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You might be forgiven for not knowing who A4Tech are but they have been around since 1987 and shipped a lot of peripherals.

Perhaps not one of the most common household names around in terms of gaming mice at least in the USA however they are a quite well know brand throughout Asia and Europe.

Targeted at FPS the A4Tech Bloody V8M is a good quality budget mouse.


Who are A4tech ?

You might be forgiven for not know who A4Tech are but they have been around since 1987. The are a tech company based out of Taiwan and employ over 4000 people. Their specialties are computer peripherals such as gaming mice, headphones, keyboards etc.

A4tech bloody v8m Performance

Polling Rate:. The polling rate of a mouse refers to how often the mouse sends signals to your computer. So how much polling rate do you need? Well, to put it into some perspective the average human response time is 215 milliseconds.

For interests sake you can test your reaction time here. With 1000hz, your mouse is sending signals every millisecond.

Thats a lot of speed and response from your mouse. Though there are mice will higher polling rates the v8m comes with a comfortable 1000hz. Not only that the report rate is 4-level adjustable.

DPI defines the speed & sensitivity of the mouse sensor. For more detailed explanation read our explanation here. Simply put the higher the DPI the faster your curser will move across the screen when the mouse is moved.

How fast you like your mouse to move will come down to personal preference in your gameplay. If you like your cursor to move quickly then you are going to want a higher DPI, if you prefer slower movements, then you would want something lower.

Another factor to consider with DPI is your screen size & resolution. Someone with one screen and a low resolution wont need a high DPI to get the mouse across the screen, however a dual screen user with high resolution on both screens will again require a much high DPI.

I personally use a quite a low DPI but it will again depend on your own preferences.

Being on the lower end of the price range you might expect that the dpi range is not huge. The maximum DPI is 3200 while the minimum dpi is 100.

Acceleration The A4Tech Bloody V8M has 30g acceleration. If you are unsure what acceleration is read our explanation here. That is 10g less than for example a high end mouse like the Logitech Proteus Core.

The mouse comes with an onboard memory of 160k which is great for driver free mouse usage, a tracking speed of 75 inches per second and image processing of 368 megapixels/sec


The A4Tech Bloody V8M features 7 buttons on the mouse and as its specifically targeted at FPSers it has 3 shooting mode buttons which are located just behind the scroll wheel in order to enable quick and simple changing between your shooting modes.

This is pretty much the feature of this mouse which sets it apart from other counterparts and to specifically help those fpsers. Along with the shooting modes the buttons provide the mouse comes with the ability to setup 6 different sniper modes.

The mouse also has paid software in which you can upgrade to have the UltraCore3 and UltraCore4 features which are like extra macro functions.

Along with the 3 buttons behind the mouse wheel and right and left click the V8M has another 2 buttons where the thumb sits.

Profiles & Software


Compared to a lot of other gaming mice the customization of colours is fairly limited. The only colours that really can be changed on the mouse are the colours associated with your 3 shooting buttons in the middle of the mouse. This helps you to discern which setting you currently have active.

Dimensions & Physical

The Logitech G502 is one of the more longer gaming mice around. Its size measures 121mm x 81mm x 40.6 which is getting up on the bigger size range for instance if you compare that to say, UtechSmart Venus at 117x 76×38 which is a comfortable mouse for medium-large hands.

Most customers found the mouse fairly comfortable albeit it quite big or at least bigger than your average mouse. It also has the rubber textures on the sides of the mouse for the extra grips well as the braided cable.

Unlike a lot of other more expensive gaming mice this mouse does not come with any weight tuning system.

Another defining feature of the A4Tech Bloody V8M is the tech that has gone in to help this mouse be as frictionless as possible which is meant to negate the need to keep replacing mouse pads.

Warranty & Customer Support

We understand that there is a 24 month warranty for this gaming mouse from A4Tech which is not too shabby for the price of the mouse.

Consumer Reviews & Ratings

Though you wont find many reviews on Amazon US, on many other international sites you will find this mouse has very favourable reviews. A4tech have a good reputation for making good products and this mouse falls is this category.

We were not able find any other marketplaces that gave this mouse under 4 stars so while it may not be quite perfect, this is a very good mouse for the price and comes with a lot of happy customers. See more reviews here.



Easy to use software

3 Shooting buttons

6 sniper modes

Anti-friction technology

Built in memory


Low spec

Limited customisations

Paid software


Your location may depend on whether you have heard of this brand or not but you can rest assured that A4tech generally make good quality products and the A4Tech Bloody V8M is one of those products.

Aimed at the FPS shooters it has a number of features to specifically help the FPS with his or her performance.

It is a popular brand and mouse in Europe and Asia and has very favourable ratings from the good majority of customers who have bought this mouse.

If you are looking for a good quality low spec mouse to help with your FPSers then the A4Tech Bloody V8M is definitely a high recommendation.


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