Best Battery Operated Fan and Rechargeable Fan

Battery Operated Fan

A battery-operated fan is a  useful gadget to keep out the heat as well as keep cool during the hot summer months. Depending on your location, having a battery operated fan is a necessity.

There are many different types of battery operated fans available ranging from small clip on fans  to mini misting fans to the larger desk fans and  ceiling fans. Best of all, they are perfectly suited for all types of occasions as well as for both outdoor and indoor  usage.

Battery operated fans had come a long way since their inception. Nowadays, they are so small and portable that you can practically carry them around in your pocket.

From non descript and boring colors to being available in all varieties of flashy colors with accompanying flashing lights to boot, you will never get bored with these gadgets.

Another good reason to get one for yourself is that you can find many ways to use them from boating, camping, outdoor events, power outages, and for clipping on to vehicles and baby strollers.

During the hot summer months, battery operated fans are a must have in every household. As you probably know, the temperature in some parts of the world can go as high as 110 degrees and higher.

At this temperature, it can cause a lot of health issues for many people, and especially the elderly and children. These helpful gadgets can be use to prevent heat exhaustion and overheating by lowering your body temperature by 4 to 6 degrees.

Also, if you are used to having fans and air conditioner to keep you cool during the summer months, you’ll find battery operated fans a heaven sent especially during an outage in the summer months. In times of an outage, these helpful gadgets can be a real live saver.

When it comes to saving energy and lowering your electricity bills during the hot summer months, nothing beats having a battery operated fan as compare to using an air conditioner.

Using a battery operated fan to keep cool is one of the most economical decisions you will ever make. Besides saving money, you can also help to save the world by using and burning less energy.

Below are some of the different types of battery operated fans commonly used for keeping out the heat and keeping cool in all types of occasions and situations:

Battery Operated Camping Fan

There are 2 types of battery operated fans used for camping purposes. One is the battery operated camping fan which is similar to a desk fan which is placed on the floor and the other type is the battery operated hanging tent fan which is hang at the ceiling of the camping tent.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose either type, although you may find the hanging tent fan a better option as it does not reduce your sleeping space.

Battery Operated Desk Fan

For those of you who work in an office environment, nothing beats having a battery operated desk fan. Not only are these desk fans  able to keep you cool, they are also able to run silently in the background without disturbing you or your colleagues at work.

A desk fan is also ideal for those of you who work regularly at home. Small enough to be placed on a desk but powerful enough to keep you cool, these quiet desk fan can range from 5” to 10” in size and sometimes even larger. They are also very energy efficient and will not put a dent into your electrical bills.

Battery Operated Handheld Misting Fan

These portable handheld misting fans are very popular and can be filled with water or even ice to give out a very cooling spraying mist. These handheld misting fans come in many different colors and with triggers to spray out those delightful and cooling mists to keep out the heat. A very handy and fun gadget to have especially if you have young children.

Battery Operated Handheld Fan

Small and portable, a handheld fan can be easily carried around to provide some cooling relief for hot summer months. These handheld fans comes in many colors and in spite of their small stature, they are very popular and can provide quick relief for instances of high and hot temperature. They normally comes together with a strap so that you can hang them around your neck for easy access.

Small Table Fan

Whether you are caught working indoors on a hot sultry afternoon or would like to enjoy outdoors but are reluctant to leave behind your air conditioned room, a small table fan is the perfect solution. These fans are much smaller than the regular fans making it convenient to transport them to places.

Small table fans are available in an assortment of models, some run on batteries and some on electricity. Here is a list of some of the best small table fans that are available on most of the major websites, including Amazon, eBay and other commercial websites.

Living Accents Retro Table Fan – This 12 inches, metallic fan has a built in three speed operation function. It has an oscillating and tilt adjustment head allowing air to flow in the intended direction. It has four powerful blades to belt out a comfortable air stream. The grills are metallic and chrome plated, it also has a carrying handle for easy transportation. The model number is 6179923 and the price is $48.99

Battery Operated Fan

Cinni Portable Fan – Manufactured by Mathews Fan Company, this medium sized fan is made of cast aluminum and steel which provide durability to the product. The grills are further plated with either chrome, brushed nickel or textured bronze to give a remarkable appearance. Priced at $304, it also comes along with a warranty.

Casablance Portables Collection Zephair Table Fan – At 16.5 inches tall, this oscillating small table fan has been a hot favorite for years. With a number of trusted reviews to its name and exclusively designed to last a lifetime, the Zephair Table fan is available in Matt black which is accented with Satin Nickel and is priced at $239.

Small energy saving table fan – This electric cooling fan has a CE certification which proclaims it to be an authentic and safe product. Made of metal, each of its three blades are 180 mm in diameter. This is an energy saving product which incorporates a brushless, whisper quiet and super strong motor. The model number for this small table fan is Lileng-613.

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan – This is a revolutionary small table fan as it creates a powerful stream of air without the presence of any blades. Using the Air Multiplier technology, the fan pulls in air and amplifies it up to 18 times its original level creating a steady and powerful flow of air.

Rotating up to ninety degrees, this bladeless fan has the power to cool the entire room and it is inclusive of a base, a loop amplifier and an instruction manual. Its model number is AM01 table fan 10”, priced at $152.40 it also comes with a two year warranty.

There is a new type of table fan that comes in a variety of figurine that contains a fan in between its wired casing. Although, such products look attractive, they do not guarantee the quality that is promised by the other models. While opting for a small table fan, it is advisable to keep the size and the speed operations in mind.

Small Battery Operated Fans

Imagine being stuck in a sultry room with no ventilation or being out on the beach on a scorching and humid summer afternoon. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small battery operated fan handy? They also make for great gift items, especially for people staying in warmer and humid locations

The most important and obvious feature of small battery operated fans is of course the size. These miniature fans are extremely easy to carry and store. Generally made of plastic these portable fans are as small as almost five inches in size.

The Carabiner fan, Code OT-9005-24 is a tiny enough fan to be able to be attached to the belt or a handbag with ease or even worn around the neck. It even has a light fixed at the top of the fan. Priced at $5.98 these are quiet a catch.

Another sort of a small battery operated fan is one that comes attached with a misting bottle that sprays droplets of water through the swirling blades; thus decreasing the temperature by almost twenty degrees. For $10.98, Maxi Mister, Code OT-2059-24, is one such example.

Most of these hand held fans are made of finger safe blades, which do not cut into the skin. Usually made of soft bendable plastic, they flex and stop on being touched; a major reason why parents are comfortable giving these to children. Model D-IK79, a fan mounted on a wearable strap, Model ZUZ80557 a small battery operated fan with a frog face at its base and LED flashing fans GNFA018. Priced usually under $5, these are some of the most popular items with the kids.

Battery Operated Fan and Rechargeable Fan

Another poplar model is OT-1216-12, known as a Flexi Clamp Fan, it is extremely convenient to use as it has a flexible neck which enables the user to place the fan wherever and bend the neck suiting his needs. Priced at an affordable $9.83 these are one of the bestsellers.

Model V-2027-24 is for all those music addicts out there. If you’re stuck in a “sticky situation” and would not only want an accessible hand fan nearby but also a radio to listen to, then this is the model to choose. Priced at $12.98 it has an in built radio which provides great reception and FM scan, batteries and earphones. Enjoy the music while you cool off.

Talking about music, of course the noise of the blades swirling is definitely not music to the ears. The good news is these small battery operated fans do not make any irritating noise while in use. They are whisper quiet; hence good enough to be taken to theatres, restaurants or work (better still if you work at a library).

All these fans run on battery. Most require one, although some might work on multiple batteries.

Available in an array of colors and designs these small battery operated fans are not only pleasant to look at but also a great way to beat the heat. There are facilities where one can get a particular fan custom designed with names on it provided it’s available on the website. Duck it in the handbag or wear it around , these are a must have.

Battery Operated Clip Fan

Why The Battery Operated Clip Fan Is The Perfect Companion For Parents

Battery operated clip fan is a very perfect companion for parents with babies in tow. The clips for these small and portable battery operated fans comes in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of baby prams and baby strollers.

These battery operated clip fans are used to clip on to the handles or the sides of baby prams and baby strollers to provide some cool relief for your loved ones when you go out with them during the hot summer months. This can be quite a life saver especially when you have babies who cannot and refuse to tolerate all kinds of warm and hot conditions.

Another reason that I love the battery operated clip fan so much is that it can also be used to clip on to baby beds and baby playpens to cool down your small ones at night during the hot summer months or when they are taking a short nap during the day. This is especially useful when you do not want to use a conventional fan which can be too noisy and powerful for your small babies and toddlers.

Battery operated clip fans comes in all shapes and sizes and that applies too to their clips. The bigger ones will look like the conventional battery operated desk fan and are more powerful and able to provide cooler relief for indoor uses.

Battery Operated Fan and Rechargeable Fan

However, the bigger battery operated clip fan can also be used  for outdoor purposes such as camping. While they may look small as compare to the bigger battery operated desk fan, don’t be fool by their looks. They are just as good in providing cool relief as their bigger cousins.

The smaller ones are similar in looks to the handheld battery operated mini fans. They are extremely portable and convenient for indoor and outdoor use as well although most people tend to use it when they are outdoors. They come with clips that will allows you to clip on to almost anything, ranging from clothes, haversack s, baby prams , baby strollers, etc.

If you are looking for relief from the hot weather, what is better than having a battery operated clip fan to provide cool relief for you.

Battery Operated Clip On Fans

A Battery operated clip on fan is not only extremely convenient to use but it also comes in an array of appealing colors and designs. These also make for great gift ideas and are a hot favorite with people of all ages.

These fans, owing to their ability to run on batteries and be clipped on to surfaces have aided people to receive a comfortable stream of air in any situation.
Amazon has a huge variety of battery operated clip on fans and here are some of its bestsellers.

Holmes HACP10B-U Oscillating Personal Clip Fan – The model number for this battery operated clip on fan is HACP10B-U and it has been designed especially for personal space usage.

Along with a superior quality and durable exterior it also has a reliable grip clip which enables fastening the fan to any concrete surface. The oscillating adjustable head makes it possible for the user to adjust the air flow as per the requirement. Priced at $19.99, it can also be gift wrapped before shipping.

Kel-Gar Pinwheel Fan – This one is for all those kids out there, the adjustable grip makes it easy for the fan to be attached to the kid’s strollers, high chairs, car seats, etc.

Battery Operated Fan and Rechargeable Fan

It comes in an attractive colorful outlay with a flexible gooseneck that makes it plausible to position the fan as per the need. It runs on AA batteries and at 12.8 ounces, it is a lightweight and convenient source of cooling. The model number is 12786 and the price of this battery operated clip on fan is fixed at $16.95.

Fantastik Clip On Light Show Fan – Not just for effective cooling, this clip on fan comes built in with colored LED lights that create 32 different stunning and mesmerizing effects and patterns. The air stream that flows through the fan is extremely powerful making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

In case, you do not want the LED lights to be on continuous display, you can switch it off. The clip style is durable enough to cling on to tables, desk chairs and other surfaces. The model number for this fan is 4186 and it is available for $11.44

Cool Flexi Clip Fan – Along with being a battery operated clip fan, it also has a flexible head that can be adjusted to direct the air flow in the required direction. The blades are made of soft plastic to provide more safety and the model number for the product is 1261CTR whereas the price is $7.

Other websites also offer a good variety of battery operated clip on fans, here’s one that has been highly recommended by users.

Optimus F-07027” Clip on Fan – This fan is 7 inches in diameter and has three distinct blades to provide effective cooling. It has dual speed adjuster and rubberized clip for a much better grip. It is a whisper quiet fan and has adjustable heads to adjust the flow of air. This battery operated clip on fan is priced at $14.99 and the model number is F-0702.

Clip On Desk Fan

To opt for a clip on desk fan is way better than the normal desk fan for the simple reason that it would not take as much space as a non – clip one would. Most of these clip-on fans are either run on electricity or batteries and some are now being powered even through USB chords.

Ragalta RCF-600 Desk Fan- This adjustable and facile clip- on fan can be effectively and sturdily attached to the desk and give you that ultimate cooling experience on a warm sticky afternoon. It has two speed controls and has a metallic body. Available in White, the model number for the product is RCF-600 and it is priced at $16.80.

6 Clip-On Fan- Available in light grey, this fan has received great reviews. Its adjustable tilt head enables the user to clip the fan on to the desk at one fixed spot but manipulate the head to direct the air flow as per the requirement.

The rubber grip provides a supportive and great grip and it also features a two-speed operation to acclimatize it as per the need of the user. The model number and the cost of the product are B001AJPC62 and $9.86 respectively.

Howard Berger CZ6C – This 6 inch fan can be easily clipped on to the desk or high chair or even the treadmill to provide a steady and comfortable air flow.

It is also a highly recommended product as it does not cause any nuisance by creating a buzzing noise with the help of the whisper quiet technology that has been incorporated in this fan. It can be adjusted to direct the air flow in the required direction. Priced at $16.28, the model number of this clip on desk fan is CZ6C.

Boston 6 Inch clip on fan – From the house of Boston Acoustics, this clip on desk fan is one of the most powerful fans which features a 2-speed motor. Owing it to its compactness, it can be easily clipped on to desks, bed frames and even window sills. Along with a whisper quiet running motor, it also integrates an adjustable head. The model number is 25978 and it is priced at $29.94

Comfort Zone CZ6X – This super quiet fan is integrated with a three speed operation and comes along with a completely adjustable head for directing the air flow in any possible direction.

Manufactured by the Howard Berger Company, Comfort Zone is a safe and powerful fan that can be easily clipped on to any hard surface with the help of its good grip.
The model number for this product is CZ6X and the price has been set at $11.52.

Optimus F-0702- The model number for the produce is F-0702 and it comes with a powerful 2 speed setting and has been designed with an aim to save energy through the incorporation of the whisper quiet motor. The three fan blades can be easily removed and cleaned and the grills are made of powder coated safety plastic. This clip on desk fan costs $84.43

Battery Powered Fans

Battery powered fans are very extremely useful in providing much need relief in the form of cool air circulation during days of extreme high temperature. During summer, a lot of people swear by those small and portable battery powered fans. I can understand that as the summer heat can be unrelenting at times.

Whether you are having camping, outdoor activities, picnics, sports activities or even in the comfort of your own home, nothing beats having a battery powered fan to cool you down during the hot summer days. Best of all, a cooling fan can be use in conjunction with an air conditioner to provide better relief from the summer heat.

Besides providing cool air relief from scorching temperatures, there are many benefits to using a battery operated fan. Firstly, as most battery powered fans are small in stature, they are portable in nature and thus can be easily move around. This is good as you can use them in many different places without constraint as they do not have wires going all over the place.

Secondly, they are much cheaper compare to conventional fans such as ceiling fans and standing fans, etc. Also, most modern battery powered fans have a lot of safety features and are very easy to use even for the technology challenged person. Another good benefit to using them is that they are very good in generating good airflow which can help in removing dampness and bad odors in a room.

Last but not least, battery powered fans such as those that are powered by solar energy is a very good way to help you cut down on your electrical bills. Although they are more expensive than conventional fans, they are worth the initial costs.

Solar energy is free and imagine paying one time for setting them up and you get to enjoy savings on your electrical bills down the years. Isn’t that wonderful? You can easily get an certified electrician to set up the solar powered fans for you for an inexpensive fee.

There are many different types of battery powered fans available on the market. The common ones are those battery powered desk fan, battery powered camping fan, battery powered ceiling fan and battery powered misting fan.

There also more fanciful ones that comes with rotating or blinking lights more for carnival or party uses. You can easily get hold of a battery powered fan by going to your local departmental stores or buying them online. There are many websites that are selling these portable battery powered fans.

As you can see, battery powered fans are a good way to help you cool down during the hot summer days. Due to their versatility, they can also be used for many different occasions as well as events. They are also good if you have been thinking of cutting down on your electrical bills. The savings you get from installing solar battery powered fans will enable you to put your money into better uses.

Small Portable Fan

Why face the hassle of the ceiling fan that comes along with so much inconvenience when we do not even need it all year round? Some argue that portable fans do not churn out air flow as powerful as the other fans,

This is completely wrong as most of the portable fans today are designed to belt out a powerful and steady air flow minus the inconvenience of assembling or installing it. Portable fans also cost way lesser as compared to ceiling fans.

The Small Portable fan with Battery or Electric has been ranked as one of the bestsellers on Amazon. It can be run either on 2 D batteries or with the help of an AC adapter. The dimensions of this small portable fan are 6X6X3 and it can be easily folded to 2 inches deep. Manufactured by O2 cool, it is priced at $16.95.

Tiny Tornado II – This portable fan has received a lot of good reviews and according to users, has been one of the most trusted products when it comes to small portable fans. It has a swiveling head to allow manipulation of the head to direct the air flow as per the requirement. The suction-cup base secures the fan in place and can also be detached from the fan blades for easy packing and storing away.

Available with an integrated clip which allows the fan to be fastened to the belt loop or backpack, this small portable fan runs on a single D battery. It is priced at $27.50 and weighs about 4oz
Compact portable Quiet Fan with heater –

This small portable fan can also be used in lieu of a heater as it has the thermostat adjusting facility. It is lightweight with a dimension of 5X8X9.6. It has a powerful 1500 and 750 watt adjustable setting and is offered for sale at $20.23

Battery Powered Mini Portable fans – These fans are available in a number of cartoon designs and colors. It is a very good gifting idea especially to kids as it has an attractive body and is also compact and easy to carry around. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, it comes with soft blades that do not cut into the skin on coming in contact. The item includes a portable fan along with a black necklace strap and is priced at $5.48 per piece

The Fitzgerald portable fan – This fan combines style with comfort. Inspired by the jazz style, it adds to the décor of any room and is available in bronze and nickel satin. It has a protective rubber base to keep it secure in place and it can also be mounted on walls. It comes with a four position rotary switch and its model number is 0F6320. It is priced at $282.45 and comes with a limited warranty.

Before opting for any portable fan, do an extensive research. A lot of people like to purchase things off of the internet and some are content with the products their local suppliers offer. Figure out what exactly is your need and then opt to buy a small portable fan.

Portable Electric Fan

The best thing about a portable electric fan is the fact that it does not take a lot of space and comes devoid of the inconvenience that is accompanied with ceiling fans. Here is a list of portable electric fans that has been concocted after a thorough analysis of user’s reviews and ratings.

4” Portable Electric mini desk fan – Do not be fooled by its size, this small but effective fan has a powerful 2400 rpm motor and comes with a 6 ft power cord, which makes it easy to connect it to the socket which could be at quite a distance.

It churns out a steady and comfortable stream of air and has adjustable metal stands. The model number and price of the product is 717 and $14.50 respectively.

Vornado 630b Electric fan – Featuring the trusted energy efficient Vortex, this portable electric fan has the efficiency to cool the entire room through its ability of spinning air. It does not create any annoying noise and is recommended to be used in offices, schools and apartments.

The grills can be easily detached for facile cleaning purposes. Priced at $59.99 it comes with a five year warranty. Available in basic black, the model number for the product is Vornado 630B

Air King 9146 – Along with providing powerful cooling facilities, Air King 9146 also gets rid of the stale air that a lot of times hang in offices or closed places. Even at its highest setting, it is a quiet fan and does not create the trademark buzz.

The front grills are made of zinc plated steel while the rear portion is made with impact resistant plastic. The blades are manufactured with polypropylene and it comes along with a 7” power cord to provide mobility. Available in white, it is priced at $15.95.

High Velocity Dual Fan – This fan does not have just one but dual 10 inches fan blades and features two distinct fans in one.

The upper fan offers a complete one eighty degree rotation while the other offers a ninety degree movement. Both the fans have three speed settings and come with independent controls.

It also features a handle for easy transportation and runs on electricity. Priced at $69.95 its model number is ETL.

Battery Operated Fan and Rechargeable Fan

Portable 12” fan – This portable electric fan is a box fan and the fan cage be tilted vertically up to almost 130 degrees. Available in two basic colors – white and periwinkle, it features a three speed setting and is energy efficient. It is priced at $62.95 and comes with free shipping facility.

Box fan with ionizer – This is the perfect choice for those who do not just want a fan that offers effective cooling but also purifies the air.

This product features a built in negative Ionizer device which introduces negative ions in the room, now dust particles, pet dander, smoke, pollen and other particles contain positive ions, these get neutralized by the negative ions delivered by the fan and cleans the air. It also features an oscillating head and weighs 6lb. This portable electric fan is priced at $52.95

Hand Held Fans

Different Types Of Hand Held Fans

Hand held fans have long been an instrument to make people more comfortable as it helps fight off the humidity especially during the hot days of summer. It is handy and portable which makes it perfect for fast relief from the heat. Back in the day , the hand held fan once became an important accessory particularly for the ladies.

Major classifications

The hand held fan is known for its functionality and portability but not many know that there are many types of fans that have been made all throughout the course of history. Categorically, hand held fan types can be classified into two. The first is the flat fan. Typically, hand held fans that are fashioned cannot be folded into a compact size as they are made from materials that are not meant to be flexible or bent like card board or straw.

The folding fan on the other hand is probably the most common type of hand held fans that are still very popular today. These fans are usually made from soft materials like fabric or paper and are pleated to allow folding into a much more compact size. Many people prefer these types of fan as they can easily be carried and stored in bags and purses.

Different types according to materials

One of the most distinguishing factors of classifying hand held fans are the materials used for making them. Fans from different countries as well as different eras are made from many different materials. Some of the most commonly used are:

Battery Operated Fan and Rechargeable Fan


The first hand held fans were created out of paper as these are materials that are easy to mold and shape. Because the material is very thin and flexible, paper hand held fans are usually stretched tightly over bamboo frames to add support to the body.


This is the most common material that is used in making hand held fans nowadays. Aside from the fact that it is easy to shape and mold, it is also sturdy as it does not easily rip and can endure the wear and tear of frequent use.


Back in the days, hand held fans that were made with feathers were only used by the rich and wealthy. This is a material that was once very expensive because typically, feathered hand held fans use the feathers from exotic birds like peacocks and ostriches. But nowadays, those who create fans out of this material uses faux feather to make it less costly and animal friendly as well.


The sandalwood hand held fan is also a very popular type of fan. This type of fan has very intricate designs that are crafted on the wood itself. in addition to this, sandalwood gives off a nice aroma that one may smell while fanning.

Fans from different countries

In some countries, particularly in Asia, the hand held fan is identified as part of their culture. The Japanese fan for instance, is made from paper materials that are usually hand painted to depict the beauty of their landscapes. They were also used as essentials in the field of performing arts and were once regarded as a handy weapon for the best of their warriors.

The Japanese fans have been the inspiration for the Chinese hand held fans. However, instead of paper, they used silk fabric which gives a very delicate feel for their fans. They were likewise hand painted with flowers and proverbs and were also used as part of festivities.

The influence of hand held fans transcended from Asia all the way across Europe. Folded hand held fans became popular among the women of high stature. Commonly, European hand held fans are made from posh fabrics and have intricate designs.

Modern fan

Nowadays, a more modern fan has been gaining popularity; these are battery operated hand held fans. The design is very different from the conventional fan types. It looks more like a regular electric fan except it is smaller and is operated with the use of batteries.

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