when buying the wireless gaming mouse is the ergonomic design as there are infinite numbers of wireless gaming mice available on the market and we all are very much cognizant of the fact that not every mouse in the market is ergonomic and comfortable. Everyone has a different way of holding the mouse while playing the game. There are three grip types; claw, palm, and fingertips. So, you need to know your style of gripping the mouse, as not every mouse on the market is designed for all grip styles. If you are the one who uses palm grip style, then you will have lots of options as most of the mice are designed for it.

Best Gaming Mouse 2021


DPI, dots per inch, is the number of pixels the cursor moves on the screen when the gamer moves the mouse by inch. It means the higher DPI of the mouse, the more you can move your cursor with minimal mouse movement. The wireless gaming mouse with higher DPI is ideal for shooting games where you need to make a quick move. These are also good for you if you have a large monitor or screen. On the other hand, a lower DPI is ideal for games involve stealth. Some good wireless gaming mice even give you the option to adjust the DPI.

Response Time

The speed of the gaming mouse matter a lot as lagging in input can make you lose your game so the response time of the wireless gaming mouse matters a lot. The response time of the wireless mouse should be around 1 or 2 ms.

What is the best wireless mouse for gaming?

The best wireless is the one that has all the features and programmable buttons that is suitable for different gaming genres. If you are willing to play only one genre, then you can buy the one that is only suitable for that particular genre. For instance, if you want to play MOBA, then the list for the best gaming mouse narrowed, and you can easily select the mouse according to the needs.

You also need to make sure whether you want to play with your right hand, left hand or both. Some people are lefty and if you are one, then you need to look for the best wireless gaming mouse designed for left-handed gamers.

What is the difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse?

A lot of people have confusion that why they need a gaming mouse for playing games, they really want to know the difference between both. A serious gamer is very well aware of the difference.

The first difference that anyone can notice about the gaming mouse is the combination of buttons. Gaming mouse has a lot of buttons as compared to the normal mouse. The programmable buttons are customizable and can be customized via software.  Gaming mice are durable, ergonomic, and quick to respond, while a normal mouse doesn’t have such features.

Is wired or wireless mouse better for gaming?

There are many people who prefer the best wireless gaming mouse, while a lot of gamers also like to use a wired mouse. Some gamers like to pick the gaming mouse that offers wired as well as wireless connectivity. Both gaming mice have their own benefits.

The wireless gaming mice are portable and there is no way it gets tangled anywhere unlike wired mice. But, wireless mouse can run out of battery during the game, and that is really annoying for serious gamers. That’s the reason gamers prefer to have a mouse with dual connectivity.

Can I use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse?

Yes, one can use the gaming mouse as a regular mouse. Gaming mice are known for ergonomic design, so, it is really comfortable when you use it as a regular mouse. You need to change the DPI when you are not playing a game.

The size buttons of the gaming mouse can be customized, you can reprogram it to certain commands according to your need, maybe to force shutdown or anything as per your convenience. When you use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse, you will surely like the features.


In this article, we discussed the best wireless gaming mouse. All the mice mentioned above are best in their own manner with lots of features and different sensors. I also highlight the common questions asked by people.

Are you a left handed gamer looking for the best left handed best gaming mouse in 2021? Find out what’s available to you as a left handed gamer.

If you are left handed you are one of the 10% of people that are left handed in the world. Pretty special right and unique right?

So Here are Some of the Best Gaming Mouse of 2021

Well not in the world of gaming. Like most other items on the planet specialist left handed items are hard to come by and sadly that is the case for left handed gaming mice.

Apparently 10% is too niche a market for many gaming mice makers to dive into. Frustrating if you are a lefty, you are left with limited left hand gaming mice options, use ambidextrous mice or forced to use and learn to game with right handed mice.

Sadly to say, if you are wanting a fully fledged left handed gaming mouse the choices are very limited. On this article we will run through what gaming mouse options there are available and what is the best left handed gaming mouse.

So whats available?


What is mouse acceleration?

So, what is mouse acceleration? Well, this topic has drawn a lot of attention in most online forums. While most argue that mouse acceleration is generally bad for gaming, some still feel that it’s an important setting that should not be underestimated.

Basically, mouse acceleration refers to a mouse setting that change the distance moved by the pointer in reference to speed. A simple analogy should explain this. Move your mouse from point X to point Y slowly and mark the distance travelled by the pointer in the screen. Now, move the mouse again from X to Y, but this time faster, and note the distance travelled by the pointer. With acceleration on, the pointer moves a greater distance when the mouse is moved faster and a smaller distance when the mouse is moved slowly between the same points, X and Y.

There are two types of mouse acceleration.

Positive acceleration – this means that the faster you move your mouse, the farther the cursor will travel on the screen. Thus, increased mouse movement results to an increased pointer/cursor movement. Most operating systems come with this setting, and can be accessed under mouse settings.

Negative acceleration – it’s basically the opposite of positive acceleration. The faster your mouse moves, the less the distance travelled by the pointer and vice versa. It’s not common and can only be used in specific applications and games.

In the world of gaming, accuracy and consistency are key attributes that define a professional gamer, attributes that are hard to achieve with mouse acceleration turned on.

Though debatable, most gamers recommended no mouse acceleration to achieve precision and accuracy, especially when playing more competitive games. In windows, this can be achieved by un-checking the enhance pointer precision under pointer options.

On the other hand, I would say that it’s a setting that depends on a person’s choice and preference. For instance, a gamer who normally uses no mouse acceleration will definitely find it difficult to aim in a mouse acceleration environment.

What is Polling Rate?

Understanding the difference between polling rates and DPI can make a world of difference in your gaming experience. Polling rates are often confused with a gaming mouses DPI.

This can cause a decrease in overall performance and understanding of how your mouse works. Below we will explain in detail what your polling rate is and how it differs from a gaming mouses DPI.

So what is Polling Rate?

Your mouse’s polling rate or level is how frequently it messages back to your computer. These measurements are measured in units labeled HZ.

If a mouse has a HZ rate of 200 HZ, this means it reports back to your computer 200 times per second. A mouse with a higher HZ will often result in more accurate movements and responses. These are vital settings for any gaming mouse.

Gaming Mice with advanced polling rates will often allow you to set them at the level you wish. This lets you find what settings work best for your game and environment. Some mice even come with built in buttons that let you switch profiles while on the move. This allows you to swap back and forth depending on the situation or environment you are in.

Where DPI is dependant on your game and screen resolution, HZ is a consistent rate that is paired with your cpu.

One of the key points to remember is that with higher HZ comes a higher demand on your CPU. Simply put, the higher your setting the more resources are needed to communicate with and run the mouse.

It’s important that you find a polling rate and dpi setting that not only work well together, but that work well for you. These higher levels often come with a very steep learning curve. With practise and time devoted anyone can get the most out of their gaming mouse.


What is DPI?

If you’ve been shopping for a new gaming mouse there’s no doubt you’ve seen and heard of DPI. So what is DPI? DPI toutes as one of the main features in almost every mouse, the information can sometimes be misleading. Below we will discuss the benefits of higher DPI and whether or not they really make a difference. Helping you to pick the best suited mouse for your desired setting.

Dots Per Inch also known as DPI is one of the most advertised features in gaming mice. The DPI is a general measurement of how fast your mouse responds to external stimuli. A mouse with a higher DPI will react not only faster, but will also react to smaller and more precise movements.

Although DPI is very important for all gaming mice, too much of a good thing can still be bad. The last thing a gamer wants is their mouse cursor flying all over the screen in every direction. It’s important to get a feel for your mouses DPI and to practise with different settings.

One of the great benefits of the increased sensitivity is the direct translation into improved accuracy. Improved accuracy can make all the difference in a fast paced setting or game.

If you find that the DPI of your gaming mouse is too high, you can try to pair it with a low sensitivity setting. This gives you the precision you need, but with a smoother and all together friendlier response.

A high DPI mouse paired with a low sensitivity setting help to ensure that the cursor won’t fly across the screen when you need it to be stable. For a larger resolution screen High-DPI gaming mice can make all the difference.

The ability to move long distances with little relative movement can be the difference between success and failure. The key point is to always test your settings before jumping into a task.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Left Handed Best Gaming mouse

It is great to see another one of the major gaming mice makers come to the party and create one of their high quality products for both left and right handed gamers. Though this mouse is not a purely dedicated left handed mouse it certainly caters extremely well for the left handed gamer. Not only that it comes with the high quality that Logitech are know for.

An excellent feature of this particular mouse of which there are many is the fact that it is a wireless capable mouse. No more messing around with cords should you prefer it that way and the wireless connection is more than adequate as the mouse is used by professional gamers, so you know there is little to no lag. You will be able to get up to 30 hours of game time on a single charge which is great for those gaming marathons.

Its uses the high quality PMW3366 Optical Gaming Sensor which is considered one of the best sensors available today. With a DPI range of 200-12000 you will have more than enough to suit your needs.

As with Logitechs products you get their fantastic software and extremely customizable colours and features but probably the best this about this mouse is the fact you are physically able to customize the buttons.

So should you have a right handed player and a left handed player in your house, you are able to change the buttons on the mouse physically to suit. You could have a left handed, ambidextrous or right handed setup should you want it. It is good to have options and that is what this mouse offers.


Logitech-g602 is the best gaming mouse

redragon perdition buttonLogitech has combined science and their passion to create the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life. Backed up by a proprietary Logitech G Science, the mouse delivers exactly everything that a gamer requires.

Best Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse

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On top of that, it provides a long lasting battery which will ensure that your get an uninterrupted gaming experience. The look of the gaming mouse is rather unique along with a bit of functionality hidden in it.


Design wise the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse looks rather simple but it hides a lot of features under this shade of simplicity.

It comes in a single color combination of grey and silver. The mouse has been manufactured keeping comfort, speed, reliability and precision in mind.

The rather unusual shape of the mouse allows the gamer to play games for a long period of time without getting any fatigue.

There is an extended thumb rest which provides comfort and also houses a host of various buttons.

A battery life indicator near the scroll wheel lets you know when it is time for a recharge. The buttons have been created for durable gameplay and carry a life span of 20 million clicks.

Tech Specs

The mouse offers the highest DPI setting of 2500 and the minimum of 250, which allows the gamer to adjust the mouse sensitivity and speed according to their requirements.

The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse comes with a USB 2.0 Bluetooth receiver which communicates with the mouse wirelessly and only gives a delay of 2 ms.

A proprietary Delta Zero Sensor technology allows the mouse to not only conserve battery life, but also provide enhanced accuracy with the help of a special lens design, algorithms and illuminated geometry.

The conservation of battery is reflected in its life of 250 hours. Switching to endurance mode will give you a battery life of 1440 hours.

Miscellaneous Features

There are two triggers at the edge of the left mouse click which allow the user to cycle between five different DPI settings instantly, allowing the gamer to go from precision movement to speed in no time.

You can also customize eleven different buttons on the mouse for different commands in a game. The Logitech Gaming Software also allows you to assign these buttons to in game macros and scripts, such as for games like World of Warcraft, so that you have a true control of the games in your hand.

A switch between Performance and Endurance mode allows you to change the behavior and functioning of the mouse according to a gaming mode or normal desktop environment quickly. It also allows you to conserve more battery with the endurance mode.



Best Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse

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• 13 programmable buttons help you perform intricate macros with a single click*

• Natural curves that fit your hand and smooth-gliding feet give you epic comfort and control

• Full-speed wireless (1,000 reports per second) combines gaming-grade responsiveness with wireless freedom

• A USB recharging/data cable makes sure you never run out of power in the heat of battle

• Crafted for gaming with high-precision laser tracking and onboard memory for storing up to five game profiles

Logitech G700 MMO The Logitech G series MMO mice have only grown better and stronger over the years and the G700 is no exception.

It is the perfect controlling device for handling your character well in games like World of Warcraft. The device comes loaded with a slew of features that makes online gaming a true pleasure for you.

The device is equipped with a 5700 dpi precision laser technology which enhances movement and control manifold especially in high octane gaming scenarios of World of Warcraft and similar games.

The dpi settings on the device can also be reset by mapping this functionality to one of the buttons. This makes the G700 an ideal WoW gaming mouse.

With a set of 13 programmable keys, this macro mouse can be customized in numerous ways to create the most optimum gaming experience.

With the added advantage of unnoticeable lag time, the G700 can seek a place as a top contender for MMO mice.

The build quality of the Logitech G700 is sturdy to say the least. Even though it might lack the style and finesse of some of its competitors, this mouse looks strong and exudes a sense of confidence when used for long hours under trying circumstances.

The ergonomic design keeps the hand steady and devoid of any slippery mishaps that could cost you during intensive gameplay.

The device weights towards the heavier side at 153 grams which is all thanks to the single AA battery that powers it.

You can create a maximum of 30 profiles on the Logitech G700 through the software provided while the on-board memory can take up to 5 profiles.

The G700 has a clear advantage over its rivals as it provides a seamless wireless connection to the avid gamer.

There is no issue regarding annoying long wires getting entangled anywhere. With a small USB receiver that goes into your computer, the G700 is ready to be used. It natively supports only Windows based PCs.

The battery life of the device lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge and each full charge takes about 3 to 4 hours. Illumination options are limited on this device as only three LED lights will go on in red, green or orange each denoting different functions.

The device comes packed with a USB charging wire which you will have to use quite often. With one rechargeable battery included, it might be a good idea to invest in a few more as it is bound to be drained out fast depending on how often and how long you play.

The wireless is excessive at 30 feet and should be more than enough for everyone. The G700 is a great wireless alternative for a great MMO gaming experience.

Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitec G300x

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Can’t afford the new G900 Spectrum but still want the Logitech quality? You could try the Logitech G300s.

This mouse is quite a bit older so you will not get the same specs and latest sensor the G900 has but you can still be assured of the quality.

The mouse has overwhelming positives reviews from purchasers on Amazon. So what do you get? The G300 comes with 9 programmable buttons which for the price is a good amount. 3 on-board profiles for saving your gaming setups.

The DPI settings can be changed on 5 different levels up to 2500 dpi. The software for the mouse can be downloaded online and the Logitech software is one of the best around.

As well as the buttons, profiles and DPI, you are able to change the report rate, pointer behavior on the X/Y axis along with DPI X/Y levels independently. You can change the color of the lighting on the mouse between 7 different colors. The Profiles can be changed in game.

This mouse is on the lighter side of the spectrum and does not come with any weights feature so if you are looking for a heavy mouse this may not be the one for you. The middle mouse button is not tilt shift.


Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse


20 MMO-tuned buttons: Includes unique 12-button thumb panel designed for quick, no-look navigation

G-shift ring-finger button: Instantly double the number of actions you can perform with every button

Built for comfort: Sculpted shape and tuned buttons reduce click fatigue during marathon multiplayer sessions

Total personalization: Set it up your way with customizable thumb panel lighting colors, DPI levels or button assignments

Made for PC gaming: Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Logitech tracking devices have been around for ages so it is no surprise when the Logitech G600

MMO Gaming Mouse rakes up curiosity from the casual enthusiast to the experienced gamer alike for a powerful device that can truly enhance gaming experiences on well-known MMO games like World of Warcraft.

Best Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse

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The G600 comes loaded with features and looks great as well. It houses 20 MMO enhanced buttons that can be bound to keys for creating the ultimate customized WoW gaming mouse. Replete with 12 buttons on the thumb grip, 3 primary buttons and a G switch along with a scroll wheel, the G600 takes every imaginable need of a MMO gamer into account.

The chances of Logitech going too wrong with their double dish design for the thumb panel are very limited indeed as it is based on direct inputs from MMO gamers and developers themselves. The G600 is bound to provide the most precise movement and control with a 200 – 8200 dots per inch tracking resolution under its hood.

The beauty lies in the detail as this mouse uses gaming laser precision technology that adjusts to your hand speed for the most advanced gaming experience possible.

The USP of the device probably lies in the G switch button that activates a secondary function for each of the keys. The G600 looks aesthetically appealing with up to three customizable illumination options on the device.

Using the Logitech Gaming Software can further enhance the experience of users. The durability of the device cannot be questioned as it comes with a 20 million click lifetime.

The device is conveniently sized at 118mm x 75mm x 41mm and weighs a paltry 133 grams without the cable attached to it. The G600 uses advanced friction reducing technology which makes controlling the device a breeze especially in pressure situations on games like WoW.

The device is a true macro mouse as keys can be customized in a variety of ways. While native support is not available for the Mac and this device works primarily on Windows based PCs, there are workarounds available for running it on the Mac as well.

There is no wireless functionality on the G600. It works with a 6.5 feet long USB wire which is provided with the device. The mouse allows you to wrap up the wire neatly with a hook and loop system that keeps tangled up messes at bay.

The Logitech Gaming Software installed along with this device can automatically detect known game customizations and allows you create your own custom settings for different profiles.

In all, the G600 is a very potent option for all MMO gamers out there as it intuitively understands the most important requirements a gamer would have and adapts itself beautifully for optimum productivity.



Discover the true meaning of freedom while gaming with the Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac. The mouse works on wireless technology, so you do not have to worry about any cords being unplugged or pulled unintentionally. The mouse itself is a stunning device which reflects the attitude of a strong gamer. Under the hood, the mouse is very powerful and has a lot to offer.

Best Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse

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The mouse maintains a visually beautiful profile with simplicity in the single colors of white, glossy black, matte black and red. It is built with an aluminum chassis which is light weight yet durable. The mouse is comfortable to use.

There are key factors responsible for this comfort and one of them is the ability to change the length of the mouse so as to compliment it with the size of your hand. Prefer a light weight mouse over a heavier one?

That is no problem with the Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse since it allows you to modify the weight of the mouse by adding or removing 6 gram weights.

There are a total of five of such weights provided so that you can choose your comfortable weight. Your thumb and your little finger get extra support with special rest pads that all bring new buttons and features. These rest pads are interchangeable so that the gamer can get the perfect feel for his mouse.

He could choose the stock pads which are of the same texture as the rest of the body or he could go with the rubber inlayed rest pads which provide extra grip.

There is a winged rest pad which allows you to rest your little fingers and avoid it from fatigue. In case you need to add more height to your mouse, you can go with the 4 mm thick rest pad.

Tech Specs

Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac works on a latency of just 1 ms which promises accuracy and precision which only very few wireless mouse can deliver.

The 6400 DPI sensitivity means that you will not be disappointed by the mouse’s performance in both switch and precise movements. There are two separate sensors responsible for reading the X and Y axis.

The gaming mouse works with a USB receiver for its wireless signals. There is a special charging dock also included with the device, to ensure that you always have an emergency battery.

Highlighted Features

The mouse allows you to program 18 different commands on 6 different buttons with the help of a three mode sensor.

An additional thumb scroll can be used according to the user’s requirement. The Mad Catz R.A.T.9 Gaming Mouse features a precision aim button which slows down the movement of the mouse for a more definitive control.

A special software allows assignment of game macros and scripts to the 6 buttons of the mouse, so that all your game tactics are literally just a click away. For accessibility purposes, internet forward and back buttons are also present near the thumb rest.


The Mad Catz M.M.O.7 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac belongs purely to the gaming class. Its futuristic design and color combination sets it apart from the crowd.

However, the Mad Catz M.M.O.7 does not just carry the looks; with a sharp laser and highly customizable options, the gaming mouse brings a lot to the table.

Best Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse

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The mouse comes in four different matte and glossy color combinations. The entire design of the mouse has been constructed keeping comfort in mind.

You can adjust the length of the mouse according to the size of your hand and gameplay style.

There is a thumb pad and pinky finger rest pad, which provide comfort along with additional buttons for gaming.

These rest pads can be customized according to the user’s need. The user can opt for a combination of rest pads which feel like the finish of the entire mouse, or he can choose a rubber inlay for improved grip.

A Special winged pinky finger rest ensures that your little finger does not ache after long continuous hours of gaming. A 4mm thick rest is also available which elevates the mouse and its controls.

Some games call for a heavy mouse for precise movements while the others require a light mouse for swift movements. Mad Catz M.M.O.7 Gaming Mouse incorporates a smart weight system which allows you to add or subtract weight from the mouse, with the help of five 6 gram weights.

The backlighting of the two mouse buttons are programmable with any of the sixteen million RGB combination, providing a personalized touch for each mouse.

Tech Specs

The Mad Catz M.M.O.7 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac can run at a maximum of an impressive 6400 DPI which allows the mouse to track its movement accurately up to 6 meters per second.

This is achieved with the help of two quality sensors which read the X and Y axis position individually.

It is a full size mouse which works with USB 2.0. The cord of the mouse is protected with fiber, which also prevent the cord from entangling. There are 15 programmable buttons on the mouse for you convenience.

Special Features

The 15 buttons can perform up to 90 different commands. This is possible with 3 way mode switch and a two position switch button which allows 15x3x2 = 90 different commands to be executed with the mouse.

The thumb of the user has an access to a 5-D button which provides up, down, left, right and click buttons. The gamer can use this 5-D for precision aiming.

Not only are these mouse buttons capable of just commands, but they can actually run macros and scripts of popular games such as World of Warcraft with the help of a special add-ons provided by Mad Catz. Hours of long gaming can be taxing for the fingers.

A special ‘ActionLock’ feature allows the gamer to give a constant left or right mouse button input so that he can move the mouse around freely without putting any stress on his fingers.



• 7 ft lightweight, braided fiber cable
• Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions
• Optimized for MOBA/Action-RPG’s
• 6 accessible mechanical buttons
• Gold-plated USB connector
• 6 MOBA/action-RPG optimized mechanical thumb buttons
• 11 total programmable Hyperesponse buttons
• Special switches in buttons for 250 clicks per minute
• 10 million click life cycle
• Razer Synapse 2.0
• 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
• 1000Hz Ultrapolling/1ms response time


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Raza Naga HexThe world of online gaming can only get better with devices like the Razer Naga Hex. This stunning new mouse from Razer has the potential to tweak game experiences beyond expectations with its rich feature list and stylized design.

The Razer Naga Hex is essentially made for Multiplayer Online Battlefield Arenas or MOBA and role playing games or RPG. But it’s unique because it works equally well for massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft. As a Wow gaming mouse, the Razer Naga Hex hardly loses any functionality.

With a great looking green glow to the contours of the device, the Razer Naga Hex looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. Equipped with 6 mechanical buttons and a total of 11 programmable ultra-sensitive buttons optimized for MOBA and RPG interfaces, the ability to map complex moves is right there at your fingertips with this device.

You can really give your fingers a go with this one ultra-fast device as it can register a whopping 250 clicks a minute. It comes with a lifetime of 10 million clicks which is a tall order to beat by any standards.

The Naga Hex relies on precision and lightning fast control which is obvious from the 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor and 1ms response time the device boasts of. At 116 mm x 70 mm x 46 mm of length, width and height, the Naga Hex is made from the ground up only for the purpose of pure gaming pleasure.

Its effectiveness as a WoW gaming mouse is highlighted by the fact that just about anything can be programmed into the buttons provided on the thumb grip. These range from keyboard functions, key map switching, program launches and others.

The Naga Hex has macro support as well which makes it an ideal macro mouse for WoW and similar games apart from the regular fare of MOBA and RPG options out there.

The device can be easily loaded on to Mac or Windows computers with minimal hardware and software requirements.

Since it comes loaded with the Razer Synapse 2.0 feature, you can configure it once and forget about it for life unless you need to remap the buttons or bind controls for a new Razer device.

Since it’s a cloud based service, your computer is redundant and you have nothing to worry about in terms of keeping your configurations secure as Razer Synapse saves them for you.

With a wired connection through your USB port, the Naga Hex comes to life instantaneously. It only requires an internet connection initially to take care of driver installations.

The configuration procedure is rather straightforward with an intuitive user interface. The Naga Hex can easily replace your keyboard only online gaming experience with a great boost to performance and productivity both.

G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 Gaming Mouse

Following on from the the above Logitech G900 and its ability to be customized the G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 has a lot of available customizations of its own and this mouse comes at a much lower price tag.

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Like many other gaming mice in this day and age the MX780 has the ability for the user to change the heaviness of the mouse with an adjustable weights system with 4.5g weights able to be put in and out of the mouse.

Unlike many gaming mice these days this mouse has the ability to be height adjusted with the palm res being adjustable for the user to adopt a height which best suits their ergonomic needs.

As well as the ability to adjust the height the MX780 also has adjustable side grips which means you can set this mouse up for your preference, working for both left and right handed gamers.
The other specs are not quite up to the same standard as the G900 but at a much cheaper price that is what you would expect. Having said that the mouse is still of a reasonable standard.

It comes with an Avago laser sensor which a lot of mice do, Omron micro switch, which many mice do also as well as DPI up to 8200. It has onboard profile storage for easy portability as well as 8 programmable buttons and lighting customization options.

If you cannot justify forking out for the G900 but still want to have a good amount of customization with your mouse then the G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 is certainly worth a look, especially given its favorable reviews.

Razer Naga Left Handed Gaming Mouse

Razer-Naga- Best Left-handed-gaming-mouse

If you are looking for the most buttons you can get for your MMORPG then this mouse is the best bet for left handers. Razer are one of the more well known gaming hardware makers and known by most gamers.

Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse June 2020
Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse June 2020

Razer always make sleak looking products and the left handed Naga is no exception and it comes packed full of the features the right handed mouse has.

The Razer Naga Left Handed MMO Gaming mouse has the most buttons you can get with left handed mice with the 12 button thumb pad and 19 optimised buttons total.

More importantly though the Razer Naga is ergonomically designed for the left handed gamer.

If you are a WoW specific player the Naga software is very easy to customize and they have developed a special WoW configurer to make setting up your buttons and macros so much easier.

Razer DeathAdder 3500 Left handed Gaming Mouse

Razer-Deathadder-best left-handed-gaming-mouse

Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse June 2020
Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse June 2020

Again Razer have come to the party for left handed gamers with the Razer Deathadder 3500 left handed edition.

Although not as high spec-ed as the Naga in terms of buttons and capability the Deathadder seems to have favourable feedback from its users.

Although probably more suited to FPS the Deathadder comes only 5 buttons and 3500dpi.

Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Left Handed Gaming Mouse Ouroborous

Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse June 2020
Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse June 2020

With limited choices available for a fully fledge left handed gaming mouse left handed gamers might finding themselves using the next best thing which is an ambidextrous gaming mouse.

Again Razor have come to the party providing an elite level gaming mouse in the Razer ouroboros. The Ouroboros comes with up to 8200dpi and a dedicated DPI clutch-trigger for easy adjustment of the DPI on the fly.

Also, or those of you that prefer a wireless gaming experience the Ouroboros can run up to 12 hours with a single AA battery for the wireless experience.

SteelSeries Kana Optical Gaming Mouse

Left Handed Gaming Mouse Kana

The SteelSeries Kana comes with 5 programmable buttons. As you probably know if you are looking for a fully fledge left hand gaming mouse with a lot of buttons, bar the Naga, you are pretty much out of luck.

Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse June 2020
Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse June 2020

The SteelSeries Kana ambidextrous gaming mouse however comes with good reviews and is amazingly comfortable for all grips. It features a Tournament Grade Optical Sensor and you get drag & drop macros with timing control, unlimited number of profiles and a heat map of button use.

It’s a popular choice for left handed gamers looking for a mid range, mid priced gaming mouse. You will also have the SteelSeries software SteelSeries Engine which has a lot of customization options for your gaming.

SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse

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The SteelSeries Sensei is another favourite for left handed gamers. Much like the Ambidextrous Kana, the Sensei isn’t packed with a lot of buttons but comes with a couple more programmable buttons than the Kana with 7 included on the mouse.

It features a very user friendly ergonomic shape, driverless plug & play and a slick look.

MIONIX AVIOR 8200 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

MIONIX-AVIOR-8200 gaming mouse

Best Gaming Mouse
Mionix AVIOR 8200 Ergonomic Ambidextrous Laser Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse

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Mionix have produced range of gaming mice as well as couple of ambidextrous gaming mice. The Avior 82000 comes packed with up to 16.8 Million LED color options, 128 kb built-in memory, 8200 DPI laser sensor with a whole lot of other features to enhance your gaming experience.

It comes with 9 programmable buttons, a few more than a lot of other competitors. The Avior is custom made for claw grip gamers.

If you haven’t been searching for a left handed mouse long you will quickly realise the options for a pure left handed gaming mouse are few and far between.

There are however a whole lot of ambidextrous mice to make up the slack. Although this may not be ideal and generally you are going to miss out on those high end mice with plenty of buttons.

At least there are a number of ambidextrous mice available to choose from with a variety of price ranges.


Genius-Professional gaming mouse

The Genius Professional Gaming Mouse (GX-Gaming Gila) packs all the coolness quotient which is required from a gaming mouse. Upon the first look, you will be able to distinguish it as a gaming mouse by its LED illumination and the vast number of buttons on the mouse. This gaming mouse is a powerful device with a lot of features running on its deck.


The design of the mouse is nothing short of remarkable. There are LED lights running across the circumference of the scroll wheel, logo and even under the mouse.

The mouse comes in black color with a hint of red to add the gaming touch to it. A thumb pad allows comfort to the thumb and also improves the grip as it is finished with rubber.

gaming mouse
gaming mouse

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The full size mouse can be used by both, left handed and right handed players. Gamers usually are comfortable to a certain feel of a mouse.

Genius Professional Gaming Mouse (GX-Gaming Gila) allows gamers to customize the weight of it with the help of 6 different weights, each at 4.5 grams, so that the mouse can weigh within their comfort level.

The LED lights of the mouse can be customized to the millions of color combinations which are possible with the RGB color codes. Twelve extra gaming buttons house on the device at different positions.

Tech Specs

With the help of a SG Core ii engine, the DPI settings of the mouse can be overclocked to 8200 DPI. The minimum allowed is 200 DPI. There is an MCU on a 32 K memory which ensures that macro settings are prevented from the game block.

Two sensors work for the X axis and Y axis independently and their DPI settings can also be tweaked independently. The mouse works on a wired USB 2.0 connection which is protected by braided fiber.

This fiber also ensures that the wire does not entangle itself. The cable length is 1.8 m and the USB is gold plated for optimum conductivity. The USB connection provides a 1 ms response time for the gamers.

Various Features

There are 12 buttons on the mouse with a 6 different modes. So, you can execute 72 different commands of your favorite game right from your mouse. The Genius Professional Gaming Mouse (GX-Gaming Gila) comes with the Scorpion gaming user interface which allows you to assign a command or a game script to a button, so that you don’t have to reach to your keyboard again and again.

Toggle between different DPI settings at any point of time to make sure that you can get precision or speed whenever required. The buttons are spread symmetrically around the mouse, so that it can be universally used by left handed as well as right handed gamers.


Perixx MX-3100 Best Gaming Mouse Review


1 Who are Perixx?
2 Perixx MX-3100 Performance
3 Sensor
4 Buttons
5 Profiles & Software
6 Personalization
7 Dimensions & Physical
8 Warranty & Customer Support
9 Consumer Reviews & Ratings
10 Pros
11 Cons
12 Conclusion

There are a number of similar gaming mice as the Perixx MX-3100 with 12 buttons on the side with a similar price range.

The Redragon Perdition, the UtechSmart Venus 50 the Logitech G600 amongst other newcomers like the Havit HV-MS735 are all similar options with similar specs.

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So how does the Perixx MX-3100 stack up? It certainly has some advantages to some of those mice and some setbacks as well.

We like the mouse. It as a less is more feel to it, while have many customizations available to you so you can get the settings you need.

Who are Perixx?

Perixx are a German company based in Düsseldorf that have been in the industry of peripherals since 2006. Primarily they have been focused on input devices and were most well renonwed in the HTPC market.

Perixx MX-3100 Performance

Polling Rate: Like the aforementioned gaming mice, the Perixx MX-3100 comes equipped with a polling rate of 1000hz.

The polling rate can also be adjusted down to 500 and 250 as well. Polling rate of a mouse refers to how often the mouse sends signals to your computer.

So how much polling rate do you need? If we give it some perspective the average human response time is 215 milliseconds.

You can actually test you reaction time here and see how quickly you can react and then compare to 1000hz of the Perixx MX-3100. At 1000hz, your mouse is sending signals every millisecond.

Thats a lot of speed and response from your mouse and probably more than you will ever need. We like options and for whatever reason you might need to lower that, with this mouse you can.

DPI defines the speed & sensitivity of the mouse sensor. For more detailed explanation read our explanation here. Simply put the higher the DPI the faster your curser will move across the screen when the mouse is moved.

How fast you like your mouse to move will come down to personal preference in your gameplay. If you like your cursor to move quickly then you are going to want a higher DPI, if you prefer slower movements, then you would want something lower.

Another factor to consider with DPI is your screen size & resolution. Someone with one screen and a low resolution wont need a high DPI to get the mouse across the screen, however a dual screen user with high resolution on both screens will again require a much high DPI.

I personally use a quite a low DPI but it will again depend on your own preferences.

The Perixx MX-3100 comes with settings of a maximum 12000dpi. You are able to change the DPI and setup up to 6 different profiles with different settings should you need them.

You can change the DPI on the fly with two buttons behind the scroll wheel on the top of the mouse.

Acceleration The Perixx MX-310 features 50g acceleration. If you are unsure what acceleration is read our explanation here. The settings for this can be changed in the software and saved to your specific profile.


The Perixx Mx-3100 uses the optical PMW 3360 Sensor by Pixart. This sensor was exclusive to Logitech until recently. Logitech now use the 3366 sensor.

The 3360 is a great sensor and has had a lot of good reviews in regards to its performance. You can read a discussion on the sensors and its performance here.

This is the same sensor as the Logitech G502 which was considered top of the line when it came out.

High speed motion detection with up to 250ips. (For a good description on what IPS means in a gaming mouse scroll down the page a little here)


The Perixx Mx-3100 comes with 19 programmable buttons on the mouse. 12 of which are on the side of the mouse.

Below you can see the Perixx Mx-3100 on the right hand side compared to a similar mouse – the UtechSmart Venus 50.

The buttons are slightly lower than the venus which actually helps with pressing the bottom buttons as you thumb is already resting in that spot, so no need to move and find those bottom buttons.

This could either be a good thing or bad thing depending on your preferences as some purchasers did not like their fingers hover on these buttons permanently.

We are still of the opinion that they would be better having less buttons but bigger ones as they are all quite small and not easy to distinguish quickly, not to mention you often don’t end up using them all because of those reasons.

Utechsmart Venus 50 on the left, Perixx MX-3100 on the right

Probably the highlight and what sets this apart from some other similar mice of this price range is the tilt click scroll wheel.

The buttons have a really nice feel to them, They don’t feel cheap and nasty but feel nice to press. The side buttons take a wee bit of pressing but that means you will likely not be pressing things by mistake.

Profiles & Software

The software for the Perixx Mx-3100 can best be described as less is more. Its very simple and basic in terms of its look and functions.

Which in some ways is great as there is very little you need to be able to work out in terms of how to use it.

Its not the slick interface that for instance, the Logitech mice may have but it does but it also doesn’t employ some basic graphics which end up looking dated and ugly a bit like the UtechSmart Venus but it does the job very efficiently.

The mouse is quite reliant on the software in order to make lots of changes to the settings.

For instance you are not able to make profile changes on the fly, or from the mouse, which is one feature this mouse loses out to mice like the Logictech g600 and Utechsmart Venus 50

Still, despite that particular lack of feature, it has many others that make up for it. Scroll speed adjustment is available, along with angle snap as well as XY axis adjustment.

A lot of options that enable you to create profiles that suit your needs, whether its FPS or MMORPG.

MainButtonsDPS/ColorLightingMouse SpeedProfilesReport RateScroll SpeedXY Settings


The Perixx Mx-3100 has many customization options. There are 16.8 million custom colors available with 3 different lighting modes. Standard, Respiration and Neon modes. You can easily assign a backlit color to each of the 7 DPI settings.

Unfortunately the lighting of the side buttons does not change with the assigned colour of the DPI setting.

This had been an issue on some other brands of mouse of similar nature who in later models. Though it is not a huge deal hopefully they will polish up later models with this feature fixed.

The Mx-3100 has 6 onboard memory profiles which can me totally customized and loaded with the software. You can change the polling rate between 250/500/1000 Hz.

If you need acceleration in your gaming setup you will not be left short with 50g acceleration and frame rate 12000Fps.

Dimensions & Physical

Perixx MX-3100 vs Utech Smart Venus

The Perixx MX-3100 is one of the more longer gaming mice around. Its height measures 130 mm, width 80mm and depth is 45mm.

If you compare that the UtechSmart Venus at 127x 76×38 it appears to have similar stats. We still think the UtechSmart Venus 50 is one of the most comfortable mice we have tried so far (for our hands at least) The Perixx in your hand certainly feels a bit smaller, perhaps due to the ability on the Venus to rest your pinky.

If you have bigger hands then we think you would find the Venus more comfortable.
We really like this mouse in terms of its build.

It feels great in your hand, the texture is nice, the design has a great ‘less is more’ aesthetically and physically. It is a really nice mice in that respect.

The buttons have a nice feel to their click as does the tilt shift.

Along with the high quality sensor it comes with the virtual and physical aspects of the mouse combine for a pretty good package. Some good quality German engineering (made in China).

One thing the mouse doesn’t have that some others have is the weights tuning system. If you are used to having adjustable weights then you might be a bit disappointed.

It will all come down to personal preference. We seem to find that a lot of the time the weights come pre-package into the mice and it doesn’t need to be made any lighter anyhow.

Like many mice this mouse is made for PC. You will be able to plug and play on a mac but will not be able to use the software to change any settings.

Warranty & Customer Support

Perixx offer a 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty with their products (always check before your purchase). Not quite the 3 year warranty you might get with a Logitech product but still covers you for a reasonable amount of time.

Perixx MX-3100

Consumer Reviews & Ratings

Being that this is quite a new mouse to the market there are not a whole lot of reviews on Amazon or other sites so we cannot really attest to the durability of this mouse currently. (At the time of this review we have been using it solidly for 3 weeks with no issues so far) If you do check out Amazon reviews of this mouse.

On the actual Mx-3100 page you will actually find that most of the reviews there (as of Feb 2017) are for other brands of Perixx Mice.

So there are no weights system or sniper buttons on this particular model of mouse.
We will update this review at a later date and give feedback in regards to any issues others have may have had or their feedback.

If you have any questions about this mouse, feel free to comment below and we will try and answer those for you if we are able.


Great quality sensor

Easy to use software

Tilt shift middle mouse button

19 programmable buttons

Build quality

Customization options


Cannot change profiles on the fly

No ‘sniper’ button

Lighting of the buttons on the side does not change with the logo and mouse wheel.


We really like this mouse. It has a nice design and construction. The texture of the mouse is nice and the ergonomics of the Mx-3100 is pretty good for medium size hands at least.

The software although not flashy, is very simple and straightforward to use. There are a lot of customization options available to be able to create a profile which best suits your gaming.

We love options and this mouse certainly has them. It has a tilt shift middle mouse button which a number of similar mice in this price range don’t have.

It doesn’t have a weighting system (although you may not need it and we don’t with the weight of this mouse, it is still good to have those choices) Probably the biggest con of this mouse is the inability to change your profiles on the fly.

This needs to be done via the software. We like the lower placement of the 12 buttons on the side, though this might be a personal preference which could trouble some people.

We don’t think it is quite as comfortable as the UtechSmart Venus 50 but the quality of the sensor and the tilt shift may well suit some people a bit more.

The side buttons colour does not change with the scroll wheel and logo but hopefully like other companies have, they will fix this up in later models. Overall we think this is a really great mouse.

If you don’t need a sniper button but need a tilt shift option this mouse is an excellent choice especially given it is a little bit cheaper than similar alternatives and has a high quality sensor.

Have you purchased this gaming mouse? We would love to know what you thought. Feel free to leave a comment below with your comments or if you have any questions feel free to ask.


If you are not an experienced gamer or do not fancy the options of having your gaming mouse bloated with many buttons, then the Twisted Gamer – Sinister Arch FPS/MMO Ergonomic Gaming Mouse is made for you.

This mouse is a no frill attached gaming mouse which delivers the accuracy and precision which is required from a gaming mouse. At an affordable cost, the mouse comes with all the essential features which define a good gamer.

best gaming mouse
best gaming mouse

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This mouse brings an ergonomic design with a Hybrid Shell for right handed players specifically, which truly enables gamers to get accustomed to the mouse quickly and also use the mouse precisely for first person shooters and massively multiplayer online games. The matte finish of the mouse provides grip as well as a luxurious feeling.

There are two side LED strips on either sides of the left and right click buttons which are red in color. These LED strips glow during gaming and provide the classic gaming touch for the gamer’s machine. The logo which is embedded on the mouse is LED backlight with multi-colors.

The entire mouse is black in color. There are six programmable buttons which extend the functionality of a normal mouse.

Tech Specs

The Twisted Gamer – Sinister Arch FPS/MMO Ergonomic Gaming Mouse can run at the maximum DPI of 2000, whereas there is a button which allow you to switch between 1000, 1600 and 2000 DPI on the go.

The mouse uses wired connectivity which ensures that there are no hassles involving the charging of the battery and the gaming mouse performs optimally all the time.

The mouse is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX and its latest drivers can be downloaded from the internet. The mouse connects to the computer via USB 2.0.

Salient Features

The Twisted Gamer – Sinister Arch FPS/MMO Ergonomic Gaming Mouse targets the gamers who want the feel of a legacy mouse while enjoy some essential features of a modern gaming mouse.

Thus, the DPI cycling button and the 6 customizable buttons allow the gamer to use the commands of a game effectively.

The DPI cycling feature allows the gamer to switch between precision mouse movement and swift mouse movement in order to ensure that the gamer is ready for all situations. Due to the intuitive design of the mouse, it won’t be difficult to learn the mouse and master it.

There is a provision for adding weights to the mouse, since the weight of the mouse can make a difference to the gaming performance to every individual gamer.

The clicking noise of the mouse is damped in a fashion that you can feel each click on your finger but are not disturbing anyone else in the room with the clicking noise.



• 16 million illumination choices with 3 intensity and pulsation levels
• Over 130 predefined commands for drag-and-drop macro creation
• Save up to 10 profiles in armory and 1 profile directly on the mouse
• Superior ergonomics
• A total of 14 programmable buttons
• Compatible with Mac and PC
• HD laser sensor technology

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Steel-Series-CataclysmSteelSeries continues to provide some of the best WoW themed MMO gaming mice available. The Cataclysm MMO mouse is testimony to this trend. Highly stylized and yet absolutely no compromise on functionality defines this device in a line.

Developed in collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment, this particular mouse borrows heavily from Deathwing the Destroyer in terms of design aesthetics and imagery.

It comes loaded with 14 fully customizable buttons. While most other MMO devices also have the same functionality, the only difference being in the number buttons offered, SteelSeries makes this WoW gaming mouse stand out from the crowd because the buttons on this device can be configured from within World of Warcraft itself.

Packed with 130 preset options for button mapping and possibility to not just script in game macros but also store everything on the mouse itself makes this device look much more advanced than competition.

This macro mouse provides an intuitive button arrangement and the contours of the device are such that comfort is the first thing that comes to mind when holding and using this device for long marathon gaming sessions of WoW.

16 million colours and 4 pulsation options which are completely user customized can leave you with a lot of choices to opt from. This device provides an ambient lighting and illumination for any mood you might be in. it allows up to 10 profiles to be imported or exported with individual illumination options.

Inside, the 16 bit data path and 1000 GHz polling or 1ms of response time is accentuated with accelerations up to 30G and inches per second of over 150.

The user interface of the SteelSeries software is easy to understand and navigate. It provides a one stop solution for all configurations and settings for the device in case you don’t wish to configure it from within the game.

With no wireless connectivity provided, the device comes packed with a 2.5 meter braided USB cable for the best possible gaming action.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows, this is one device that will get heads turning in awe. At 7.1 x 8.9 x 2.8 inches and almost 190 grams, this mouse is slightly on the heavier side but all that is redundant when you see the functionality it provides.

This is the perfect device for die hard WoW fans as much as casual gamers who are just beginning to explore the vast world of Azeroth.

In the end, a comfortable grip and quick response time supersedes all other expectations in a good MMO mouse and with the SteelSeries Cataclysm, these are probably the two foundations on which the entire device is built.

A perfect match anybody and everybody who has ever played MMO games in their life, SteelSeries has pulled out yet another winner.

What Are The Different Types Of Mouse?

The mouse is important equipment for all the people who work on the computer or use a computer at home. Whether you play games or perform any other task, you need the best mouse that performs action quite easily, and comfortable enough so that you do not feel any stress or strain on your wrist.

When you are up for buying a mouse, you will end up realizing that there are many types of mice available in the market that can be used for various purposes, and the choice of the mouse also depends on the priority of the user. So, what are the different types of mouse available on the market?

The one thing you need to make sure is that you select the right mouse depending on your needs, as there are many mice on the market that only claims to be the perfect one, but not every mouse is worth buying as there is a chance that you may end up buying the fake product from a scammer.

The mouse is one of the most purchased peripherals, which opens the door for the scammers to make their way to the market and start selling their low-quality mouse. So, you need to go for a trusted brand that has been in the market for quite a long.

Let’s take a look at ‘what are the different types of mouse’

Types of Mice

Standard Mice

The first type of mice that need to not to be forgotten is the standard mice. It has two buttons and a scroll wheel, which works as a third button. It is the basic type of mouse that people mostly use. It has no rubber ball in the center and sensor to make it perform the action according to your command.

Today, everyone uses optical mice that have either laser sensor or LED sensor. It has an ergonomic design so that you can work for hours without experiencing strain or stress on the wrist. As it is the most common type of mice, people prefer it over other types because it is simple to use. Plus, the standard mice are generally affordable and can be easily purchased. It comes in a variety of designs so you can pick the one you like the most.

Gaming Mice

Gaming mice are quite popular among gamers. When you are playing computer games, you need the best gaming mouse to play efficiently. Gaming mouse has many buttons, and these mice are designed for left-handed, right-handed, or some are even ambidextrous. The buttons are generally on the left side.

The advantage of using a gaming mouse is that you can perform an action as quick as possible, whether you are playing MMO games or any other genre. Gaming mice are in demand as you can also use it as a regular mouse when you are not playing the game. The gaming mice are quite comfortable and allow you to play games for hours without getting your wrist strained. You can find gaming mouse in different price range varies with the features and functionalities.

Wired Mice

People have been using the wired mouse since the computer has introduced. We need to admit the fact that people still use a wired mouse because of a few reasons. Technologies have changed, but still, the popularity of a wired mouse remains same. When people have to select a mouse, be it a gaming mouse or for their regular use, they prefer wired mouse as it is simple to connect, you just need to connect it and start using it.

Whenever you start your computer, your wired mouse is ready to move to perform action instructed by you. Wired mice are long-lasting, and some people have been using a mouse for months. The price of wired mice varies from brand to brand. You can easily find a wired mouse of your choice on the market.

Wireless Mice

After the wired mouse, wireless mice had invented, and with the passage of time, it gained much attention that people start preferring it over wired mice. But being a wireless mouse, it has its own advantages and disadvantages as well. The benefit you get is that there is no wire so no chance of getting tangled wires.

You do not need to sit in one place to perform the task instead you can sit a bit far or even change your positions to stay comfortable. Connecting a wireless mouse and making your mouse work is a bit complicated, unlike a wired mouse. You need to download drivers, configure it, and if it does not work, then you need to make a lot of changes to get it working.

Another thing that you need to consider is that most of the wireless mice work on battery so you may need to change batteries whenever needed. Some mice are chargeable, so you need to charge it, or else it may run out of juice in the middle of work, which is really annoying. Wireless mice work smoothly just like wired mice. There are oodles of wireless mice available on the market, so you can easily select the one according to your choice and need.

Trackball Mice

It is similar to that older ball mouse that does not have optical sensors to determine position. It has two buttons and a ball. Trackball mice work on the concept of the roller ball. In this type of mice, the mouse remains stationary, only you have to roll the ball with your fingers or hands to move the cursor. These mice do not take much space, nor do they have any cord issues, which makes it an ideal choice for people having limited space.


In this article, we shed light on ‘what are the different types of mouse’. People love to try different types of mice for different purposes, for instance, a gamer always prefers a gaming mouse, be it wired or wireless. Wired or Wireless mice are quite popular these days. You should choose the mouse depending on your requirements and budget.

Hope you find it helpful!

Are Wireless Mice Slower Than Wired Mice?

There are two most used mice types that have been popular among the masses are wired and wireless mice. Whenever you use the computer for whatever reasons, be at office or home, you need a mouse that works fine.

Long-lasting mice with great features are always given priority. Nowadays, all the work needs to be done on the computer, and for this, you need an ergonomic mouse that works really well. People prefer a wired or wireless mouse for their work.

Gaming mouse, which is famous among gamers, also comes with wired or wireless connectivity. As wired and wireless mice are the most purchased types, people have some question in mind. Are wireless mice slower than wired? This is one of the questions come in your mind.

The demand of wireless and wired mice is increasing day by day, which makes it a bit difficult to select the right mouse of regular use or a gaming mouse for the best gaming experience. It is our utmost priority to select the best mouse available in the market, be it wireless or wired.

But, we need to be alert when buying a mouse as there are many scammers in the market who are ready to sell fake mice. Try to choose the renowned brands that have a position in the market.

Before proceeding towards ‘are wireless mice slower than wired’, let’s take a look at what wired and wireless mice are

Wired Mouse

We are very much aware of wired mice and we all have used or have been using a wired mouse for a decade. It is also true that people been using wired mice for 3 decades. When we first installed a computer and used it for the first time, we used a wired mouse, and till then, the popularity and demand of wired mouse did not decrease.

People still prefer a wired mouse for office as well as home. Some people love to use their laptop with a mouse instead of using the built-in mouse of the laptop. Such people also use a wired mouse.

People prefer a wired mouse because of the advantages it offers. The connectivity of the wired mouse is no rocket science, it is too simple that everyone can connect a wired mouse and start using it without any effort. It does not need to be charged to use. The demand of the wired mouse is increasing day by day, and that’s the reason, top brands still making and launching the best wired mice.

If you are a game lover and want to have a gaming mouse, then you can easily find a wired gaming mouse as well. In fact, gamers love to use wired gaming mouse with lots of features as it allows them to keep playing for hours. Ergonomic wired mice are great for everyone, and with an ergonomic mouse, you can play games without getting any wrist pain or strain.

Variety of wired mice are available in a different price range. Generally, wired mice are quite affordable. The wired gaming mouse price varies with the features, the more features you want, the more you have to pay.

Wireless Mouse

Another type of mice is wireless. After wired mice, wireless mouse is also popular among the masses. The best thing about using a wireless mouse is that you can sit wherever you want as it does not force you to stick in front of the computer as there is no cord you. Wireless mouse operates on batteries or some mice are chargeable.

If it’s not rechargeable, then you need to buy the batteries. The connectivity of wireless mice is a bit complex sometimes, and you need to follow a procedure to make your mouse work. You may need to install the drivers and in case you find any other issues, then you need to find a solution.

Not every person experiences issues while connecting the wireless mouse, there are many people who easily make it work. Once you connect it, you can use it without any issues without any wire tangling issues. It would not be justified to say that people prefer only the wired mouse as there are a number of people who use and invest in a wireless mouse.

Gamers also like to use wireless gaming mice that have an ergonomic design, which allows them to use or play games for hours without getting your wrist stressed or strained. Plus, wireless mice are available in the different price range. There are a number of renowned brands that have been selling high-quality wireless mice and you can easily find the wireless mouse according to your budget.

Are Wireless Mice Slower Than Wired?

Now that you have read about the wired and wireless mouse, it is time to know which type of mouse is better and faster. People are more likely to choose a wired mouse as it is observed that wireless mice are a bit slower than wired since information needs to be transmitted wirelessly. And that’s the reason gamers prefer a wired mouse because they do not like delays. Moreover, the nearby interference makes the movement of the wireless mice choppy.

Apart from input lag, unstable signals are also an issue with wireless mice. The cordless peripherals are less sensitive than a wired mouse. People prefer a wired mouse as they do not like the batteries to be ended in the middle of work or game. Plus, if we compared wired and wireless mice in terms of price, then wireless mice are generally more expensive.

All in all, it’s true that wireless mice are slower than wired.


In this article, we shed light on ‘are wireless mice slower than wired mice’. We discussed wired and wireless mice in detail, and according to the detail, we come to the conclusion that wired mice are better than wireless mice as the wireless mice are slower than wired. Plus, changing of the batteries or keeping it recharged is itself a hassle. But that does not mean people don’t use wireless mice as there are many people who use wireless mice despite having a few issues.

How to Get Wireless Mouse Work? – All You Need to Know to Connect It Successfully

Wireless mouse frees up space and allows you to use your computer conveniently without needing to sit close to your computer. When people use a wired mouse, they need to sit in a particular space to keep working, but the case of a wireless mouse is different, you can sit wherever you want, but need to stay within the range.

Although wireless mice work the same as the wired mice, the demand for wireless mouse is increasing day by day because it provides more comfort to the users. Plus, you are not bound to sit in the same position for hours to meet your target instead you can frequently change your position the way you want. When you use a wireless mouse, you need to know how to get wireless mouse work, as there are many people who find it difficult to successfully connect the wireless mouse.

Wireless Mouse

There are a lot of people who have bought a wireless mouse for the first time, while many have been using for quite a long. It is quite obvious that people, who are using a wireless mouse for the first time or willing to use it, may encounter some issues while connecting it. Not only that but, sometimes a person, who has been using a wireless mouse for quite some time, experienced a few issues.

Mouse, being an electronic gadget, can behave differently and every issue is not the same as it is electronic equipment, and its behavior is sometimes unpredictable. So, you need to know how to tackle each and every issue. Plus, you also need to know how to get wireless mouse work, and for this, you need to know how to connect it on a computer and laptop. Below you are going to know how you can successfully connect your wireless mouse

How to Connect a Wireless Mouse on a Computer

There are many people who use a computer at home or workplace to get their work done. So, for all the people who use a computer and want to know how to get wireless mouse work or connect, should check this out

Take your mouse out of the box and remove the cover.

Insert the batteries correctly or else your wireless mouse not going to work.

Once done, replace the cover.

Plug the receiver into the USB port on your computer; the receiver can be of any size from small to large.

Once you successfully connect the receiver, you will receive a notification showing that the device is being received by your computer – notification can be seen on the lower right of your computer.

Your computer should have a device driver regardless of the mouse you have. Windows usually install the driver of some mice, but you need to download the driver manually. You can download the driver from the manufacturer’s website or you can also install the driver using the driver update tool.

Now your wireless mouse is ready to work.

You can customize your wireless mouse using the Control Panel such as pointer speed, adjust to double-click, change the pointer icon, and switch the mouse button.
For Bluetooth Mouse

Open the Bluetooth utility on the computer and turn it on. If it is enabled, you can find an icon in the notification area that looks like the typical Bluetooth symbol.

Check the switch on your wireless mouse and turn it on, if your wireless mouse has that on/off switch.

Once you switch on the mouse, check the Bluetooth utility to make sure if it detects the Bluetooth mouse or not.

You need to find the Bluetooth mouse in the Bluetooth utility. Select the Bluetooth device list and pair it using the pair button.

With these steps, you will get your wireless mouse connected to the computer.

How to Connect a Wireless Mouse on a Laptop

There are many people who want to use a wireless mouse on a laptop instead of using the laptop’s built-in mouse.
Sometimes, it is not really comfortable to use a laptop’s built-in mouse, especially when you need to work for hours. So, take a look at the process of connecting a wireless mouse on a laptop

First, you need to make sure that the laptop you use is compatible with a wireless mouse, as most of the wireless mice use Bluetooth technology. A blue tooth mouse can connect to the Bluetooth enabled laptop.

You need to unpack your wireless mouse and insert batteries to the battery chamber. You need to make sure you insert the positive side of the battery in the right direction.

Wireless receiver should be used if the laptop does not have a built-in wireless receiver. Keep it at least 8 inches away from your laptop or any other object that can interfere with the signals. Never place it somewhere behind so many objects.

You can insert driver to make your mouse work properly.

You need to connect the receiver to your laptop by plugging in the USB connector of your wireless mouse to the USB port.
In case you do not have a free USB port, you can use an external USB hub as this is the best solution you have to have more ports.

Now, you are allowed to place the wireless mouse in a way that it makes it easy and convenient for you. Doing so will minimize the finger stress.


How to get wireless mouse work or how to successfully connect it on your system is the topic of discussion. We discussed how you can easily connect your wireless mouse as it is really important to connect your wireless mouse. Whether you want to connect your mouse on your computer or laptop, you can use the above-mentioned ways to successfully connect your wireless mouse, be it a USB or Bluetooth mouse.

I hope you find it helpful!

How to Check Wireless Mouse Is Working

The mouse is one of the assets for all the people who use a computer, be it wireless mouse or wired mouse. Nowadays, all the work is being done on the computer as everything is computerized.

People work for hours on their computer, and it’s the time they need comfortable peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, etc. Wireless mouse is getting popular among the masses as there is no hassle of connecting wires, so there is no chance of getting the wires entangled, and that’s the reason people prefer wireless mice over wired mice.

When it comes to connecting a wireless mouse, people need to know how to check wireless mouse is working or not.

Wireless Mouse

Importance of Selecting the Right Wireless Mouse

There are oodles of wireless mice available on the market designed and engineered by an infinite number of companies. It is true that you can’t trust each and every brand available on the market, sometimes there are a lot of scammers who make false claims and charge a heavy price for a mouse that is nothing more a crap.

So, the best practice is to look for the brand that has recognition in the market, and has positive reviews which are the identity of a brand that they are selling quality products, whatever they make, are with the intent to satisfy the consumers need.

There are some outstanding brands that have been selling outstanding wireless mice for so long. So, it’s always suggested to trust the brand for that has been in the market for quite some time.

Selecting a right wireless mouse is really important as there are some people who bought a brand new wireless mouse, and when they try to connect it, it does not work, and after trying for a few hours, they end up realizing that the mouse they have bought is a faulty piece that is never going to work.

Once, you selected the right wireless mouse, the only thing left is to check the mouse if it is working or not, and how to connect it.

How to Detect Wireless Mouse

Most of the people find issues when they connect their wireless mouse as some feel that mouse stops working, some even have issues that they could not connect it successfully, which leads to questions like how to check wireless mouse is working or not.

When you are connecting your wireless mouse, you need to be sure of a few things to get the answer to your question on how to check wireless mouse is working. Things you need to check

Things to Check

First, you need to make sure that your wireless mouse is getting the power that it needs to run. For this, you need to check some indications such as the light, which is the indicator that can easily be noted.

If you observe that the mouse is not responding or appearing to be on, then the only thing you need to make it work is to check the batteries and replace the batteries of the wireless mouse as it can be an issue that does not let your mouse work.

Another thing that you need to make sure is the location of the receiver of your wireless mouse. It should not be placed out of range, if the receiver is placed within the range, you may easily make the mouse work. You also need to make sure that the place where you keep the receiver is not blocked by too many objects as it can create issues.

If you detect any issue and feel that the mouse is not working the way it should be, then you can disconnect the USB adaptor, and try to plug it into a different port, maybe the one at the back of your computer as it has more bandwidth.

Software or Driver Issue

Want to know how to check wireless mouse is working or not? There is a simple solution to your query. You need to boot into safe mode of your windows, if your wireless mouse is working fine in the safe mode, then there must a software or driver issue. To overcome this issue, you need to follow the steps given below

Open Windows Device Manager.

Click the Device Manager and expand it by clicking the + button.

Once done, you need to remove all the mice listed. For this, you need to highlight each device, and then press the delete button using your keyboard.

Missing or Outdated Driver

One of the most important things to make the mouse working is to check if the driver has been installed or not. For this, you can also check the device manager to make sure you have the mouse driver installed. Although windows have the standard or default driver for the mouse, sometimes downloading or installing a driver for your wireless mouse can fix the issue.

You can download the driver of your specific wireless mouse that can be found online as well. If you have the driver installed in your computer, then it is suggested to check if there is any update as sometimes updating the driver will do the work.


To check wireless mouse you have bought is right with no fault, you need to check the mouse in different ports. As there is a possibility that mice may not work in the front or back port, so you need to check all the ports. If the back ports are not responding, then there must be a motherboard issue.


In this article, we shed light on how to check wireless mouse is working. It is really important to know if it’s really working or you have bought the faulty or defective mouse. We have discussed a few ways that help you check if your mouse is really working or not, and if not then how to make it work. Sometimes you may have encountered a minor issue, but it can be fixed without much effort.

How to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working – Troubleshooting

Wireless mice are getting popular day by day, and most of the people prefer it over wired mice, be it gaming wireless mouse or for other uses, it has been making its way into our lives. When we start using something on a regular basis, we do experience malfunctioning or other issues, the same goes for the wireless mouse.

As we regularly use a computer for hours in the office or at home, we detect different malfunctions. Sometimes our keyboard stops working, sometimes wireless mouse stops responding, and we got into a problem out of nowhere. So, how to fix wireless mouse not working issue?

Wireless Mouse

This is the most asked question as sometimes mouse starts working in the middle of work, and to be honest, that is too annoying, all of you can relate to it. A malfunction that occurs when we are working something annoyed us the most.

Sometimes wireless mouse freezes and in some of the cases, it not even starts. All these issues compel us to wonder how to fix wireless mouse not working issue.

But, not anymore, as in this article, you are going to get the complete solution on what to do when and how to fix wireless mouse not working issue. When your wireless mouse is not working, you can experience or notice a few changes given below

Changes to Be Noticed

Let’s take a look at the changes that occur or you may notice when your mouse stops working in brief

The pointer of the wireless mouse moves erratically

The wireless mouse stops working after the use of several minutes

The pointer stops responding when you click a button or perform any action.

When you check the control panel, some tabs and options goes unavailable

Windows stop detecting the wireless mouse when you connect the mouse to the computer. Even after running the Add New Hardware wizard, the issue remains same.

Steps to Fix Wireless Mouse

There a lot of ways to get the issue resolved, it’s just that you need to detect the problem that causes your mouse to stop working. Let’s get deeper into the steps so that you all can make your mouse working smoothly without a single issue

Check the Batteries

Most of the time when the mouse stops working suddenly, the low batteries is the first thing you need to check as there is a possibility that the batteries may drain out, which may be causing the issue.

It is suggested that one should use the batteries designed for electronic devices to avoid mouse not working issue. To fix wireless mouse not working issue, you need to check the batteries and replace it as soon as possible to keep using it for longer. This may fix the wireless mouse not working issue.

Test the Wireless Mouse on a Different Computer

If the issue doesn’t resolve even after checking out the batteries, the next step is to test the wireless mouse on a different computer. In case your mouse is not working on another computer, then there is a chance that you have a defective wireless mouse that needs to be replaced. But, if the mouse works fine on a different computer, then there may be a driver or software issue.

Try to Connect It to a Different Port

Sometimes the only issue that makes your mouse stop working is the port you have used to connect your mouse. We are habitual when it comes to connecting the mouse into a port, we use the same port all the time, mostly the one that is in front of the computer.

If your mouse is not working, then you need to try a different port as it may fix the problem. It is considered that the port on the back side of the computer has more power (bandwidth), so, it would be a better idea to try to connect your device to the port on the back of your computer.

Check and Uninstall Other Mouse Software

One of the obstacles behind the mouse not working issue is the different mouse software downloaded on your computer. The software of other mice may clash with the software of your current wireless mouse, and that’s the reason your mouse is not working as it suppose to. To remove other software you need to

Go to Control Panel

Select Program and Feature

In the Start Search box, type – appwiz.cpl

Press Enter Button

You may see a message asking for an administration confirmation/password, enter the password if you have one, and then click on Continue

You need to identify the software of other mice that you can see in the list opened. To remove the software, you need to follow the instruction appears on your screen. Once done, restart your computer.

Driver Issue

If you have checked the above procedures, then time to check the driver. Reinstall the mouse driver software to eliminate any driver issue. For this, you need to follow the steps

Open Device Manager – Windows button + X to open using the keyboard.

Click on “Mice and Other Pointing device” to expand it.

Right click on your mouse and click on uninstall.

Once done, you will get a dialogue box asking you to restart your system. Restart it.

When the system reboots, the driver of the mouse will be installed a fresh.

This step can easily solve the problem and make your mouse working normally.

Reinstall Windows 10

One of the most effective options to keep the mouse working is to switch to the version of windows that make your wireless mouse working fine.


In this article, we discussed how to fix wireless mouse not working issue. As there are many people who have been facing this issue and want to resolve it as soon as possible. We discussed some steps that can solve this issue. You can follow these easy steps and make your mouse working.

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